GCWA Blood On The Battlefield V

*The screen slowly loads with the sounds of gunshots and explosions. A smokiness seems to cover the scene. A deep voice is heard, echoing out from behind the darkness.*

Voice: Throughout history, where there have been competing forces, there have been wars.

*A drawn picture from who knows how long ago depicts a battle between groups of knights. One has been disemboweled. The artist made sure to get every detail correct.*

Voice: There are many different reasons for these battles. Sometimes it's about land. Sometimes it's about power. Sometimes it's just because the need of the human race is to be victorious.

*Another photo is shown, this one from more modern times. It depicts a battle between American forces and the Japanese during World War II, likely taken on an island much like Barrows Island.*

Voice: There would be winners and there would be losers. But on either side, there would almost always be casualties.

*We see a shot from a helicopter, with a man hanging on shooting a machine gun at the Vietcong.*

Voice: War is hell. And blood would always remain on the battlefield.

*The footage begins to change, this time to shots from recent Friday Night Infernos. We see Hunter Barrows announcing the coming Golden Opportunity matches. Videos of Curt Canon, Crazy Chris, Brady Vega, The Lost Soul, The Empty, The Enforcer. Dr. Baad, and Duce Jones are all shown in sequence.*

Voice: Will the cost be worth it? In the end, only those who stand afterwards will be able to tell us the answer.

*We see Mike Zybala getting ambushed by The A-List, during a match for the X Division Title. The next shows show Zybala getting some revenge on Dylan Thomas and Dave Branson, followed by him choosing Peter "The Janitor" Vaughn as his tag-team partner for the battle tonight. After that, we see clips of Noah Hanson confronting the Mustard Factory, wanting to get his hands on Jack Puffer.*

Voice: All some will be able to do is trust in those that are beside them in the trenches. To doubt your allies is to leave yourself alone... and vulnerable. But then, sometimes you will be alone...

*The footage switches to the announcement of the Television Title Battle Royal. We see many of the competitors in that match in various states of stand-offs, ready to put it all on the line for the restored championship.*

Voice: And sometimes, the battle appears against you from the very start.

*Video rolls of the main event wrestlers. Mack O'Connor is prominently shown, after his victory that earned him the World Championship. Ed Houston, The Big Bifford, and PerZag are all shown when they've been victorious over the last month, preparing for the ultimate chance later tonight. We also see Hunter Barrows helping PerZag win the North American Title, while we also see Jonathan Barrows taking the Ultimate Survival trophy from Bifford.*

Voice: There is really only one rule for all when the bullets begin to fly and the bodies begin to mount up. Survive. Survive. Survive.

*A clip of a brawl between Ed Houston and Mack O'Connor is shown, followed by The Big Bifford going after PerZag. We see Houston flipping out of the ring into a crowd of security, PerZag hitting The Worthiest Move Of All, O'Connor taking out PerZag, and more. It all erupts into a bloody scene, as the main screen appears for the pay-per-view.*

*The banner disappears, and we find ourselves at Barrows Island, home of Blood On The Battlefield V! Drones are flying overhead, giving us a unique view of the set-up of this pay-per-view. There is a ring centered in-between a hotel and the beach. Unique stands have been constructed around the ring, allowing the invited fans (who have been screened for Corona Virus) to watch the action safely. Some are currently down near the ocean, enjoying a few more minutes of the paradise before returning to see the violence that is to come. After a few more flyovers, we finally go to a more standardized show as we join Adrian Rockwell & Hood at ringside.*

Rockwell: Hello, everyone, and welcome to Blood On The Battlefield V, one of the biggest GCWA Pay-Per-Views of the year!

Hood: This has been such an amazing few days! Being on the beach with all these hot pieces of ass!

Rockwell: I assume you're only talking about the women.

Hood: Damn straight just the women! And I mean DAMN straight!

Rockwell: We've got seven incredible matches for this afternoon and evening, fighting here on this private island! It's as safe from COVID-19 as we can be, which means that the wrestlers can feel free to destroy each other here tonight!

Hood: The main event is going to be insane! Everyone in the match has legitimate claim to being the best in the world. Who can claim that title here tonight??

Rockwell: We've also got the reintroduction of the GCWA Television Title, a tag-team batween between X Division Champion Mike Zybala & The A-List, and two Golden Opportunity matches that could all steal the show!

Hood: Someone's career is likely to end tonight, and as long as it's not me, I can't wait!

Rockwell: Neither can I, Hood. So let's get right to our first match!

Singles match
Rogue Daniels (0-0) vs. Gus DuBray (0-0)

Hood: Ummm, got a silly question for you, Adrian...

Rockwell: What's up, Hood?

Hood: Where's Minos, and who's this weird country hick in the ring?

Rockwell: Oh, Minos doesn't do sunlight. As soon as he heard we were having an outdoor event, he asked to Stay-At-Home.

Hood: So his replacement?

Rockwell: Apparently a member of his family. Cousin Daedalus.

Hood: Daedalus, really?

Rockwell: But he would rather be called Da-Lus.

Hood: Dallas?

Rockwell: No, Da-Lus.

Hood: We're at a beach resort on a deserted island. Why the hell did we get a country redneck for an announcer? Was Pauly Shore too busy?

Rockwell: Shore would only work with OCW.

Hood: Fuck...

Cousin Daedalus: Hey y'all! It's great ta be here! I'll do ma best to do my cousin Minos proud! This here next contest is scheduled for one fall! It's a Gee-Cee-Doubla-Ay Day-biew Match!

Hood: Is that really what we're calling it?

Rockwell: Quiet, Hood...

Cousin Daedalus: First up, we got a man who stands at 5 feet 7 inches and weighs around 167 lbs. He's from Pensacola, Florida, hot there during the summa. Here he is, "THE KILLSWITCH" ROGUE DANIELS!!

*The lights circle the arena in and out until the beat drops. Rogue Daniels comes out with grey and black camo pants with a shirt that says "Killswitch" with a knife on it once the beat drops. He comes out with a serious face as he walks down to the ring while lip syncing the song. The lights continue to circle the arena while blue and white lights slowly flash the ring.*

*As he gets to the steps, he stomps on them before getting on the apron. As the first "Kill your masters" lyric comes on, Rogue Daniels climbs the middle turnbuckle and looks at the crowd while sliding his thumb by his throat signifying a knife as the lights that flash the ring turn red. He them hops down and walks to his corner crouched waiting for his opponent.*

Rockwell: Daniels and DuBray had some pretty strong words for each other this week.

Hood: Both are going to try and set themselves up as the future of the company. Of course, Daniels has eight years of experience. What does DuBray have?

Rockwell: A fighting spirit?

Hood: He'd better have something better than that...

Cousin Daedalus: Now his opponent comes all the way from Seattle, Washington. I miss their basketball team. He's 6 feet tall and weighs 205 lbs. So a little bigger than this first one here. Yeah, here's GUS "THE DEPARTED" DUBRAY!!

You won't bury me. You won't bury me.
I am free, I will be, I vow.
I'm not dead and gone, I will carry on,
With no fear, I am here, I am now.
I'm not going down, six feet underground

*'Six Feet Under' from Like A Storm brings out Gus DuBray into the arena with smoke behind him. He gets on his knees and he gets up and throws his hood back to the crowd. He goes to the ring and he goes up on the turnbuckle to look at the crowd that hates him.*

Rockwell: A bit of a creepy intro from DuBray, who refers to himself as "The Departed".

Hood: Because he, what, died in that motorcycle accident of his?

Rockwell: No, I think it's more like a metaphor...

Hood: ZOMBIE!!

*The Bell Rings.*

Rockwell: It's not often that two wrestler make their first appearance at a pay-per-view!

Hood: Yeah, normally it's in a Rumble or something. But I like this better. We can clearly say one guy's a winner and one's a loser.

Rockwell: Or both can show us exactly what they're bringing to the GCWA...

Hood: Sure, that, too. As long as it's not biting people or eating their brains...

*The two wrestlers approach each other, with the referee signaling for them to shake hands and come out swinging. Neither wrestler attempts a handshake. Instead, they lock up, jockeying for position. DuBray manages to push Daniels back to the ropes, but Daniels reverses just as they get there, putting DuBray against them. The ref starts a count, and Daniels takes a step back, raising his hands. Seeing this, DuBray reacts immediately with a rake of the eyes, causing Daniels to stumble away, blinded! The ref admonishes DuBray, but he doesn't bother even pretending to listen, instead going on the attack by springing up on the ropes and flipping over with a springboard back splash! Daniels falls backwards, but hops right back up, only to encounter DuBray flying back towards him and getting a springboard arm drag! Daniels rolls to the corner, trying to recover, as DuBray stays on the attack.*

Rockwell: DuBray's already shown the world that he's willing to take any shortcuts he can to win!

