Height: 5'10"

Weight: 230 lbs

Real Name: Dave Findlay

DOB: 10/20/1958

Hometown: Belfast, Ireland

Other Names: Dave Finlay(WCW), The Belfast Bruiser(WCW), Fit Finlay(WCW)

Wrestler Since: 1978

Finishing Maneuver: Emerald Fusion, Tombstone Piledriver

Previous PWI 500 Rankings: #136(2010), #47(2009), #56(2008), #33(2007), #111(2006), #188(2000), #93(1999), #42(1998)

History: (Last Updated: 6/09/2006)

The Beginning / Great Britain
WCW: 1995-1997 / 1998 / 1999 / 2000
WWF/WWE: 2001-2005
WWE Smackdown: 2006

The Beginning

Dave "Fit" Finlay is one of those success stories that you would never expect. After a long career, and many years on the sidelines as a trainer, the fact that he is now one of the growing stars on Smackdown says a lot for the abilities of the Belfast Bruiser.

Great Britain

Finlay was trained to be a wrestler during his late teens by Ted Betley, who also trained other British stars like "The British Bulldog" Davey Boy Smith and the Dynamite Kid. He made his debut in his home country of Ireland, but soon moved on to Great Britain, where he came to the ring with his manager/wife, Princess Paula. Finlay's first gold was earned in June '82, when he defeated Allan Kilby to gain the British Heavy Middleweight Championship. The two wrestlers would continually trade the belt back and forth continuously the rest of '82 and into '83. Finlay then began trading another belt, the World (Great Britain) Mid-Heavyweight Title, with Marty Jones. He also fought with Jones over the British Light Heavyweight Title for a few years.

In February '90, Finlay defeated Tony St. Clair to earn the British Heavyweight Title. Finlay would defend the title for more than a year before losing it to Dave Taylor. Finlay also teamed with his former nemesis Jones to win the CWA Tag-Team Titles from Sr. Clair and Miles Zrno. A few months later, Zrno and Franz Schumann took the belts. This was not to be the last time Schumann and Finlay met, as the two took the CWA Middleweight Title from each other. All-in-all, Finlay held 16 major titles in Great Britain and Germany.

WCW: 1995-1997

In 1995, the Belfast Bruiser (aka Finlay) made his first appearance in World Championship Wrestling. Although a powerhouse, the Brawler didn't become a star overnight, as he mostly stayed in the lower mid-card for the organization. The Bruiser had his biggest feud in early '96, when he was feuding with another overseas competitor, Lord Steven Regal. The two men met at Uncensored '96 in a very stiff contest, as both men lashed out repeatedly at the other. In fact, during the match, the Bruiser actually broke Regal's nose, showing how hard the two men were fighting. Unfortunately for the Bruiser, the match ended badly, as Regal's allies, the Blue Bloods, ran out during the end of the match and attacked him, causing the DQ. The feud between the two men soon died away, as the Bruiser disappeared back into the folds of WCW, eventually switching to David "Fit" Finlay again. He did make an appearance in the main event of World War III '97, but he was tossed out of the Battle Royal, with Scott Hall eventually getting the win.

WCW: 1998

In May '98, Finlay was still trying to find his place in WCW, wrestling occassionally on the different cards without much success. However, things began to change when he was given a shot at the WCW World Television Title, which was held by Booker T. At the time, Booker T was in an intense feud with Chris Benoit, with whom he had traded the TV Title back-and-forth. On the May 4th edition of Monday Nitro, Finlay capitalized on this, using Benoit's interference to pin Booker T and surprisingly become the WCW World Television Champion! Benoit seemed to think this was the easy way to get the title back, as Finlay faced Benoit at Slamboree '98. However, Finlay again used the rivalry to his own advantage, as a distraction from Booker T allowed Finlay to get the upper hand and take out Benoit with the Tombstone Piledriver, defending the title.

