Bill Goldberg

Height: 6'4"

Weight: 283 lbs

Real Name: William Goldberg

DOB: 12/27/1966

Hometown: Tulsa, Oklahoma

Other Names: Bill Gold(WCW), "The Man" Bill Goldberg(WCW/WWE)

Wrestler Since: 1997

Finishing Maneuvers: Spear, Jackhammer Suplex

Previous PWI 500 Rankings: #48(2004), #39(2003), #9(1999), #2(1998)

History (Edited 2/12/2003): Who could have expected the impact of an ex-Atlanta Falcon football player by the name of Goldberg? "The man" climbed the ladder faster than any wrestler in the history of WCW. He became the fan favorite, who won over 100 matches in a row. He became Goldberg.

Goldberg started his professional sports life in pro football, being drafted by the L.A. Rams in the 11th round. He had been an All-State football star at Thomas Edison High, but was hurt talent-wise after being tested positive for marijuana during a random drug test, while playing for the Georgia Bulldogs. Despite being drafted by the Rams, Goldberg never made the team, instead playing for the Sacramento Surge in the World League. After playing there for a season, Goldberg joined the Atlanta Falcons for a few seasons as a nosetackle before an injury ended his pro football career (torn abductor muscle).

In January '97, Bill Goldberg followed his former teammate's lead (Kevin Greene) and signed up for the WCW Powerplant. Impressing people there over four months, Goldberg was signed up with WCW, briefly wrestling as Bill Gold, where he lost to "Rowdy" Roddy Piper in a match. Soon after, Goldberg "started" his win-loss record over again. He immediately had an impact, winning match after match. The fan following began soon after he had taken out many of the wrestlers in and around WCW. He could not be beat, defeating people the likes of Hugh Morris and Rick Fuller with his patented Football Spear and Jackhammer Suplex. His first real feud was with another former football player, Steve "Mongo" McMichael. Goldberg came to the ring during Mongo's match with Alex Wright at Halloween Havoc '97, helping Wright win by knocking McMichaels out. This saved the career of McMichael's wife, Debra, who was currently feuding with her former husband. Debra, in turn, gave Goldberg McMichael's Super Bowl ring. McMichael and Goldberg were scheduled to fight at World War III, but a groin injury kept Goldberg out. Instead, McMichael knocked out Goldberg in the back with a lead pipe, getting his ring back. Goldberg then was sidelined for a few weeks, recovering.

Th feud with Mongo was finished off at Starrcade '97, where Goldberg soundly defeated the former Horsemen with his Jackhammer. Goldberg then spent the next few months winning match after match against low-mid-carders, slowly building momentum in WCW. In the early months of '98, Goldberg began another feud, this one with Raven, Perry Saturn, and the rest of the Flock. Goldberg's main fight was with Saturn, who claimed to be tough enough to finally defeat the upcoming star. They fought at Spring Stampede in a good match, with Goldberg somehow reversing the Rings of Saturn into the Jackhammer. The next night, at Nitro, Goldberg had his first title shot, facing off against Raven, the leader of the Flock, for the United States Heavyweight Title. As expected, the Flock make an appearance, trying to interfere. But Goldberg fought through them all, including hitting the Jackhammer on the 350+ pound Reese. Goldberg then grabbed Raven, who was trying to escape through the fans (who wouldn't let him), and took care of him, becoming the WCW United States Champion. "Da Man" had gold around his waist, a year after entering the sport.

Goldberg had a few quick feuds with Saturn, Konnan, and Curt Hennig, among others, but always came out on top, continuing his remarkable winning streak. He was also learning. In each consecutive match, you never knew which move you would see next from the growing wrestler. In July '98, J.J. Dillon, then the Commissioner of WCW, finally rewarded Goldberg for his efforts, setting up a World Title match against then-champion "Hollywood" Hulk Hogan. Goldberg first had to defeat a 'mystery' opponent, which turned out to be Scott Hall. With Diamond Dallas Page and Karl Malone keeping the riffraff away, Goldberg took down Hall, then went to the main event to face Hogan. In a classic match, Hogan managed to land his Leg Drop not once but twice. It still wasn't enough, as Goldberg came back to Spear and Jackhammer Hollywood, getting the victory and the World Heavyweight Title, a major accomplishment for Da Man.