Hood: Which immediately makes him the favorite in my book!

Rockwell: Are you just saying that so he won't eat you?

Hood: No! I love a man with no morals!

Rockwell: Well, that's true...

*The referee works to keep DuBray back, as Daniels is in the ropes, pulling himself up. DuBray agrees, waiting, but as soon as the referee turns his back, he runs to the adjacent side and springs off the ropes again, spinning towards Daniels... who knocks him out of the air with a superkick!! DuBray hits hard, with Daniels immediately falling on him for the cover... 1... 2... and DuBray manages to kick out! Daniels gets himself up, looking annoyed with DuBray's actions. He pulls the wrestler up and immediately lifts him, delivering a shin buster! DuBray limps away, hurting, but Daniels comes from behind, getting a leg sweep to the back of the knee that sends DuBray to the canvas! Daniels doesn't give DuBray a chance to get up, attacking his legs on the mat with a series of stomps. He then grabs hold of DuBray's ankle, turning it into a reverse ankle lock submission! DuBray fights to get free, showing his pain, as the referee monitors the situation.*

Rockwell: Looks like Daniels, an NCAA champion, has locked into a strategy.

Hood: What, kick his opponent's ass? That's EVERYONE'S strategy, Adrian!

Rockwell: No, I mean, he's going after DuBray's legs, to slow down the agile wrestler.

Hood: Always a sound strategy. If he can't walk, he can't fly...

*As Daniels watches, DuBray slowly works himself up on one foot, hopping, trying to break the pressure of the ankle lock. He suddenly swings, trying for an enzigiri, but Daniels ducks under it, causing DuBray to fall to his back. Daniels, smiling, steps forward to grab DuBray's legs again, but DuBray rocks himself backwards, turning into a monkey flip variation that manages to send Daniels through the ropes to the outside! Daniels managed to brace himself upon landing, saving himself from the worst of the impact. He pulls himself up and turns, as DuBray runs towards him, landing a suicide cannonball through the ropes!!! The crowd pops for the move, as both men are down briefly on the outside. DuBray slowly gets up first, still trying to get full feeling back into his ankle. As Daniels starts to rise, DuBray charges him with a double knee blast, sending Daniels flying backwards into the steel railing!! Daniels slumps to the mat, while DuBray struggles to stand and get back to the ring.*

Hood: I don't think this DuBray has any concern for his own well-being!

Rockwell: DuBray's a risktaker. He nearly died in that motorcycle accident, and now he's willing to risk it all.

Hood: The lesson he should have learned was to stay away from motorcycles... and not eat brains!

*DuBray is in the ring now, resting up as he lets the referee do his count. He appears to have no problems winning via countout at a PPV. Outside the ring, Rogue Daniels slowly gets himself up, holding the back of his head. He isn't one to just sit things out, as he makes it to the apron and crawls in at the count of seven, keeping this match going. DuBray was just waiting for that, though, as he comes off the ropes with a springboard tornillo!! DuBray makes the cover, hanging onto the tights... 1... 2... but Daniels still manages to kick free. DuBray can't believe it, staring at the referee angrily before getting up. He drags Daniels to his feet, grabbing at his arm, no, Daniels reverses and twists into a guillotine choke submission!! DuBray staggers, with Daniels' full weight hanging around his neck and mid-section! He reaches out blindly, trying to find the ropes, while Daniels does his best to take the man down and out!*

Rockwell: Man, Daniels can apply those submissions seemingly out of nowhere!

Hood: DuBray definitely didn't see it coming!

Rockwell: He's got to find an escape route, or this one could be over!

*Daniels has DuBray down to one knee now, continuing to crack on the guillotine choke. It looks pretty bad for DuBray, who appears to barely be responding to the referee. He checks his arm once... twice, no, DuBray suddenly starts struggling again, giving it a last-ditch effort. He lifts himself up, fighting against not having much of a size advantage. Daniels refuses to break the hold, feeling like he can get DuBray back to the mat... but DuBray suddenly shoves with his legs, darting forward and sending both men crashing into the turnbuckle!!! Daniels flops one direction, holding the back of his head, while DuBray falls the other way, collapsing and rolling out of the ring. He falls to the floor, not moving. Daniels slowly recovers, pulling himself up and looking around for his opponent, possibly thinking about either a submission or pin attempt. He sees the referee counting and puts it together, moving to the ropes to go get DuBray.*

Rockwell: It was sheer desperation that saved Gus DuBray there...

Hood: It was having no fear of dying, that's what that was! Which makes him... UNDEAD!

Rockwell: He's just willing to put his body on the line, Hood. There's a reason he calls himself "The Departed"...

Hood: I like my reason better...

*DuBray is still down outside as Daniels slides out after him. He bends over DuBray, his back to the referee... and then he falls down to the side, hurting badly!! DuBray's still down as well, so the referee, from inside the ring, doesn't know what happened. He continues with his count, the only legal thing he can do. Outside, DuBray finally sits up, rubbing what appears to be sore knuckles. He has a dark smile on his face. He grabs at Daniels, dragging him up with him, and sends him into the ring. DuBray follows, but stays on the apron, watching as Daniels painfully tries to get up. DuBray leaps over the ropes, grabbing Daniels' head on the way down and getting a front flip stunner!! With Daniels down, DuBray puts an arm across him... 1... 2... but Daniels kicks out! DuBray slowly gets back up, looking to the turnbuckle. He pushes the referee out of his way and starts to head up, wanting to get this match locked down for him.*

Hood: DuBray really turned things around here!

Rockwell: I think he punched Daniels in the nuts when the referee couldn't see it!

Hood: I couldn't see it, either, Adrian, and neither could you, so any speculation on your part is useless!

*DuBray gets to the top, staring for a moment at the downed Daniels with scorn. He leaps off, going for Cremation (Red Arrow)!! But Daniels lifts his knees, getting them to land squarely into DuBray when he lands!!! DuBray flips over the hit, grimacing in agony from the bad landing. Daniels, meanwhile, has rolled over to his side and slowly gets himself back to his feet. As DuBray tries to recover, Daniels charges him, getting a flying knee that sends DuBray crashing back into the corner!! DuBray's hurt, barely able to pull himself together. He fights on, though, grabbing at the ropes to haul himself to his feet. This, though, is exactly what Daniels was waiting for. He steps forward towards DuBray, catching him across the head with Lights Out (Spinning Headkick)!!! DuBray stays up for a couple of seconds before finally toppling over, out cold! The referee is there as Daniels makes the cover... 1... 2... 3!!!!!*

Cousin Daedalus: We've got a winner! Way to go, "THE KILLSWITCH" ROGUE DANIELS!!!

Hood: That kick to the head was lethal! I mean, not literally, at least I don't think literally... would a head kick work against a zombie?

Rockwell: I don't think so. Either way, Gus DuBray is still moving...

Hood: Good! But still, that kick... Rogue Daniels has announced himself as a threat to the rest of the GCWA!

Rockwell: DuBray put up a damn good fight, putting on an incredible contest, but he'll have to wait for next time to continue pursuing his dream.

Hood: Man, I can't wait to see Rogue Daniels go up the ranks!

*Daniels raises his arms, celebrating. He makes his way out of the ring, as DuBray tries to recover inside. The two men exchange a glance, and you wonder if they'll be meeting up again sometime in the near future.*

*The video switches to what appears to be a staging area nearby, set up near the hotel. Jonathan & Hunter Barrows are standing inside, looking pleased with the first contest.*

Jonathan Barrows: Both of these guys have potential. It's up to them if they work hard enough to become a true success here in the GCWA.

Hunter Barrows: Yeah, hopefully so. Just to let you know, I've got security running well here on the island.

Jonathan Barrows: Security? What, to control the fans? There aren't even that many of them here! That was the whole point of having the island in the first place!

*Hunter shakes his head, looking back at Jonathan.*

Hunter Barrows: You know we're in international waters. That means anything could happen during this event.

Jonathan Barrows: Like what, pirates? I think they'd have their hands full with the amount of talent we've brought with us.

Hunter Barrows: Well, and there's other considerations. Rumors about our location being sold...