It was eventually arranged by Benoit and Booker T that they would have a 7-match series to decide who would face Finlay for the title (with no interruptions from the other individual). While they fought it out, Finlay defended the belt on Nitro, continuously retaining the gold. At the '98 Great American Bash, Finlay watched the conclusion of their series, with Booker T winning the title shot. The two then faced off later that night, with Finlay confident, since Booker T had used up a lot of energy to defeat Benoit. But Finlay underestimated Booker T's will to win, as he reversed Finlay's Tombstone and later won with a Piledriver of his own, taking away Finlay's Television Title. Finlay then returned to the midcard with a little more status to his name, having held a major title for a few months.

Finlay's next PPV appearance would be at Halloween Havoc '98, where he took on another wrestler from overseas, German wrestler Alex Wright. The two had a brief go at each other, with Wright pulling out the win over the veteran with a reverse neckbreaker. Finlay then dropped back for a while, not even appearing in the 60-Man Match at World War III '98. Finlay was still part of WCW, though, and joined Jerry Flynn in a match against nWo Hollywood members Brian Adams & Scott Norton at Starrcade '98. Finlay fought hard at the beginning, but Vincent on the outside helped turn things for the nWo, with Finlay taking a lot of punishment. He eventually made the hot tag to Flynn, who was dominant for a short while before getting caught by a Powerbomb from Norton and pinned to take the loss.

WCW: 1999

Finlay made another appearance on PPV at the beginning of the year, when he wrestled against Van Hammer in a regular match at Souled Out '99. It was another tough brawl for Finlay, who got a satisfying win by landing the Tombstone on the larger wrestler. However, it was also Finlay's last PPV match for several months, as he headed back to the lower mid-card to wait for an opportunity to showcase his abilities.

At Bash at the Beach '99, Finlay got his shot, as he fought in the Hardcore Junkyard Invitational match, featuring many Hardcore wrestlers. In a huge battle, Finlay held his own, partially thanks to the aid of two fellow men from overseas, Steven Regal & Dave Taylor. At the end of the match, Finlay managed to get out of the 'ring' first, winning the Hardcore Trophy, which was promptly stolen by Jimmy Hart and the First Family at the next Nitro. Finlay and the Brits started a feud with the First Family, trying to get the trophy back. But, at the July 25th, 1999 house show in Jackson, MS, tragedy struck. While wrestling "Nasty Boy" Brian Knobbs, Finlay was thrown through a table, an act that's become routine for Hardcore wrestlers. Unfortunately, Finlay's landing was not routine. His knee was badly busted open. It was later announced that Finlay had a lacerated nerve in his knee. The doctors immediately operated, but only gave him a 50% chance of walking again. There were definite concerns that Finlay's career was over.

In late '99, Finlay proved to the world that he was not through yet, returning during a WCW card to viciously assault Knobbs. He now had a hard metal cast around his leg, giving him support as he began returning to the ring. Finlay harrassed Knobs for a while, managing to cart him away to an out-of-the-way place and 'train' him, turning him into a tougher wrestler with a different haircut. Finlay and Knobbs later wrestled each other again, with Norman Smiley and Meng also involved, at Starrcade '99, where Knobbs, the Hardcore Champ, hung onto his strap, despite a good fight from both Finlay and Meng. The Belfast Brawler fought Meng on and off for a while, but the leg did still bother the wrestler, keeping him from wrestling his full ability.

WCW: 2000

In March '00, Finlay began a short feud with Vampiro. Finlay, telling Vampiro that he needed to learn respect, brawled for a long time in the back with him at a Nitro. Finlay was also still allied with Knobbs, and they had a new partner: the Dog (Al Green). Finlay and Vampiro met at Uncensored '00, where Finlay lost a Falls Count Anywhere match to the young fighter. After this feud ended, it was time for the return of Vince Russo & Eric Bischoff in April '00. Most of the angles in WCW were wiped out as Russo & Bischoff took over, forming the New Blood to fight the Millionaires Club. Finlay and Knobs, however, seemed to have no place in either group. They teamed up again to fight in a Hardcore 6-Man Team match on Nitro, battling against Norman Smiley/Terry Funk and Meng/Hugh Morrus. While Knobbs was tossed from the roof of the arena (supposedly), Finlay lost the match when Smiley pinned his own partner to earn a Hardcore Title shot at the next PPV.