Due to his winning the World Title, Goldberg vacated the US Title. At Bash at the Beach, Goldberg met Hennig, defeating him despite his multiple attacks. Goldberg also quickly took down Hennig in a rematch at the next Nitro. Goldberg then started to feud with the nWo, mainly targeting the Giant. He voluntarily entered the nWo Battle Royale at Road Wild '98, and eliminated nearly everyone. He also hit the Jackhammer on the Giant, an unbelievable feat, before tossing him out as well and winning the event. After a few brief feuds with Kevin Nash, Hogan, and Chris Jericho, among others, Goldberg then started facing off with the #1 Contender, Diamond Dallas Page. The two men fought at Halloween Havoc '98, in what many called one of Goldberg's best matches. In the end, even after a Diamond Cutter, Goldberg got the Jackhammer to land, staying undefeated. Goldberg then entered into a small feud with Bam Bam Bigelow, as Bigelow came to WCW from ECW simply to challenge him. The two men fought multiple times, with Goldberg costing Bigelow a chance to win World War III. Instead, the match was won by Kevin Nash, who became the new #1 Contender. This became one of Goldberg's biggest feuds.

At Starrcade '98, after Scott Hall used a taser on Goldberg, Nash Powerbombed and pinned him, becoming the first man to defeat Goldberg, and subsequently, getting the World Title. This did not sit well with Goldberg, nor Nash, who said that he was unhappy with the way he won. The two men arranged another title shot a few weeks later on Nitro. But, due to criminal charges filed against Goldberg by Miss Elizabeth (aggresive stalking; later dropped), he was unable to be there when Nash and Hollywood Hogan fooled everyone, reuniting and giving Hogan the title. Goldberg finally made it to ringside and took on all of the nWo, but was stabbed in the back by Lex Luger, who also went "heel".

Goldberg then began a large feud with Scott Hall, which ended in a Taser-Ladder match, which Goldberg was able to win. However, after the match, Bam-Bam Bigelow came down and attacked Goldberg, allowing Hall to get the Taser back... which he used on Bigelow, then Goldberg. The feud continued between Bigelow and Goldberg, which was finally decided at the Superbrawl '99 PPV. Goldberg then faded for a month, allowing Flair and Hogan's feud to eclipse him for one PPV. He did, however, lay out a challenge to "Stone Cold" Steve Austin on the Tonight Show in February '99, claiming that he was tired of being called a copy of the WWF wrestler. Many called it a weak challenge, since neither wrestler was expected to be in the same federation anytime soon. Goldberg also had short feuds with Rick Steiner, Bret Hart, and the Flair family.

In April '99, Goldberg said that he would not be left off of another PPV. He then agreed to fight Kevin Nash in a rematch. In a furious match, Goldberg got revenge on Nash, despite Lex Luger's attack with a chair during the bout. With this win, Goldberg proved himself to still be one of the top contenders for the World Title. He then began fighting with Diamond Dallas Page, the World Champ at the time, and through that and other circumstances, faced Sting at Slamboree '99. The battle of the titans was not to be, however, as both men were attacked by the Steiner Brothers and Bret Hart. Goldberg then, due to "injuries", disappeared from the scenes for a few months. (In actuality, he was also gone to do his acting parts in Universal Soldier II).

In late July '99, Megadeath appeared on a Nitro, playing their new hit, Crush 'Em. After the end of the song, pyro exploded, then Goldberg's voice was heard, saying "I'm Back". The crowd erupted as Da Man appeared in a cloud of pyro. Goldberg later made his official re-debut aiding Sting and Hollywood Hogan against Kevin Nash, Sid Vicious, and Rick Steiner. The two factions collided many times during August '99, culminating at Road Wild '99. In a non-title match, Goldberg squashed the TV champ, Rick Steiner, to show that he's ready to get back into the big time. In the next few weeks, it soon became obvious who the "big" one would be.