Jonathan Barrows: Look, Hunter, you're a little stressed out, aren't you? Why don't you go get one of those drinks with a little umbrella in it and relax?

Hunter Barrows: I'll relax when this event is over...

Jonathan Barrows: Okay, brother, whatever works for you. I'm going to see how everything's set for the next match. You should really be like Deana. She's just down by the beach, enjoying the sun and the scenery...

*Jonathan walks off, but Hunter stays near the staging area. He appears to have the feeling that something's going to happen tonight. We cut away back to ringside.*

Rockwell: Hunter Barrows looks on edge, doesn't he?

Hood: Hey, a pay-per-view can be stressful to arrange! Trust me, you'd never want to be in charge of putting one together.

Rockwell: Maybe that's it. Well, we're about ready for our next match, and it involves the most wrestlers on the card! Let's go to Cousin Da-Las!

Hood: This guy again? *Sigh*

GCWA Television Title Battle Royal
Vincent Day (1-1) vs. John E Depth (0-4) vs. Anderson Haze (3-3) vs. Madhouse Madi (1-2) vs. Ryot (4-4) vs. Tony The Spider (1-1) vs. Violent (1-0) vs. Aaron Warthog (2-12) vs. Xtreme (7-27-1)

Cousin Daedalus: Are y'all ready for a barn-burnah? We got ourselves a Battle Royal next, for the Gee-Cee-Doubla-Ay Television Title!

*The fans nod in approval. A beach ball is flying around the crowd, probably spreading CovID-19, but who cares?*

Cousin Daedalus: Let's get all the wrestlahs out heah! We've got from Toronto, Ontario, canada, weighing 180 lbs, "THE METHOD WRESTLER" VINCENT DAY!!

* The morse code drum introduction to Rush's YYZ begins to play throughout the arena as the crowd gets to their feet. Lights flash in sync with the song as "The Method Wrestler" Vincent Day walks out onto the stage and poses at the top of ramp to a small amount of cheers. He slaps the hands of his supporters as he goes down the ramp and climbs the steel steps, looking out to the crowd at the top. He quickly flies through the ropes and lands on his knees in the centre of the ring. He poses with his arms fully out, reciting a passage that is inaudible before kissing his necklace and hopping backup to two feet as his music fades out.*

Rockwell: We thought Vincent Day had a chance to be special here in the GCWA, but it's been rough going over the last couple of months.

Hood: I'm hoping maybe he can turn things around this... hey...

Rockwell: What?

Hood: Are we sure that's Vincent Day?

Rockwell: I don't understand...

Hood: It might be his stunt double. Guy doesn't look quite right...

Cousin Daedalus: Next from Hollywood, Florida, that's a real place? Damn. He's 6 feet 2 inches and weighs 230 lbs, here comes JOHN E. DEPTH!!

*"Bad Touch" by Bloodhound Gang hits! Depth emerges from behind the curtain looking as sleazy as ever. With a lollipop hanging from his mouth, he struts down the ramp. He's sporting a floral speedo and an unbuttoned floral shirt. His hairy chest is all oiled up. He pauses, noticing a few women at ringside. They aren't particularly attractive. They just have tits. He lowers the aviator shades covering his eyes and removes a few business cards from his speedo. He hands them over and says, "Call me." Depth turns and hustles toward the ring, rolling in under the bottom rope. He pops to his feet and mimes a 'reeling' motion, as though he's filming the fans.*

Rockwell: Depth's strategy for the Battle Royal was to gain some weight, making it harder to throw him out.

Hood: Honestly, if it means I get to eat a ton of ice cream, I fully endorse this strategy.

Rockwell: You don't need to get any heavier, Hood.

Hood: What the fuck you talking about? I'm a lean, mean announcing machine, motherfucker!

Cousin Daedalus: There's a lotta names heah, this is gonna take a while. Next is a guy from Boston, Massachusetts. Damn Red Sox. He's five feet nine inches and 220 lbs. He's ANDERSON HAZE!!

*The lights go out for the first part of "Ventus" by Garik Wheeler. Then the electric guitar starts, a bright flash of white light happens then goes to red.*

*Haze walks out with a black t-shirt that says, "Get Hazed!" on his chest. He stands around and looks at the crowd with a grin on his face and charges to the ring.*

*He slides in and runs to the corner and climbs the turnbuckle and puts up the peace sign to the crowd. He makes eye contact with the crowd and talks to a few people then throws his shirt to a fan. Jumps down from the turnbuckle and turns around and walks back and forth waiting for his opponents.*

Rockwell: Haze focused more on training for this fight. He's been looking stronger since his return.

Hood: Yeah, he's gone from missing in action to a potential favorite in this one.

Rockwell: He wants to be remembered as an all-time great. Winning tonight would be a major start.

Cousin Daedalus: First lady of the evening, woohoo! She's "Fresh From Social Media", I don't know what that means, but okay. She's a little one at 5 feet 4 inches and 130 lbs, and she's called MADHOUSE MADI!!

*"Smells Like Teen Spirit" - Nirvana hits as Madhouse Madi smiles and waves to the crowd as she comes in wearing a Madhouse Madi shirt over her ring gear, plus a Pikachu hat over her head. She comes near ringside and high-fives the fans. She then selects one fan ringside to dance to while she removes her Madi shirt and revealing her black and red ring outfit, and gives the shirt to the fan.*

Rockwell: Madhouse Madi is another one we thought had bright possibilities, but she's on a losing streak right now.

Hood: I went back and watched some of her earlier videos. I had to pause and rewind a few times...

Rockwell: That's disturbing.

Hood: That's live stream.

Cousin Daedalus: Now we got a city slicker from Chicago, Illinois. He's 5 feet 11 inches and 189 lbs or thereabouts. Here is "THE NATURAL" RYOT!!

*The lights cut out for the first few seconds of the theme song. When the song's loud drums kick in, the lights come back on and flash red and white.*

*Ryot slowly walks out onto the stage wearing his black padded vest with a giant "R" on the chest. He stands to look around for a second and proceeds to point two finger guns towards the ring before marching down. He locks eyes with some fans in the crowd but he pays no mind to them.*

*He runs up onto the apron and climbs the turnbuckle to hold his arms out to both sides for the crowd. He then jumps into the ring, looking around at the crowd before walking to the corner and waiting for his opponent on one knee.*

Hood: Here's my pick to win it all.

Rockwell: You're going with Ryot? This early? I'm surprised, Hood, but I think Ryot's a good choice.

Hood: He's taken out several of the wrestlers in this match before. He also kept himself isolated from Lionel, a good choice.

Cousin Daedalus: And now we got ourselves a bug. He's 5 feet 6 inches and 190 lbs, from somewhere called Smalltown, USA. Love ta visit it. Here's TONY THE SPIDER!!

*The Itsy Bitsy Spider by the Boogers plays and Tony The Spider makes his way to the ring to a chorus of cheers.*

Rockwell: The second representative of the Mustard Factory in this one!

Hood: I hope he and Depth team up and then toss each other out.

Rockwell: I don't think that's how a team-up works.

Hood: Anyone connected to the Mustard Factory is connected to Alice. I'm looking forward to them losing. Sorry, Depth.

Cousin Daedalus: Only three names left, thank Jesus. This one stands 6 feet 1 inches and is 330 lbs, damn, that's a big, heavy hoss. He's from Charleston, South Carolina, here is AARON WARTHOG!!

"Everyone knows I'm Hog Wild!"

*Hank Williams Jr starts the intro as the fans all turn to look at the entrance. The heavyweight known as Aaron Warthog comes out, jutting out his chin on the stage and facing the audience. He starts down to the ring, pounding on his stomach along the way, ready for another brawl.*

Rockwell: From what Warthog was saying earlier this week, he's planning to be hiding out for this one.

Hood: Good luck to him. A guy his size ain't exactly going to turn invisible.

Rockwell: But he could run away, and maybe stay gone long enough to come back to face the final guy.

Hood: Warthog? Run? He's not exactly a sprinter, Adrian...

Cousin Daedalus: Next up, this guy wears a mask but not because of tha virus. He's 6 feet 2 inches and 220 lbs from a part that's unknown. They call him VIOLENT!!

*Violent slowly paces towards the ring as the sounds of "Kill with Power" fill the arena.*

Rockwell: Violent has proven himself almost inhumanly strong. He honestly might be the strongest guy in this match.

Hood: That will make it easier for him to throw guys over the ropes like they were just sandbags. But it also makes him a target.