After this match, both Finlay and Knobbs faded out from WCW wrestling, rarely being seen. Finlay did appear during the November '00 Millenium Final in Germany, first losing in the Battle Royal (which was won by Mike Awesome), then getting beat by Norman Smiley. Finlay then left WCW behind, opting to wrestle overseas again, even as WCW headed towards its implosion and destruction the next year.

WWF/WWE: 2001-2005

When WCW was bought by WWE in 2001, Finlay returned, not as a wrestler, but as a trainer and a road agent for the company. For the next few years, Finlay put his great experience inside the squared circle to good use, as he helped train several of the WWE Divas, getting them to become more skilled in their matches. Finlay also concentrated on family life, as his wife, Mel, gave birth to their first child in September '02. After years of helping other wrestlers improve themselves, however, Finlay again began to feel the itch of the wrestling bug, as he started getting himself back into shape in late 2005. Vignettes began running on WWE Smackdown in December, showcasing the return of Finlay to the wrestling ring. His message was simple: "My name is Finlay, and I love to fight!"

WWE Smackdown: 2006

Finlay made his debut on Smackdown on the January 20th, '06 show, taking on Matt Hardy. It was a typically brutal Finlay-style match, as he beat on Hardy with several strikes. He also unveiled a brilliant strategy of using the ring apron to trap his opponents when they tried to follow him to the outside. However, he got a little too excessive in his violence, causing the referee to disqualify him! A ticked-off Finlay told the referee after the match that he would give him a good reason to DQ him. Finlay then grabbed Hardy and slammed his head in the steel steps, injuring him! A week later, Finlay took on a cruiserweight in Funaki. Once again, Finlay used some power maneuvers, eventually beating Funaki with the Emerald Fusion. But afterwards, Finlay kept up the assault, eventually causing the referee to overturn the decision and give the win to Funaki! Finlay, understandably, was not happy with the ref's decision.

While Finlay wasn't officially a part of the '06 Royal Rumble, he did appear in the Sunday Night Heat Match, taking on another cruiserweight in Brian Kendrick. This time, Finlay kept his cool, content to just beat Kendrick down and get the pin for the victory. Going into February '06, Booker T, as the US Champion, was involved in a major feud with Chris Benoit. On the first Smackdown of the month, GM Teddy Long set up a match between the two, but Booker T, as he had already done several times previously, claimed that his groin injury would keep him from wrestling. Long didn't let him out of the match, though, instead stating that Booker T had to find a substitute to defend the title for him. In a nod back to their WCW days, Booker T chose Finlay, who promptly had a tough brawl with his old rival, Benoit. Finlay did all he could, but late in the match, he got caught in Benoit's Crippler Crossface. Before Finlay could either escape or tap out, Booker T's wife, Sharmell, got involved, hitting Benoit with a crutch to cause the DQ. Finlay lost, but he still got the satisfaction of dishing out some punishment to Benoit (along with Booker T & Sharmell) after the match.