As Goldberg had a minor feud start up again with Diamond Dallas Page and the Triad, Sid Vicious, then the US Champion, began starting his Millenium Man push, coming in and squashing two jobbers at a time and claiming them for his winning streak. Goldberg basically did not answer Sid, instead concentrating on DDP, whom he defeated with a Spear/Jackhammer at Fall Brawl '99. After this, though, Goldberg came out, saying that he was going to put an end to Sid's "winning streak", and called him out. The two mammoths met at Halloween Havoc, both going all-out. Goldberg did what he does best, taking down Vicious in a bloody heap. This won him the WCW United States Title for the second time. Later on in the night, Sting won over Hollywood Hogan, who laid down for him. Sting, apparently angry about that, challenged anyone in the back at the end of the night. Goldberg took the challenge, and defeated the World Champion, apparently regaining his former strap.

The next night, Sting came out and protested, saying that the belt was not on the line. The WCW officials agreed, declaring the belt vacant, because Sting had attacked a referee the night before. This set up a tournament for WCW Mayhem. In the first round, Goldberg faced a hobbling Bret Hart. After interference from Sid Vicious & the Outsiders, an unaware Hart pinned Goldberg, shockingly eliminating him quickly from the tournament, while also taking away the US strap. This set the fuel burning between Goldberg and Vicious again, as he teamed with Hart against Vicious, Hall, and Nash. At Mayhem, Goldberg went after Vicious again, this time in an I Quit match. Goldberg won handily, adding another notch to his belt.

When Bret Hart won the World Title Tournament at Mayhem, he immediately declared his friend, Goldberg, the #1 Contender. The duo still worked together against the Outsiders, who kept saying that the band was getting back together. Goldberg and Hart even teamed up at one point to defeat the Harris Brothers, becoming the Tag-Team Champions. It was a short run, as the Outsiders defeated Goldberg & Hart at a later card, due to Hart's apparently-still-injured leg, not to mention the help of Jeff Jarrett. At Starrcade, Goldberg and Hart met to fight for the World Title. During the brawl, Hart managed to get on his Sharpshooter. A few seconds later, "Rowdy" Roddy Piper signaled for the bell to ring, giving the win to Hart, in an odd repeat of WWF's '97 Survivor Series. Hart argued against the call, but Piper, paid off by the Powers That Be, simply left the area.

At Nitro the next day, Bret Hart came out and said, because of the decision the night before, he was vacating the World Title. He told Goldberg that they would fight for it one more time, at the end of the night. Goldberg and Hart also confronted Piper, who seemed ashamed at what he had done. In the match, Goldberg again seemed to have the edge, until the Outsiders came out, along with Jeff Jarrett. Goldberg got ready to fight them, but was betrayed by Hart. With five men going after him, Goldberg fell, and Hart got the pin, again becoming the champion. The nWo had reformed, or, as Nash put it, the Band was back together.

An angry Goldberg started stalking the members of the nWo. This, however, led to a very serious incident. While bashing some of the windows of the nWo limo, supposedly to get at Kevin Nash, who was inside, Goldberg accidentally slashed his arm severely with the broken glass. There was concern about tendon damage, and Bill Goldberg was put on the shelf for many months. Frequent reports were heard about Goldberg returning, but the Man was heard to say that he did not want to risk coming back too soon, reinjuring the badly-sliced arm.

In May '00, with Russo & Bischoff running the show again, Tank Abbott continued to call out Goldberg, saying that he was the main reason Abbott came to WCW in the first place. Abbott was attacking innocent victims at ringside, from Marc Mero to Mark Madden. Abbott was also teaming with Rick Steiner against Big Poppa Pump Scott Steiner. While their fights commenced, the Goldberg monster truck began appearing at shows, usually trashing the car that Abbbott and the Dog-Faced Gremlin arrived in. At a Nitro, Goldberg made his reappearance, going after Abbott. The two fought the next week, with Goldberg bloody but victorious, despite attempted interference from Rick Steiner. Goldberg then began to help his ally, Kevin Nash, against the tide of the New Blood.