Rockwell: I suppose anyone labeled as a "superior being" has to watch out and not get ganged up on...

Cousin Daedalus: And last we got another crazy one. He's at 6 feet 3 inches and weighs 290 lbs, also from unknown parts. He's called XTREME!!

*As the first chords of "What I've Done" by Linkin Park plays, the lights around the entrance begin to flash rapidly. In the midst of this, the dark, tortured presence of Xtreme appears. He's pushing a shopping cart full of weapons in front of him, with a huge grin on his face at the thought of the violence to come. Security immediately moves in, talking to him, but Xtreme yells at them to back off, grabbing a baseball bat from the shopping cart and swinging it at them.*

Hood: Well, shit, Xtreme's going to take this one up a notch!

Rockwell: They have to keep that shopping cart away from here! It's not supposed to be a hardcore match!

Hood: Yeah, but as you know, the only rule is tossing your opponent out, so it's not like he can be disqualified!

*Xtreme brings the cart down to the ring, smashing it against the apron where all the other wrestlers watch him. He pulls out a second baseball bat and enters the ring, laughing as he swings the two bats around, turning towards Violent. The muscular wrestler signals for him to bring it on, and Xtreme starts forward, only to have Depth and Tony each grab a handful of bat, yanking them away from him! Xtreme spins around, with Depth & Tony combining on swings to the ribs that drop Xtreme to his knees! As if reading the signal, everyone else starts brawling around the ring, and the timekeeper just shrugs and Rings The Bell, getting this one officially started!*

Rockwell: Here we go!

Hood: Time to crown a new TV champion!

*Depth and Tony land another hit on Xtreme, driving him to his knees. They then both stare at each other, each warily holding up the baseball bats they're holding. Neither makes a move, though, honoring the tentative peace of the Mustard Factory. Tony starts to laugh, and Depth laughs a little along with him. But then both men are attacked from behind, as Haze rams into Tony while Ryot attacks Depth! The baseball bats both fall away and get kicked to the outside, ending their usage... for now. On the other side, Violent has Madhouse Madi held up in mid-air, easily spinning her around before dropping her with a hammerlock suplex. Vincent Day tries to jump on Violent's back, but is easily thrown aside. He tries to come in again, but Violent picks him up and delivers a fisherman buster, laying him out. Violent stands up, yelling out a challenge. Xtreme, trying to pull himself up, groans out a challenge of his own. Grinning, he staggers towards Violent, goading him on.*

Rockwell: We've got a serious brawl breaking out here, exactly what we expected!

Hood: Hell yeah! These eight wrestlers are already going... wait, we're missing... where's Warthog?

Rockwell: ... Holy shit...

Hood: Did he... did he seriously disappear??

*The camera pans around the ring, but there's no sign of Warthog anywhere near the apron. The crowd doesn't seem to know, either. In the meantime, the fight continues. Depth is fighting for his life near the ropes, where Ryot is working to pick him up and toss him over. Haze is trying to do the same thing to Tony the Spider, who can't stop laughing as he hangs on. Near the center, Violent is attacking Xtreme, punishing him with rapid shots to the side, probably aggravating any damage done to his ribcage. Xtreme tries to fight through the pain, grabbing at Violent for an attempted mandible claw, but Violent blocks it and yanks Xtreme's arm backwards. Suddenly, Day & Madi are both back, attacking Violent from each side as Xtreme hangs onto his arm! The three wrestlers seem to overwhelm Violent, hiding him from view for a second... and then all three go flying as Violent lashes out at them, punishing them!! He grabs Xtreme and drags him towards the side of the ring, wrapping him up and lifting... giving him a release German suplex over the ropes and to the outside!!!!*

Cousin Daedalus: Hot damn!! Xtreme has been eliminated!!

Hood: No, Xtreme has been terminated!!

Rockwell: We need medics out here, that was a horrendous fall!

Hood: I know Xtreme enjoys pain, now we're going to find out if he enjoys pudding... and paralysis!

*Medics have already run down the aisle, as they start checking on Xtreme. He's not moving, which can't be a good sign. As they work on him, the medics keep their distance in case anyone else comes flying out. In the ring, the rest of the wrestlers appear to have recognized the biggest threat. As Violent grabs for Madi, lifting her up, he's suddenly nailed by a low blow from Depth!! He staggers, hurting, right into a running V Trigger from Ryot!! Violent doesn't go down, but he's out of it, as Haze comes running forward and puts him on the mat with a spear!! Tony The Spider then steps up, planning something, but trips up along the way... and drops his head into Violent's groin!!! The powerhouse rolls over, in agony from a second low shot, as the wrestlers all move around him, stomping away. Ryot gives Depth a nod, pointing to Violent, and Depth agrees. But when Ryot starts to lean down, Depth kicks him in the head, stunning him, and allowing Depth to get his short-arm clothesline!*

Rockwell: They've managed to stop Violent temporarily, but they can't work together long enough to toss him out!

Hood: It's hard to ignore the temptation of attacking someone when their guard is down...

Rockwell: That's true. I have to ignore that temptation all the time.

Hood: Wait a second...

*We're shown footage on the outside as Xtreme is carted away from the ring. Hopefully the injuries are relatively minor. Inside the ring, Vincent Day has jumped on Depth's back, swinging away at him. Depth manages to throw Day off, flinging him over with a shoulder toss. Day hits hard, then jumps back up before going after Depth again. However, now Tony the Spider is there, standing between them. He laughs and punches away at Day with his Spider Bites! Unfortunately, they don't seem to be having much of an effect, as Day strikes back with chest chops, working to remove the man in front of him. But as Tony the Spider leans over, Depth comes leapfrogging over him, getting an elbow strike!! Day falls back against the ropes, dazed, as Depth and Tony quickly move in on him. They both grab a leg, hoisting Day up, who struggles to find a way to fight back. There's nothing he can do, though, as the two wrestlers heave him over and send him falling to the outside!*

Cousin Daedalus: There he goes! Vincent Day has been eliminated!!

Rockwell: Not the night we were hoping for from Vincent Day...

Hood: Are we sure that was him? The nose didn't look quite right, and I thought maybe there were some white or blonde roots showing...

Rockwell: It doesn't matter, he's gone from the match.

Hood: It matters to me! Damn stunt doubles screwing up the works!

*Depth and Tony The Spider turn towards each other, sizing each other up once again. But they stick together as they turn away from the ropes... and both get hammered by a double spear from Haze, sending both men through the ropes and to the outside!! Haze hangs onto the ropes, looking out. Although both Depth and Tony are down outside, they're not eliminated, since they went through rather than over the ropes. Haze pulls himself up, smiling, but then he's lifted from behind by Violent, sending Haze over the top rope!! Haze hangs on, though, skinning the cat as he brings himself back into the ring behind Violent! The masked man turns and stares at Haze, before the two men start exchanging rights and lefts! Suddenly, Madi and Ryot are there as well, with the three joining together to try and beat Violent down! He fights back against all of them, trying to fight off the numbers, but it's a lot to ask of any one man!*

Hood: What is this, an intervention??

Rockwell: Attacking Violent is an intervention to you?

Hood: Hey, if it's about steroid use...

Rockwell: There's absolutely no evidence that Violent uses steroids, Hood.

Hood: You stick with your 'evidence', I'll stick with my 'theories', and we'll both be happy...

*Haze and Ryot both hold up Violent, allowing Madhouse Madi to come running in at him and hit a shotgun dropkick! Violent sags, with Haze and Ryot letting him fall to the ground. They smile at Madi, who smiles back... then kicks at Haze, dropping him to the mat! Ryot, surprised, blocks a kick aimed at him as well, catching Madhouse Madi's leg. She bounces there, raising her arms, as the fans cheer the bouncing. She tries to say it was a mistake, but Ryot spins her around, then launches into a roundhouse kick, planting her on the canvas! As Madhouse Madi struggles to recover, trying to get up, Ryot flies in, scoring RYOT Time (Shining Wizard)!!! Madhouse Madi is down and out, but that doesn't eliminate her yet. Ryot turns back to where Haze and Violent are both starting to get back up and goes after them with a series of sharp kicks and leg sweeps, putting them both back down! He's fired up, bringing the fans along with him as he continues his assault!*

Rockwell: Ryot is on a roll!

Hood: Maybe they've been triple-teaming the wrong wrestler!

Rockwell: We've still got other participants... but apparently they've decided to fight on the outside!