A few weeks later on Smackdown, Finlay teamed up with John Bradshaw Layfield to take on Benoit & Bobby Lashley. Finlay and Lashley went at it hard during the match, but the match was decided without them, as Booker T, who was at ringside, hit Benoit with a chair while the ref was distracted, allowing JBL to get the Clothesline From Hell for the victory. While Finlay wasn't given a match at No Way Out '06, he still had an impact on the night, as he interrupted a Kristal interview and dragged her to the ring, wanting to fight! Before he could do anything to Kristal, though, Lashley came out and ran to the ring, taking her place and getting in a brawl with Finlay. Meanwhile, JBL (who was Lashley's scheduled opponent that night) came out in his limo and came to the ring, even as Lashley gave Finlay a Belly-To-Belly to send him out. Lashley and JBL then went at it in their match, with Finlay disappearing briefly. But Finlay returned near the end of the match, tossing another referee into the ring! As the first referee, Nick Patrick, went to help his fallen comrade, Finlay used his new weapon, a shillelagh, to stun Lashley, allowing JBL to get the Clothesline From Hell for the victory!

On the next Smackdown, Finlay joined with Randy Orton & JBL to take on Lashley, Benoit, & Rey Mysterio. Finlay and Lashley obviously had their problems in the match, even as Mysterio got the win by hitting the 619/Dropping The Dime combination on JBL. A week later, on the first March '06 Smackdown, Finlay and Lashley met in the ring to settle their differences. It didn't quite work out that way, though, as both men, in their rage, opted to grab some chairs and go at it, causing the Double Disqualification! Security finally had to break the two up, as they both wanted a piece of the other. The two were scheduled to fight again the next week in a "Money In The Bank Qualifying" Match, but the match never got started, as the fight began in the aisleway. Security once again tried to break them up, but they weren't able to, as the two men fought to the back parking lot, where Finlay was thrown onto a car. Lashley then grabbed the car and flipped it over, nearly crushing Finlay (who was pulled out of the way by security). The rage between Finlay and Lashley could not be stopped by mere security guards.

To settle things and determine who would go on to the Money In The Bank Match at Wrestlemania, GM Teddy Long arranged a "Lumberjack" Match between Finlay and Lashley at the next Smackdown. Finlay got some help from the heels outside the ring, who would beat on Lashley, but only helped Finlay up and got him back into the ring in one piece. Eventually, the face and heel Lumberjacks broke down, even as Sylvan Grenier, one of the heels, came into the ring with a steel chair! Lashley stopped him, though, with a huge Spear right through the chair. But Finlay quickly took advantage, as he nailed Lashley with the shillelagh while the ref was distracted, getting the pinfall victory and earning a spot in the MITB Match! However, the feud wasn't over, as Lashley later won a "Last Chance Qualifying" Match to get into the bout as well!

In the meantime, Finlay had other concerns, as he was put in a match with one of the Wrestlemania #1 Contenders, Rey Mysterio, on the next Smackdown. It was a tough match for Finlay, who couldn't match the speed of Mysterio. But Finlay also got some help, as Randy Orton came down and gave Mysterio the RKO, allowing Finlay to pick up the upset victory. On the last Smackdown before the PPV, Finlay teamed up with M-N-M to take on Lashley, Matt Hardy, & Tatanka. It was a big match for Finlay, since Lashley and Hardy were the other two members of the Smackdown squad to compete in the MITB Match. However, once again, Finlay wasn't part of the final decision, as Lashley broke up a Snapshot attempt by M-N-M, allowing Hardy to get the Twist of Fate on Johnny Nitro for the victory.

At Wrestlemania 22, Finlay got his shot at a guaranteed World Title shot in the "Money In The Bank Ladder" Match. He had to face off against Lashley, Hardy, Ric Flair, Shelton Benjamin, and Rob Van Dam for the victory. While clearly out of his element regarding ladders, Finlay used any weaponry at hand to his advantage, smashing several wrestlers with a ladder. Finlay also had a shot at winning the contract at one point, but a returning Flair stopped him, keeping him from making the climb of the ladder to the briefcase hanging above the ring. Flair later went for the briefcase himself, but Finlay came back, nailing the Nature Boy with his shilellagh! Finlay then fought Benjamin for the chance to climb the ladder, only to have both taken out by Lashley. Finlay's last attempt to climb the ladder backfired on him, as he tried to stop Hardy from making the climb, only to take a Side Effect from the ladder! Finlay, down, was then helpless to prevent a Five-Star Frog Splash from Van Dam, taking him out of the match. RVD later made the climb and got the briefcase, taking away the victory.