Eric Bischoff, following through on a threat he made if Goldberg helped Nash, suspended him, and said that if he appeared at WCW events, he would be arrested. Goldberg, of course, didn't listen, appearing to help Nash once more. The cops then rushed the ring, arresting him. This trend continued for a short while, until the Great American Bash '00. Nash was facing the World Champion, Jeff Jarrett. When the New Blood rushed the ring, Goldberg again came out, clearing them out. But then Goldberg turned on Nash, taking him out and allowing Jarrett to get the easy pin. Goldberg later told fans that he was angry at the more-experienced wrestlers in the Millionaire's Club, who had tried to undercut him when he was injured. The next Nitro, Goldberg cemented his new reputation as the hired gun of the New Blood by Jackhammering Hulk Hogan through a table.

Goldberg feuded with Nash for the next month, with Goldberg increasing the ante by getting hold of Scott Hall's WCW contract. Goldberg told Nash that if he could beat Goldberg at the next PPV, Hall's contract would be his. Goldberg and Nash had many confrontations, while Goldberg also continued to destroy superstar after superstar, including badly injured "Hacksaw" Jim Duggan, who had to be stretchered out. At Bash at the Beach '00, Nash and Goldberg fought, with Nash getting the upper hand near the end. However, Nash was betrayed by his ally Scott Steiner, allowing Goldberg to Jackhammer Nash and win the match. Afterwards, Goldberg ripped the Scott Hall contract to shreds, ending Nash's chance to get Hall back in WCW.

Goldberg continued to feud with Nash, with Steiner becoming a third party to the feud. All three wrestlers believed that they deserved to be the #1 Contender to the World Title. Goldberg also had a short feud with Booker T, the current champion, but Booker T surprisingly defeated Goldberg after a distraction from the Cat. At New Blood Rising, Goldberg, Nash, and Steiner were scheduled to battle in a #1 Contenders Triangle match. It was announced, though, that Goldberg had been in a motorcycle accident, and might not compete. At the match, Goldberg appeared late, taped up around his ribs, and fought the other two men. However, when it seemed Nash was going to get his power move, Goldberg left the ring and walked away, cursing Russo on the way out. Nash then defeated Steiner to become the #1 contender. This was the start of a major feud between Goldberg and Russo, who said that Goldberg needed to learn how to follow a script. Goldberg also continued feuding with the Steiner brothers.

At one Nitro, Goldberg dug a grave for Russo, and tried to put him in it near the end of the show. But Goldberg was betrayed by Hart, who hit him with a shovel, saving Russo. Goldberg then fought in the War Games 2000 match, which was on a regular Nitro. In the 3-Cage World Title match, Goldberg took the advantage over the rest of the wrestlers, moving towards the door. But once again Bret Hart interfered, slamming the cage door into him. This allowed Kevin Nash to walk out with the title. Goldberg would go after Hart for the next few shows, but Hart's retirement from the sport kept this feud from going anywhere.

Goldberg then returned to Scott Steiner, with the two men attacking each other at different times throughout the month. Both wrestlers' girlfriends became involved, as Midajah, Steiner's valet, was Jackhammered, while Goldberg's girl was put in the Steiner Recliner. The two fighters met up at Fall Brawl in a No Disqualification Match. Just as it looked like Goldberg had the win, Vince Russo came out and hit Goldberg with a bat. Then enabled Steiner to get on his Steiner Recliner. Goldberg broke free from the hold twice, but after a lead pipe to a head, the third time proved too much, and Steiner won when Goldberg couldn't answer. The next Nitro, Russo announced that Goldberg had "resigned", reading a letter supposedly written by him that said the fans needed to find a new hero.

A few weeks later, Goldberg returned, appearing in the crowd. Scott Steiner immediately challenged him to a match, and Goldberg agreed, meeting him in a Steel Cage match with no rules. With help from football player Jumbo Elliot, Goldberg was able to Spear Steiner and escape the cage first, winning. Later that night, Goldberg crushed Russo through the side of another cage, during Russo's fight with Booker T. Russo then showed up the next week in a plastic bubble, telling Goldberg that from now on, Goldberg had to match his 176 bout winning streak, or else he would be thrown out of WCW. Goldberg battled many Russo-sent foes over the next couple of weeks, beating guys like Meng, the Harris brothers, and Big Vito. Each match was a possible Career-Ender for Da Man.