*The two Mustard Factory wrestlers, Depth & Tony The Spider, have both gotten up on the outside, but they're now brawling. Apparently Tony The Spider had tried to take down Depth's pants, to show if there was a sock stuffed in there. Depth did not take kindly to this. They head away from the ring, moving past the set-up stands to continue their fight on the beach. Tony lands a few weak punches, laughing as he does so. Depth shakes them off and fires back his own shots, driving Tony closer to the ocean. But Tony answers by kicking some sand up with his feet, blinding Depth! He staggers away, trying to clear his vision, while Tony reaches down to get another handful of this wonderful stuff. He approaches Depth, possibly planning to grind the sand into his face, but then stops, letting the sand slip out of his hand. Depth clears his eyes, angrily turning to Tony, but then realizes that he's staring at something. Depth turns, with both moving over to where an umbrella has been set up on the beach. They kick the umbrella away... to find Aaron Warthog in mid-sandwich bite!! Warthog smiles awkwardly at them, offering the sandwich.. They look inside it... but it's not mustard... it's mayonnaise!! They immediately attack!*

Hood: They did it! Where's Warthog is solved! Just wish he'd been wearing red and white stripes!

Rockwell: The umbrella was red and white...

Hood: Clever fucker... he almost got away with it!

*Depth and Tony The Spider have Warthog up now, mayonnaise mixed with sand splattered across his face. Both wrestlers look disgusted with the big man. They drag him back to the ring, hitting him all along the way. In the ring, Ryot has Madhouse Madi up on his shoulders. He takes her to the apron, dropping her to the outside, where she disappears from sight. He turns back, greeting Violent, with the two exchanging shots. Haze is recovering off to the side, and he watches as Depth & Tony roll Warthog under the ropes. Warthog gets up, staggering, thinking about his next move. He starts to try leaving the ring again, but as he steps through the ropes, Depth & Tony both push the middle rope up, racking him!! Warthog, gasping, falls back into the ring, holding his family jewels in agony. He grabs at the ropes to pull himself up, barely able to stand... and Anderson Haze rushes forward, landing a clothesline that sends Warthog up and over the ropes to the outside!! Warthog lays out on the outside mat, not moving, his plan completely thwarted.*

Cousin Daedalus: The heavyweight is gone! Aaron Warthog has been eliminated!!

Rockwell: Warthog had a unique strategy for this one, but unfortunately for him, Depth & Tony The Spider found him.

Hood: Yeah, he should have moved further down the beach, or maybe gone on a float in the ocean...

Rockwell: Instead, Warthog is a mess, and we're down to five!

Hood: Six...

Rockwell: I only count five...

Hood: I never heard an announcement for Madhouse...

*Tony the Spider and Depth have come back into the ring now, with Tony landing a cheap shot on Depth to renew their brawl. They fight on one side, while Ryot is now in danger from Violent, fighting being lifted over the ropes. Haze comes to his aid, hitting Violent with a double axehandle to try and slow down the powerhouse once again. In the mean time, the camera moves off to the side, looking for Madhouse Madi. It finds her clinging to the side of the apron curtain, dangling there. Her feet haven't touched the floor, so she's still in it! At the same time, she seems to be stuck, as she keeps grabbing at the side of the ring, but is unable to pull herself up. We go back to the ring view, as Depth is trying to toss out Tony, while Haze & Ryot both lift up on Violent's legs in the corner, only to have him fight back and break free. He grabs Haze, lifting him up in a bodyslam position, and throws him over the ropes! But Haze grabs at the apron, hanging on, and slides back under the ropes to save himself, even as Violent takes a superkick from Ryot, knocking him back into the corner.*

Rockwell: I don't know how Madhouse Madi is going to get out of her precarious position!

Hood: Maybe I could go and help out, y'know, give her a push?

Rockwell: You are not leaving the announce table to go feel up a wrestler...

Hood: That's not at all... my main intention... she needs help, damn it!

*The camera continues to focus on Madhouse Madi, as she struggles to try and lift herself back up. One foot slips, touching the ground, but she brings it back up, avoiding the double-touch that would eliminate her. She looks over at a nearby security guard, talking to him in her silky smooth gamer video voice. The guard seems to nod, then steps forward, reaching down and helping to lift her up! He boosts her legs onto the apron, which allows Madi to stand up, smiling. She gives the guard a wink, before pointing at all the fans who are cheering. Unfortunately, they're not cheering for her. Instead, as Madhouse Madi turns around, Ryot charges her, hitting a variation of RYOT Time!!! Madhouse Madi goes flying, crashing into the security guard, and both fall to the floor, with Madi rolling away, clearly gone from the match! Ryot blows her a quick kiss before turning back to the action, going back towards Violent, as the fans are hyped up.*

Cousin Daedalus: Poor darlin'! Madhouse Madi has been eliminated!!

Rockwell: And now it's official!

Hood: Do you think she needs help getting to the back?

Rockwell: Sit down, Hood!

Hood: But I...

Rockwell: Just call the damn match!

*We see that Depth has ended up on the apron, but it's unclear how he got there. Whether he went over the ropes or not, he's able to cling to the bottom rope and slowly pull himself back in, with Tony The Spider kicking at him. Ryot has put Violent down with a neckbreaker, and Haze has applied a reverse chin lock to keep him down. Ryot takes the opportunity to go up on the turnbuckle and come off with a moonsault, landing right on Violent's back! The two men nod to each other, with each picking up Violent by the air and taking him to the ropes, throwing him over!! But Violent grabs the top rope on the way over, dangling instead of going out! Not seeing this, Ryot and Haze turn towards where Tony & Depth are fighting... but Ryot suddenly grabs Haze, sending him towards the ropes! No, Haze reverses, and it's Ryot that goes over, his legs kicking in the air as he desperately tries to hang on!! Haze digs in, trying to lift Ryot the rest of the way out, fighting for those final inches as Ryot's got one arm on the apron, upside-down! But from behind, Violent returns, picking up Haze and tossing him over with Ryot!!! Haze falls past Ryot on the apron and crashes to the floor, as Ryot barely manages to save himself!*

Cousin Daedalus: Another one down! Anderson Haze has been eliminated!!

Rockwell: Violent gets rid of a major contender!

Hood: I thought he got rid of two! I don't know how Ryot survived there!

Rockwell: By the skin of his teeth!

Hood: Does teeth have skin?

Rockwell: I think it's a biblical term...

Hood: Dammit, the last thing we need in the GCWA is religion!

*The final four wrestlers each move to an individual corner, taking a moment for a quick breather. Ryot stares grimly across at Depth, who smirks at him. Violent glares at Tony, who starts laughing. The four men all charge at once, brawling it out to the cheers of the crowd! Violent takes Tony over with an exploder suplex, while Depth manages to plant Ryot with an atomic drop. He grabs Ryot from behind, trying to toss him out, but Ryot blocks it on the ropes, hanging on. Violent, meanwhile, has pressed Tony the Spider over his head, approaching the ropes! But Tony manages to push off, falling behind Violent and rolling him up! This, of course, does nothing in a battle royal, but Tony still holds it for a short time before releasing, hopping back to his feet. Violent pushes himself up, furious, and charges at Tony, who drops down the top rope! But Violent stops in time, glaring once more at Tony before pounding on him with a couple of fierce kicks, knocking him down!*

Rockwell: We have a strong Final Four! Who will come out of this the first Television champion of the New Era?

Hood: C'mon, Ryot! Don't let me down, I've got money on you!

Rockwell: You went ahead and gambled on the matches again? That explains why you gave your Battle Royal pick so early...

Hood: Yeah, and I picked Daniels to win earlier, so if Ryot wins, I'll be two-for-two! C'mon, Natural!

*Violent picks up Tony The Spider and lifts him effortlessly, planning to slam him right over the top rope. But Violent suddenly falls to the side, dropping Tony, thanks to a second low blow from John E Depth!! Depth is breathing heavily, not used to lasting this long in an actual match. He hammers on Violent with a few more shots, giving him a porn star pose before kicking him in the head! Ryot tries to come over, but Depth meets him, hitting a nice-looking dropkick that puts Ryot into the ropes! Depth points at him, signalling that it's time to go out! He turns and runs to the ropes to get momentum... and Tony The Spider immediately pulls the top rope back down again, causing Depth to overbalance on the ropes and flip out, falling outside the ring!!! Depth somehow lands on his feet, mostly by pure luck, and tries to start hopping on one foot, but the referee has already pointed at him and called it. He looks up at Tony the Spider, who shrugs, saying something to him before turning back to the action!*

Cousin Daedalus: We're down to three! John E Depth has been eliminated!!