Finlay didn't appear on the Smackdown after Wrestlemania, content to beat on Psicosis for a victory on Velocity. He returned to Smackdown the next week, not as a competitor, but as a man set for a tournament, as GM Long announced that he was reviving an old favorite, debuting the '06 King of the Ring Tournament. Finlay seemed pleased to be part of the tournament, as he simply loved to fight. On the next Smackdown, Finlay teamed with Orlando Jordan (who wasn't in the tournament) against Lashley & Benoit. Finlay fought hard against both men, having issues with both of them. But Finlay couldn't make up for his partner, as Jordan was taken out by Lashley and pinned.

On the next Smackdown, Finlay was once again chosen by Booker T, as he was named the surprise opponent for a young rookie, Gunnar Scott. Scott gave Finlay a few shots, but, with Booker T nailing Scott on the outside, Finlay was able to get the upper hand, putting him away with the Emerald Fusion for the victory. Afterwards, both Finlay & Booker T beat down Scott, with Scott's mentor, Benoit, coming out to make the save. Finlay faced off against Benoit the next week in the First Round of the tournament. The two men had a grueling match, using a lot of punches and chops to devestating effect. Near the end, Benoit seemed to have the edge, causing Finlay to lose it, throwing chairs into the ring. Later on, Finlay tried to use the shillelagh, but the referee confiscated it. However, as the ref was putting the weapon down, Finlay found another weapon: the chair he had thrown in the ring! He nailed Benoit, getting the pin to move on in the tournament.

This put Finlay against his old rival, Lashley, in the semi-finals, even as Finlay's ally, Booker T, got a bye (due to an injury to Kurt Angle). Finlay and Lashley went at it once again in a stiff match, with Booker T watching from the throne placed near the entryway. Finlay put up a tough fight, including resorting to the same tactics that had won him the match against Benoit, distracting the ref, then clocking Lashley with a chair. But Lashley shrugged off the shot and came back with a huge Spear, taking Finlay out for the pin and eliminating him from the tournament. A week later, Finlay & Booker T took on Benoit & Scott. It was a hard-fought match, with Finlay, at one point, injuring Benoit's ribs by first throwing him into the ringsteps, then nailing Benoit with the shillelagh! But Benoit came back and managed to make the hot tag, then later took Finlay out of the action by suplexing BOTH men to the outside! Meanwhile, in the ring, thanks to Booker T being distracted by Bobby Lashley, Scott got the crucifix pin for the victory. Later that night, it was announced that Finlay would be facing Benoit at the next PPV in a grudge match.

The two heavy hitters went at it at Judgment Day '06, with Finlay, as always, ready to fight. The two men didn't waste time, locking up several times with neither giving an inch. Finally, Benoit took Finlay down, with Finlay later trying to tell the ref he had been poked in the eye. It was a ruse, as Finlay got a cheap shot in on Benoit to take control. The momentum in the match went back and forth with numerous submission holds applied by the technical brawlers. Late in the match, though, the only hold that mattered was the Crossface, as Benoit locked it in on the Irishman to get the submission victory, forcing Finlay to tap out.

Finlay came to the next Smackdown in a bad mood after the PPV, and he took out his rage on Paul Birchall, eventually defeating the pirate with his Emerald Fusion finisher. Afterwards, Finlay proved he wasn't done, as he went under the ring and brought out a midget wrestler! Finlay used the midget to hit Birchall, then kicked him back under the ring, in a very strange scene. The act continued the next week, as Finlay took on an unknown in Keenan Matthews. During the match, Finlay sent Matthews to the outside, then went to grab him, only to see Matthews get pulled under the ring! Finlay managed to get Matthews back out, then landed the Emerald Fusion for the win. Afterwards, Finlay again brought his leprecaun midget to attack the unknown wrestler, before sending him back under the ring with a kick. Later on that night, Finlay appeared again, joining William Regal in an attack on Lashley after his match with King Booker. Finlay & Regal managed to take out Lashley, then made him kiss the feet of the king, before standing tall as a group.