At Halloween Havoc '00, Goldberg was forced to fight both members of Kronik in a Handicap match, with his career still on the line. Goldberg first pinned Bryan Clark, Spearing him through a table. He then took care of Bryan Adams with a Jackhammer, surviving the night. After a very brief feud with Bam-Bam Bigelow, Goldberg moved on to start battling it out with "The Total Package" Lex Luger. Luger claimed that he would be the wrestler to end Goldberg's winning streak, and thus his career. At Mayhem '00, the two fought a tough match, with Luger putting up a good fight. Near the end, Goldberg tried a Spear, only to have Luger pull the referee in front of him. Goldberg Speared both men, then got Luger in the Jackhammer. A second referee gave him the victory. The next night, however, Luger claimed that Goldberg had lost via Disqualification, for hitting a referee. Luger then began a psychological attack on Goldberg, bringing his mentor, Sarge (the leader of the WCW Powerplant) into the fights. At one point, Goldberg was forced to fight Sarge, defeating him to keep his winning streak alive.

Luger and Goldberg met up again at Starrcade '00, with both Buff Bagwell (who was a face) and the Sarge becoming involved. Luger used brass knuckles to try and win out, and got some help when Bagwell 'accidentally' hit the Blockbuster on Goldberg. But Goldberg came back and Jackhammered Luger, winning the match. Afterwards, Bagwell knocked out the Sarge with a chair, then used the chair on Goldberg, turning on him. Bagwell and Luger began teaming up on Goldberg after that, with the Sarge chipping in to help his former student. The two teams fought at WCW Sin in a No Disqualification match, made that way by CEO Ric Flair, supposedly to keep Luger & Bagwell from causing Goldberg to be DQ'ed. Unfortunately, a 'fan' at ringside, whom Goldberg had signed an autograph for earlier in the show, surprisingly sprayed mace into Goldberg's eyes. This left Goldberg open to a chair shot from Luger, followed by a Buff Blockbuster from Bagwell. The Sarge couldn't make the save, and Goldberg was pinned, ending his career in WCW.

Goldberg did not return in the last few months of the Turner-run WCW, and was barely mentioned in the final Season Finale in March '01. For the next year, Goldberg sat on his WCW contract, letting it continue to pay him rather than taking a pay cut for the WWF to buy it out. For a time, it appeared that Goldberg would never again grace the wrestling rings, that his time had passed. But in the summer of 2002, Goldberg made his return, surprisingly going overseas to All Japan Pro Wrestling. In his many matches in Japan, Goldberg has remained the dominating force, destroying multiple worthy opponents. Of course, whether he will return to wrestle in the United States, and in particular Vince McMahon, is completely unknown at this time.