Hood: The Mustard Factory proves they can't work together!

Rockwell: Only one person can win the Television Title, so alliances have to go out the window!

Hood: Not yet, though! I would have turned on him after getting rid of at least one more!

*Depth looks deeply upset at the 'betrayal', even though he was probably thinking the same thing soon enough. Tony The spider already has other concerns, as Violent is back to take him over with a northern lights suplex! Violent jumps back up, showing incredible stamina, and hauls Tony up once more. Ryot's there, though, punching at Violent to stop his momentum. Ryot and Tony the Spider join forces, continuing the path of double and triple-teaming Violent tonight. They set Violent up, wanting to take him over with a double suplex. Violent blocks it, though, then instead lifts BOTH men, suplexing them over!! The crowd pops at the display of power, even as all three men are down for a few moments. Violent slowly rises, feeling the fury. He waits for both Ryot and Tony to get up and rushes them, ramming them both into the ropes! He tries to toss both men, lifting them off the mat, but they both frantically hang on, trying to stay in!*

Rockwell: Violent may be unstoppable!

Hood: You see, Tony should have kept Depth in there for one more wrestler! They need three to get rid of him!

Rockwell: At least!

*Violent has both Ryot and Tony The Spider up in the air now, with both men desperately clinging to the ropes. Tony tries to kick, but his feeble attempts don't seem to have any effect on Violent. Ryot's having no better luck, unable to get the leverage to escape. Violent continues to lift them higher, getting them close... and then John E Depth reaches through the ropes, punching Violent low for the third time in this contest!!!! Violent drops to his knees, releasing both men, as no man can take that sort of abuse! Tony and Ryot look out at Depth, who now has security coming around him to get him to leave. Depth points at Tony, saying "You owe me!" Ryot, sensing opportunity, goes to the ropes and comes back, smashing a recovering Violent with RYOT Time!!! In the meantime, Tony has reached into his fanny pack, bringing out brass knuckles! He gives Violent the Kiss of the Spider, smashing him in the side of the head with the knuckles!! Stunningly, Violent's still not out, trying to get up, but Ryot and Tony take advantage of this with a running double clothesline, sending Violent out of the ring!!*

Cousin Daedalus: Woo-hey! What a hit! Violent has been eliminated!!

Rockwell: John E Depth just cost Violent this match!

Hood: I told you it would take three wrestlers!

Rockwell: And now one of the favorites, Ryot, goes against one of the biggest dark horses, Tony The Spider!!

*It doesn't take long for Ryot and Tony to start going at it, with both men throwing punches. Not surprisingly, Ryot's are more effective, as he takes over. He starts landing a sequence of kicks, ending it with a leg sweep that takes Tony to the mat. Ryot then goes off the ropes and comes back, landing a single leg basement dropkick! Tony the Spider is down, but that's not how you win in this match. Ryot isn't concerned, though, opting to wear Tony the Spider down a little more now that they're the only two wrestlers left. He drops onto Tony, applying a Fujiwara armbar submission!! Tony starts shouting, feeling his arm nearly being pulled out of its socket! There's no submissions, and there's no escape, so there's nothing Tony can do. Ryot wrenches back on the arm, doing more damage, while giving a confident look towards the camera.*

Rockwell: Right now, it's hard to see The Spider come back against The Natural!

Hood: That money is as good as mine...

*Ryot finally breaks the hold, sitting in place and just staring at the suffering Tony the Spider. He gets up, grabbing Tony by the hair to yank him to his feet. He points towards the stands outside, calling his shot, and drags Tony that direction. He attempts to jettison Tony over, but Tony stops it by reaching up and poking Ryot in the eye! Ryot turns his head, blinded, as Tony kicks him in the shin, a slightly painful strike that causes him to let go of the man. Tony then shoves Ryot into the ropes, managing to get Ryot tied up! He laughs at Ryot being caught in the Spider Web, before slapping him, adding insult to entrapment. Tony then begans throwing his Spider Bite punches, while Ryot struggles to find a way to get free from the ropes. No referee is coming to help, as anything goes until the end of the match. Tony shakes out his hand, having hurt it by throwing too many punches, so he starts looking for where he dropped his brass knuckles.*

Rockwell: I can hardly believe it! Tony The Spider has a shot here!

Hood: And he didn't even need his mom here to take care of it for him!

Rockwell: For all you know, she's in the audience, Hood...

Hood: That would be... spooky...

*Tony the Spider finishes searching around, finally grabbing the brass knuckles. He puts them on, almost gingerly, smiling at them as he wraps his fist. He turns back... as Ryot finishes pulling himself free, running forward and nailing Tony with a chest kick!! Tony collapses, holding his chest, as Ryot takes a step and jumps, doing a double-stomp to the same area! Tony's hurting, with Ryot pulling himself back up. He grabs hold of Tony, taking him towards the ropes to toss him over. Tony pulls away, though, and tries to land his Kiss of the Spider again!! But Ryot ducks under the swing, catching the off-balance Tony and lifting him up as if to do an atomic drop, only to put Tony over the ropes! Tony hangs on to Ryot's head, though, even going down, and stands on the apron as he pulls, bringing Ryot out as well! Both are on the apron, having gone over the top rope. Tony swings, trying to use the brass knuckles, but Ryot bats the arm away, nearly sending Tony off! Tony catches himself, turns... and gets blasted by a Ryot superkick!! Tony falls backwards, his arms outstretched, and lands on the floor, ending the match!! Ryot takes a knee on the apron, studying Tony's fallen form for a moment, before stepping back through the ropes.*

Cousin Daedalus: Here's your winna and the new GCWA Television Champion, "THE NATURAL" RYOT!!!

Hood: YES!!! "I'm in the money..."

Rockwell: Ryot proves his worth, surviving eight other wrestlers to become the new GCWA Television Champion, a belt that will be defended regularly on Friday Night Inferno!

Hood: Man, I really wanted to see this! I had my doubts once or twice but he came through for me!

Rockwell: Some great performances, but only one man could walk out the winner tonight...

*The referee brings Ryot the GCWA Television Title, which he takes with a smug smile. He raises it up to the crowd, having known this moment was coming.*

*We join the A-List backstage and Dylan is going over the plan for this evening when suddenly three people come into the shot with the camera behind them. We are looking at Dylan and Dave over the mystery persons' shoulders. Dave, not recognizing them immediately stands up in a defensive stance, while Dylan meanwhile merely smiles putting a hand on Dave's chest so that he knows the people aren't a threat. Dave stands down immediately, crossing his arms looking emotionless. Dylan walks over his hand out-stretched.*

Dylan: Rob.

*The camera pans around and we see that it is none other than Lord Allton of Zybala's Outsiders Championship Wrestling with his two bodyguards Vincenzo Larossia and Tank. Lord Allton and Dylan shake hands.*

Lord Allton: Hello, Dylan.

Dylan: Big guy... the guy in the chair is my former boss. Rob Culliford. Now a member of Zybala's backyard fed, right?

*Dylan looks at both Vincenzo and Tank.*

Dylan: Tank, bro. I thought you retired?

*Tank shakes his head.*

Dylan: And Vinnie! The bodyguard gig?

Vincenzo: You know me, Mr. Thomas.... When the money's right.

*Dylan smiles and looks over his shoulder back at Dave. He motions his head and Dave walks over. Lord Allton stretches his hand out.*

Lord Allton: Tank WAS retired but he has always been there when I needed him. Mr. Branson... I've heard a lot about you.

Dave: Pleasure.

Dave looks at Tank and whistles.*

Dave: Fuck man... I thought I was tall!

*Dylan, Lord Allton and Vincenzo smile and Dylan looks back at Allton.*

Dylan: So... What are you doing out here?

Lord Allton: I have a... well, an investment in your match later. What with me having history with you and Zybala being my boss these days.

*A slight look of power hungry resentment flashes up on Lord Allton's face for mere seconds before he is back to his coy smile.*

Lord Allton: So I will be keeping an eye on your match. Good luck, Dylan.

Rockwell: We don't know much about OCW's Lord Allton but he does seem to have a history with Dylan Thomas.

Hood: Weren't you listening? Allton was Dylan's former employer! He seems like a nice trustworthy guy.

*The camera pans back onto Allton's face revealing an evil smile.*

Rockwell: I'm not sure about that.

Hood: Always with the conspiracy theories! Can't two old friends catch up?!