Rivalries between Smackdown wrestlers were temporarily put aside the next week, as the WWE wrestlers came together during the WWE vs. ECW special. Finlay was one of the members of Team WWE in the "Team Battle Royal" that night, pitting 10 WWE wrestlers against 10 ECW wrestlers. Finlay lasted a long time in the match, becoming one of the last men and going against ECW's Kurt Angle, along with Randy Orton, Shelton Benjamin, Edge, & the Big Show. However, Angle proved too strong for many, eliminating Benjamin, Finlay, & Edge, before getting tossed by Orton. Just when it seemed that WWE had won, though, the Big Show betrayed the organization, jumping to ECW and tossing out Orton to get the win. It was a tough loss for WWE, as Finlay and the rest had lost a powerful weapon to ECW.

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Pay-Per-View/Show Summary: (20 - 39, 1 NC)
- Britain World of Sport Tag-Team Title Tournament (November 9, '82) = Fit Finlay & Skull Murphy beat Steve Logan & Alan Kilby and Johnny & Peter Wilson to win the tournament.
- British Light Heavyweight Title Tournament (April '83) = Fit Finlay took down Alan Kilby & Ringo Rigby to win the tournament.
- NJPW Sumo Hall (April '92) = David Finlay & the Pegasus Kid defeated Eddie Guerrero & Negro Casas.
- WCW Uncensored '96 = The Belfast Bruiser won, via DQ, over Steven Regal.
- WCW World War III '97 = Dave Finlay fought in the "3 Ring Battle Royal", which was won by Scott Hall.
- WCW Slamboree '98 = Finlay retained the WCW Television Title, beating Chris Benoit.
- WCW Great American Bash '98 = Finlay lost the WCW TV Belt to Booker T.
- WCW Halloween Havoc '98 = Finlay was beaten by Alex Wright.
- WCW Starrcade '98 = Finlay and Jerry Flynn were defeated by Brian Adams and Scott "Flash" Norton.
- WCW Souled Out '99 = Finlay won over Van Hammer.
- WCW Bash at the Beach '99 = In the Hardcore Junkyard Invitational Match, Finlay got the win over Hak, Steve Regal, David Taylor, Public Enemy, Brian Knobbs, Horace Hogan, La Parka, Mikey Whipwreck, Jerry Flynn, Ciclope, and Silver King. This earned Finlay the Hardcore trophy.
- WCW Starrcade '00 = Finlay lost a Four Corners match to WCW Hardcore Champion Brian Knobs, when Knobs pinned Norman Smiley. Meng was the other competitor.
- WCW Uncensored '00 = Finlay was defeated by Vampiro in a Falls Count Anywhere match.
- WCW Millenium Final (November '00) = Finlay competed in a Battle Royal, which was won by Mike Awesome. Later in the night, Finlay lost to Norman Smiley.
- WWE Royal Rumble '06 (January 29) = In a dark match, Finlay defeated Brian Kendrick.
- WWE Wrestlemania 22 (April 2, '06) = Finlay lost the "Money In The Bank Ladder" Match to Rob Van Dam. Ric Flair, Shelton Benjamin, Bobby Lashley, and Matt Hardy were the other participants.
- WWE King of the Ring '06 Tournament (April/May) = Finlay beat Chris Benoit, then fell to Bobby Lashley. Booker T won the tournament.
- WWE Judgment Day '06 (May 21) = Finlay was forced to submit to Chris Benoit.
- WWE vs. ECW (June 7, '06) = Finlay(WWE) competed in a "20-Man ECW/WWE Team Battle Royal", with ECW getting the win due to the Big Show(ECW) being the sole 'survivor'.
- WWE Saturday Night's Main Event #33 (July 15, '06) = Finlay, King Booker, & Mark Henry fell to Bobby Lashley, Rey Mysterio, & Batista.
- WWE Great American Bash '06 (July 23) = Finlay retained the WWE United States Heavyweight Title, taking down William Regal.
- WWE No Mercy '06 (October 8) = Finlay lost a "Four-Way" Match to the WWE Smackdown World Heavyweight Champion, King Booker. Batista and Bobby Lashley were the other participants.
- WWE Raw Family Reunion (October 9, '06) = Finlay, William Regal, & Chavo Guerrero were beaten by Bobby Lashley, Rey Mysterio, & Batista.
- WWE Survivor Series '06 (November 26) = Finlay, the Big Show, MVP, Test, & Umaga competed in an "Elimination" Match against John Cena, Kane, Bobby Lashley, Sabu, & Rob Van Dam. Finlay was eliminated by Lashley, who 'survived' along with Cena.