Pay-Per-View Summary: (31 - 8, 1 NC)
- WCW Starrcade '97 = Goldberg defeated Steve "Mongo" McMichael.
- WCW Boston Brawl (January '98) = Goldberg crushed Buddy Lee Parker.
- WCW Superbrawl VIII ('98) = Goldberg easily defeated Brad Armstrong.
- WCW Spring Stampede '98 = Goldberg pinned Saturn after a Spear and Jackhammer.
- WCW Slamboree '98 = Bill Goldberg, defending his WCW United States Belt, defeated Saturn.
- WCW Great American Bash '98 = In another US Title defense, Goldberg easily beat Konnan.
- WCW Bash At The Beach '98 = Goldberg defended the World Title by defeating Curt Henning.
- WCW Road Wild '98 = Goldberg won the Battle Royal, which also consisted of The Giant, Scott Hall, Curt Henning, Scott Norton, Kevin Nash, Sting, Lex Luger, and Konnan.
- WCW Halloween Havoc '98 = Goldberg defeated Diamond Dallas Page, again defending the WCW Heavyweight Title.
- WCW Starrcade '98 = Goldberg, due to interference from Scott Hall, lost the WCW World Title to Kevin Nash.
- WCW Souled Out '99 = Goldberg won the "Taser/Ladder" match over Scott Hall.
- WCW Superbrawl IX ('99) = Goldberg took out Bam-Bam Bigelow with the Spear/Jackhammer.
- WCW Spring Stampede '99 = Goldberg, despite interference from Lex Luger, avenged his one loss, Spearing and Jackhammering Kevin Nash.
- WCW Slamboree '99 = Goldberg and Sting fought to a No-Contest, when Bret Hart and the Steiner Brothers attacked both men.
- WCW Road Wild '99 = Goldberg defeated Rick Steiner in a non-Title match, thus allowing Steiner to leave with the TV Title.
- WCW Fall Brawl '99 = Goldberg, despite interference from the Triad as well as a Diamond Cutter, defeated Diamond Dallas Page.
- WCW Halloween Havoc '99 = Goldberg defeated Sid Vicious. Later in the night, in a surprise match, Goldberg beat Sting for the World Title (later declared not for the World Title by Sting).
- WCW Mayhem (November '99) = Goldberg won an "I Quit" match over Sid Vicious.
- WCW Starrcade '99 = Goldberg lost to the World Champion Bret "Hitman" Hart in a controversial ending.
- WCW Bash at the Beach '00 = Goldberg defeated Kevin Nash.
- WCW New Blood Rising (August '00) = Goldberg lost a Triangle match to Kevin Nash. Scott Steiner was the other participant.
- WCW Fall Brawl '00 = Goldberg was TKO'ed by Scott Steiner.
- WCW Halloween Havoc '00 = Goldberg won a Handicap match over Bryan Adams and Bryan Clark.
- WCW Mayhem '00 = Goldberg defeated Lex Luger.
- WCW Starrcade '00 = In a rematch, Goldberg again took down Lex Luger.
- WCW Sin (January '01) = Goldberg & Sarge were beaten by Lex Luger & Buff Bagwell.
- AJPW Budokan Hall (August 30, '02) = Goldberg defeated Satoshi Kojima.
- AJPW Budokan Hall (August 31, '02) = Goldberg pinned Taiyo Kea.
- AJPW Wrestle-1 (November 17, '02) = Goldberg took down Rick Steiner.
- AJPW Egg Dome (January 19, '03) = Goldberg & Keiji Mutoh defeated Kronik.
- WWE Backlash '03 = Goldberg beat the Rock.
- WWE Bad Blood (June 15, '03) = Goldberg won over Chris Jericho.
- WWE Summerslam '03 = Goldberg competed in the "Elimination Chamber" Match, which was won by Raw World Champ Hunter Hearst Helmsley. Chris Jericho, Shawn Michaels, Kevin Nash and Randy Orton were the other participants.
- WWE Unforgiven '03 (September 21) = Goldberg won the WWE Raw Heavyweight Title, beating Hunter Hearst Helmsley.
- WWE Survivor Series '03 = Goldberg stayed the WWE Raw Champion, winning over Hunter Hearst Helmsley.
- WWE Armageddon '03 = Goldberg lost the WWE Raw Title to Hunter Hearst Helmsley in a "Three Way" Match. Kane was the other participant.
- Zero-One Hustle I (January 4, '04) = Goldberg defeated Naoya Ogawa.
- WWE Royal Rumble '04 (January 25) = Goldberg competed in the Royal Rumble, which was won by Chris Benoit.
- WWE Wrestlemania XX (March 14, '04) = Goldberg won over Brock Lesnar.

Title Summary:
- WCW United States Heavyweight Champion (4/20/98 - 7/6/98)
- WCW World Heavyweight Champion (7/6/98 - 12/27/98)
- WCW United States Heavyweight Champion(2) (10/24/99 - 10/25/99)
- WCW World Tag-Team Champion w/ Bret Hart (12/07/99 - 12/13/99)
- WWE Raw World Heavyweight Champion (9/21/03 - 12/14/03)

PWI Achievement Awards: (2 wins, 3 1st RUs, 2 2nd RUs, 1 3rd RUs)
- 1998 Rookie of the Year
- 1998 Most Inspirational Wrestler
- 1998 Most Popular Wrestler, 1st Runner-Up
- 1998 Match of the Year, 2nd Runner-Up (Goldberg vs. Hollywood Hogan)
- 1998 Wrestler of the Year, 1st Runner-Up
- 1999 Most Popular Wrestler, 2nd Runner-Up
- 2000 Most Popular Wrestler, 3rd Runner-Up
- 2003 Comeback of the Year, 1st Runner-Up