Rockwell: Yes... but...

Hood: Well then!

*The camera fades as the five men continue to talk (aside from Tank, being mute).*

Rockwell: A-List vs. Zybala and Vaughn, later tonight!

Golden Opportunity Ladder match
Curt Canon (2-1) vs. Crazy Chris (36-21-1) vs. Brady Vega (3-2) vs. The Lost Soul (29-25-2)

Cousin Daedalus: This next match is gonna be insane y'all! We got ourselves a good ol' fashioned Ladder match! And the prize is that their Golden Opportunity!

*The crowd on the beach pops for the announcement. Special attachments have been set up to hang the apparent satchel that contains the golden opportunity above the ring. After all, we have no ceiling supports to use, do we? Two ropes run in an X pattern across the ring.*

Hood: So is this just a Ladder match, or is it an Ultimate X contest?

Rockwell: I think it's kind of a combination. They can use the ladders like normal, it's just we needed a way for the Golden Opportunity to be up there...


*Everything appears set up now, as Cousin Da-Lus gets back on the mic.*

Cousin Daedalus: We're all ready, y'all! Let's bring out the wrestlers! First he's an OCW Hall of Famer, so he has that goin' for him. He's 5 feet 4 inches and 155 lbs, and he lives in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Out of retirement, here's CURT CANON!!!

*The opening beats of Figure 8 by Trust Company hits. Eight seconds into the song you see Curt Canon slide out from the entrance way on to the ramp. He stands there for a few seconds before taking both hands and pointing at himself. In the same motion he leans a bit back and throws his hands out to his side. He then slowly starts to make his way to the ring, blinking as he looks up towards the sunlight. He gets to the ring, walking up the steps, and goes to the center, repeating the same pose he did at the top of the ramp as blue pyro shoots out of all four turnbuckles.*

Rockwell: Canon is, I think, the odds-on favorite in this competition, as everyone remembers how great he was in OCW.

Hood: He also has a lot of ladder experience, as well as friends in the business.

Rockwell: I feel bad for Ernie. Six years later and he's still at the same position at Lowe's.

Hood: What, are you joking? He's living the dream! Ernie rocks!

Cousin Daedalus: Next we have a GCWA Hall of Famer. Lot of Hall of Famers in this one. He is 6 feet tall and weighs 228 lbs. Says here he's from Smithville, Tennesse. He's joined by his brother, Dangerous Dan, good of him to support family. Here he is, CRAZY CHRIS!!

*A strobe of green and red lights begin flashing across the area. At the same time we hear the guitar rip of Mental Health By Zebrahead play. We then get to:*

"Let's go"

*The guitar rip solo continues to play as the strobe lights flicker even faster. They understandably aren't as effective outdoors, but they still work. The first verse echoes over the PA:*

"The lights are on but there is no one home
Yeah, I'm the type of guy that shouldn't be left alone"

*Chris steps onto the stage staring out into the crowd. Dangerous Dan walks out behind the champ with a smile. Crazy Chris stands a few moments and soaks the cheers in. The song plays so quickly that we now enter the chorus:*

"And all I want is to go home just for a bit
But these padded rooms are the shit
Whoa, I'm happy in my mental health
Whoa, these conversations with myself
Whoa, they say that only time will tell
Whatever I'm happy in my mental health
I'm happy in my mental health"

*Chris laughs and smiles as they now make their way down the rampway towards the ring.*

"1, 2, 1, 2, 3, go

Hey, meet a friend of mine, now where'd he go?
He's probably sitting there but you would never know
They say just one more shock, try not to resist
They say lie down and bite on this"

*Chris now makes his way up the steps and poses on the top turnbuckle. Dan stays on the outside, giving his brother the glory. Crazy Chris motions towards the crowd and even gestures along to the beat of the music. As the next verse plays Chris leaps down to the middle of the ring. He makes his way to the second turnbuckle when we get back to the main chorus:*

"Whoa, I'm happy in my mental health
Whoa, these conversations with myself
Whoa, they say that only time will tell
Whatever I'm happy in my mental health"

*Chris again smiles and stands in the middle of the ring pointing at his temple motioning that he is proud of his mental state. He then slowly raises up his arms, to the cheers of the crowd.*

Rockwell: Crazy Chris and Dangerous Dan have had an uneven run in the New Era in the GCWA. But this is Chris' chance to get the Danger Boiz back in the title picture.

Hood: Aren't they still owed a Tag-Team Titles match?

Rockwell: Probably so, but the team hasn't managed to stay active enough to cash that in. If Crazy Chris earns another shot, though, maybe they'll finally go after Savage & Vega.

Hood: Or maybe Crazy Chris will wise up and go back to singles, and leave his brother behind...

Cousin Daedalus: Next we've got a, holy fuck, that's a scary mask, y'all! Okay, he weighs 235 lbs and is 6 feet 3 inches tall. I don't know where he's from, and I don't wanna know, but he IS an ICWF Hall of Famer. Here's THE LOST SOUL!!

*The theme to Halloween plays and a spotlight shines on the entrance way as The Lost Soul appears. The crowd brings out their phones (once again not as effective in the outdoors) as he makes his way methodically to the ring.*

Rockwell: The Lost Soul has been pulled into some of the anti-Stay At Home riots going on in the United States right now.

Hood: Guy does impressive balloon animals. He did the right thing, though, leaving all of those kids behind. Blame the parents, let 'em die!

Rockwell: But what if they're future GCWA superfans?

Hood: Well, hell, save them! We need fresh blood to pay our salaries!

Cousin Daedalus: And now last but definitely not least. He's got a sweet young lady with him named Britney Anders. He's 5 feet 9 inches tall and weighs 178 lbs and is from Los Angeles, California. For all I know he's a Hall of Famer somewhere. He's also one of the Gee-Cee-Doubla-Ay World Tag-Team Champs. Here's BRADY VEGA!!

*"Surf Club" by St. Jhn starts up, as Brady Vega and Britney Anders step out of the back. Vega's wearing the GCWA World Tag-Team Title he shares with Tony Savage. Vega is super animated on their way to the ring, sliding under the ropes while Anders gets up confidently on the apron.*

Rockwell: Brady Vega took a hard loss last week to The Empty, but this is his chance at redemption!

Hood: Yeah, he wins here, he can challenge Tony Savage for the other half of the Tag Titles!

Rockwell: I... don't think it works that way...

Hood: He can challenge for any championship other than the World Title, right?

Rockwell: Well, yes...

Hood: So he can beat Savage and become the sole champ, and find himself a new partner now that Savage has burned a bridge with GCWA management!

*The Bell Rings.*

Rockwell: One of these four men can earn themselves a Golden Opportunity!

Hood: But will it be worth it? Ladders getting smashed into your skull? Risking great height and sunburn?

Rockwell: Sunburn?

Hood: It's hot out here...

*As soon as the bell sounded, Curt Canon and The Lost Soul slid out of the ring. They both go for ladders, grabbing the closest ones they can find. In the meantime, both Crazy Chris and Brady Vega run to two corners, leaping up and starting to climb across the cords holding up the Golden Opportunity bag! Both are showing their speed, scrambling across hand-over-hand towards the bag. Crazy Chris gets there a fraction of a second faster, reaching out to the bag, but he's then knocked off the rope by a flung ladder! Crazy Chris hits hard, as Canon goes to retrieve his weapon. At the same time, The Lost Soul swings his own ladder to knock Vega off the cord and send him crashing to the floor!! Canon turns towards The Lost Soul, swinging his smaller ladder again, but TLS gets his own up, blocking it! The two men then start having a ladder duel, smashing the ladders against each other as they both look to get that first definitive hit! A final shot between them, though, causes both men to drop the ladders, shaking out their hands from the impact.*

Rockwell: Why did Canon just get a two-foot stepstool?

Hood: It's better to throw at competitors. Plus, he bought one just like it for his match six years ago...

Rockwell: It still wouldn't help him reach the title above the ring, though.

Hood: Well, if he jumps off of it like 3-5 feet...