- WWE Armageddon '06 (December 17) = Finlay & King Booker fell to WWE World Champion Batista & WWE Champion John Cena. Neither title was on the line.
- WWE Royal Rumble '07 (January 28) = Finlay competed in the Royal Rumble Match, which was won by the Undertaker.
- WWE No Way Out '07 (February 18) = Finlay & Little Bastard defeated the Boogeyman & Little Boogeyman.
- DSW Six Flags Park Slam '07 (March 17) = Finlay, William Regal, & Dave Taylor won over Brad Armstrong & the Major Brothers.
- WWE Wrestlemania 23 (April 1, '07) = Finlay competed in the "Money In The Bank Ladder" Match, which was won by Mr. Kennedy.
- WWE Saturday Night's Main Event #34 (June 2, '07) = Finlay & Hornswoggle defeated the Boogeyman & Little Boogeyman.
- OVW Summer Sizzler Series '07 (August 3) = Finlay beat Idol Stevens.
- WWE Saturday Night's Main Event #35 (August 18, '07) = Finlay & the Great Khali fell to Batista & Kane.
- WWE Summerslam '07 (August 26) = Finlay was pinned by Kane.
- WWE No Mercy '07 (October 7) = Finlay fought to a No-Contest with Rey Mysterio Jr.
- WWE Cyber Sunday '07 (October 28) = Finlay lost a "Stretcher" Match to Rey Mysterio Jr.
- WWE Survivor Series '07 (November 18) = Finlay, Big Daddy V, Mr. Kennedy, MVP, & Umaga lost a "Handicap Elimination" Match to Jeff Hardy, Rey Mysterio, Triple H, & Kane.
- WWE Armageddon '07 (December 16) = Finlay defeated the Great Khali.
- WWE Royal Rumble '08 (January 27) = Finlay 'competed' in the Royal Rumble, which was won by John Cena.
- WWE No Way Out '08 (February 17) = Finlay competed in the "Smackdown #1 Contenders Elimination Chamber" Match, which was won by the Undertaker. Batista, Big Daddy V, the Great Khali, and MVP were the other participants.
- WWE Wrestlemania 24 (March 30, '08) = Finlay lost a "Belfast Brawl" Match to JBL.
- WWE King of the Ring '08 Tournament (April 21) = Finlay won, via DQ, over the Great Khali, then lost to the eventual winner, William Regal.
- WWE Night of Champions '08 (June 29) = Finlay & Hornswoggle lost to the WWE Smackdown Tag-Team Champs, John Morrison & the Miz.
- WWE Great American Bash '08 (July 20) = Finlay & Hornswoggle lost a "Fatal Fourway" Match to the Rated Rmy (Curt Hawkins & Zack Ryder), who won the WWE Tag-Team Titles. John Morrison & the Miz and Jesse & Festus were the other participants.
- WWE Unforgiven '08 (September 7) = Finlay lost a "Scramble" Match to Matt Hardy, who won the ECW World Heavyweight Title. Chavo Guerrero, Mark Henry, and the Miz were the other participants.
- WWE Intercontinental Title #1 Contenders Tournament (November/December '08) = Finlay lost in the first round to John Morrison. CM Punk won the tournament.
- WWE Armageddon '08 (December 14) = Finlay won a "Belfast Brawl" Match over Mark Henry.
- WWE Royal Rumble '09 (January 25) = Finlay competed in the "Royal Rumble" Match, which was won by Randy Orton.
- WWE No Way Out '09 (February 15) = Finlay lost to the ECW World Heavyweight Champion, Jack Swagger.
- WWE Wrestlemania XXV (April 5, '09) = Finlay competed in the "Money In The Bank Ladder" Match, which was won by CM Punk.
- WWE The Bash '09 (June 28) = Finlay competed in a "Scramble" Match, which was won by the ECW World Heavyweight Champion, Tommy Dreamer.
- WWE Bragging Rights '09 (October 25) = Team Smackdown (Finlay, Chris Jericho, Kane, Matt Hardy, & R-Truth) defeated Team Raw (The Big Show, Mark Henry, Kofi Kingston, Cody Rhodes, Jack Swagger, & D-Generation X (Shawn Michaels & Triple H)).
- WWE Survivor Series '09 (November 22) = Finlay, Shelton Benjamin, Evan Bourne, Matt Hardy, & John Morrison lost an "Elimination" Match to The Miz, Drew McIntyre, Jack Swagger, Sheamus, & Dolph Ziggler.
- WWE Wrestlemania XXVI (March 28, '10) = In a dark match, Finlay competed in a "Battle Royal", which was won by Yoshi Tatsu.
- PWG Battle of Los Angeles '11 (August 20) = Finlay lost in the first round of the BOLA Tournament to Kevin Steen. El Generico won the tournament.
- RoH Border Wars (May 12, '12) = Finlay lost to the RoH World Television Champion, Roderick Strong.
- RoH Best In The World '12: Hostage Crisis (June 24) = Finlay fell to Michael Elgin.

Title Summary:
- British Heavy Middleweight Champion (6/09/1982 - 1982)
- British Heavy Middleweight Champion(2) (9/14/1982 - 11/10/1982)
- British World of Sport Tag-Team Champion w/ Skull Murphy (11/09/1982 - ??)
- British Heavy Middleweight Champion(3) (11/15/1982 - 11/1982)
- British Heavy Middleweight Champion(4) (12/21/1982 - 1/1983)
- British Light Heavyweight Champion (2/24/1983 - 11/26/1983)
- World Mid-Heavyweight (Great Britain) Champion (5/10/1983 - 6/07/1983)
- World Mid-Heavyweight (Great Britain) Champion(2) (11/02/1983 - 5/29/1984)
- British Light Heavyweight Champion(2) (1983 - 2/08/1984)
- World Mid-Heavyweight (Great Britain) Champion(3) (6/08/1984 - 11/13/1984)
- British Heavy Middleweight Champion(5) (9/17/1987 - 7/04/1989)
- British Heavyweight Champion (2/05/1990 - 4/06/1991)
- CWA World Tag-Team Champion w/ Marty Jones (6/23/1990 - 8/03/1990)
- CWA World Middleweight Champion (12/21/1991 - 7/11/1992)
- CWA World Middleweight Champion(2) (12/19/1992 - 1993)
- CWA Intercontinental Heavyweight Champion (1993)
- CWA World Middleweight Champion(3) (? - 7/06/1993)
- WCW World Television Champion (5/04/1998 - 6/14/1998)
- WWE United States Heavyweight Champion (7/11/2006 - 8/29/2006)

PWI Achievement Awards: (0 wins, 0 1st RUs, 0 2nd RUs, 1 3rd RU)
- 2006 Comeback of the Year, 3rd Runner-Up