*Canon tries to pick up his smaller ladder, but The Lost Soul stops him with a boot to the mid-section. He then locks onto Canon and lifts him up, slamming him down onto the larger ladder!! Canon rolls off, arching his back from the impact. The Lost Soul reaches down, picking up the ladder to start positioning it. But Crazy Chris is back now on the apron, hanging onto the top rope! On the other side, Vega is up as well, looking angry at what happened. He and Crazy Chris actually time their moves out perfectly, with both springboarding up and off the top rope, flying in to hit The Lost Soul from either side with springboard dropkicks!!! The Lost Soul falls to the ground, the ladder landing on top of him! He painfully rolls to the outside, disappearing from view, as Crazy Chris and Vega both jump up, attacking each other with several punches and kicks, trying to get the advantage while the other wrestlers are down. Crazy Chris wins out, taking Vega up and landing Crazy Days (TKO Facebreaker)!!!*

Rockwell: This one's going to involve a lot of timing and luck! There are multiple ways to get to the bag, but you've got to have enough time to get up there!

Hood: I think the Danger Boiz should have this one wrapped up quickly, if Dangerous Dan would get off his ass and get involved!

Rockwell: Dan's not in the match!

Hood: Neither are Anders, The Lost Soul clones, or the rest of the Mustard Factory, but if it was me, I'd be using every resource I could!

*We see Dangerous Dan outside the ring, cheering on his brother as the match goes on. Anders can be seen nearby, glaring at Dangerous Dan as if contemplating taking him out of the equation. Crazy Chris isn't ready for another attempt yet, as he has gone after Canon, striking at him in the corner. He goes to take Canon across to the other side, but Canon reverses it, and Crazy Chris is sent instead... right into The Lost Soul, who returns in time to clothesline him to the mat! Canon, startled, rushes forward, but The Lost Soul clotheslines him as well! Crazy Chris rises, but TLS grabs him and turns, tossing Crazy Chris over the top rope! He then grabs Canon and goes the other direction, tossing him over as well! Nearby, Vega is struggling to get up on the ropes, but TLS doesn't give him the chance, rushing from behind and hammering him to send him out of the ring, too! The fans cheer as The Lost Soul turns back, going for the nearby ladder and setting it up. Thankfully, it's the taller ladder, as the small one is off to the side.*

Hood: Some of the fans think The Lost Soul just won...

Rockwell: They've still got the TV Title Battle Royal in their mind, so seeing so many tossed out rang a bell.

Hood: But it's all about climbing that ladder and not breaking your neck!

*The Lost Soul has made it most of the way up the ladder, but his momentum is stopped by a returning Crazy Chris, who hangs onto his leg. He drags TLS down partway, avoiding his attempt to kick at him, and pounds him in the back to slow him down. He climbs up with The Lost Soul, punching away. On the other side, Canon returns, sizing up the situation. He starts up the other side of the ladder, seeing it as a clear path. But he's stopped as well, as Vega returns to grab hold of him. The four men fight on the upper half of the ladder, each trying to find a way to dislodge their oppponent to have a clear path to the contract. However, their attacks are so strong at each other that the ladder starts to tip of its own accord, and everyone hangs on instinctively as the ladder falls over, sending them all flying!! The fans cheer the fact that every wrestler is down, waiting to see what happens next and who's able to recover in time.*

Hood: It's chaos in there!

Rockwell: Leave it to the Barrows to get a ladder that can't handle the weight of four men!

Hood: Will it handle the weight of a woman? Because Anders is in there!

*With all the other wrestlers down, Britney Anders is surprisingly in the ring. She doesn't waste any time, setting the ladder back up and starting up towards the contract!! She's almost there, reaching up, when she's pulled back from behind by Dangerous Dan!! He yanks her off the ladder, pointing a finger at her and asking what the hell she's doing? Anders answers by kicking upwards, scoring a low blow!!! Dangerous Dan leans over, gasping, and Anders grabs him by the head and drops him with a fameasser!!! Dangerous Dan rolls away, leaving the ring, as Anders gets herself back up, looking pleased. She turns back... and The Lost Soul, once again having recovered the quickest, kicks her in the gut, then drops her with a DDT!! Anders leaves the ring, dazed, as The Lost Soul rises back up, only to get clobbered from behind by an angry Vega, who nails him with the smaller ladder!! TLS is down, but that's not enough for Vega, as he raises up the ladder and bounces it off of TLS' back!!*

Rockwell: We had two more wrestlers get involved, and both have paid the price!

Hood: I can't believe The Lost Soul put his hands on Anders!

Rockwell: She put herself in that situation!

Hood: But why did The Lost Soul get to grab her?? I'm so jealous!

*With The Lost Soul down in the ring, Vega decides to head for the corner, going up with one quick leap. He takes flight, dropping down onto The Lost Soul with Malicious Intent (Phoenix Splash)!!! The Lost Soul, in agony, falls out of the ring again. Vega rolls over, holding his side from the impact. He gets up, only to get nailed by a leaping Crazy Chris, who came off the top with a corkscrew moonsault! Both wrestlers land hard on the mat, with Crazy Chris trying to get up, but not in time, as Curt Canon uses the cable above to give him extra altitude as he flies in with Spiral Tap!!! He hits both of them, before falling off to the side, trying to recover. He's not used to the impacts that he's taking in this one. But he still pulls on his experience inside the ropes to get up, struggling over to the set-up ladder and starting to pull himself up! He reaches up towards the bag, trying to figure out how to yank it off the cables, as it's been secured to avoid an accidental release. But suddenly The Lost Soul is coming forward, smashing his weight into the ladder to topple it over, sending Canon to fall onto the top rope on the side and fall off out of the ring!!*

Rockwell: A tremendous fall from Curt Canon!

Hood: Yep, should have stayed retired...

Rockwell: Every time it seems like The Lost Soul is in trouble, he comes roaring back!

*With Canon gone, The Lost Soul works to reset the ladder, wanting to get it in place. But Crazy Chris comes up behind him with a new ladder, banging it into TLS' back! TLS stumbles away, as Crazy Chris opts to wedge the ladder, placing it between the first ladder and the ropes, creating a platform. He then grabs at The Lost Soul, sending him into the ropes and whipping him back, so that the platform ladder works as a clothesline, taking him down!! Crazy Chris then turns and starts to scale the ladder, wanting to put this one away. He reaches up, grasping at the bag, but now somehow Canon is back, coming across the platform ladder to grab Crazy Chris and slam his head into the top of the standing ladder! Crazy Chris, dazed, can't fight back as Canon pulls him a little further up the ladder, then jumps, taking him off into the platform ladder with a spike hurricanrana!!!! The two men lay in the debris, as the crowd starts a "Holy SHIT!" chant!*

Hood: So much for Crazy Chris!!

Rockwell: I don't know how he recovers from that move!

Hood: He doesn't! We're down to one Danger Boi!

*As the other wrestlers lay in the debris of what's left of the platform ladder, Brady Vega pulls himself up outside the ring. Britney Anders is there, holding her head and encouraging him to get moving. Vega nods and slides in, running towards where The Lost Soul is trying to get back up. Vega hits a running dropkick to send The Lost Soul back off the apron! The Lost Soul lands hard, crashing to the ground, as Vega smirks out towards him with a violent grin. He then stumbles over and starts up the ladder, climbing up rung by rung, with no sign of anyone opposing him. Canon & Crazy Chris are both still down. Vega gets near the top, hearing the crowd suddenly react, and he looks backwards... seeing Anders laying facedown outside, with The Reason standing over her, his hands behind his back, laughing!!! Vega, stunned, starts to come off the ladder... and he's grabbed by the throat by The Empty!!!*

Hood: Holy shit!

Rockwell: Oh my god, The Empty's come out of nowhere!!

Hood: Vega's about to be sacrificed!

*Vega struggles to fight back, throwing a few right hands, but The Empty shakes them off, lifting Vega into the air with brute strength!!! He drops him with a Chokebomb, straight into the ring!! Vega's flat on his back, not moving, but The Reason doesn't appear to think that's enough. He motions for The Empty to pick Vega up, and he does so, effortlessly carrying Vega out of the ring and to the floor. They start off towards the beach, with The Reason leading the way. In the ring, Canon is the only one watching, apparently having no interest in going after such a monster, since he's not in the match. The Reason points towards the nearby ocean, smiling as The Empty lifts Vega up, spinning him around and giving him the Vortex of Doom (Giant Swing into Alabama Slam)!!!! Vega's out, as the waves crash over him where he landed, making an impression in the wet ground. The Reason then leads The Empty off, as the camera focuses on the broken Vega.*

Rockwell: Vega's been destroyed!!

Hood: He's going to float away out to sea! We might need the Coast Guard standing by!

Rockwell: I know they had a match last week, but why would The Empty attack Vega now??

Hood: Who knows? Someone inform the Barrows we're gonna need new tag champs!

*As medics head for the beach to check on Vega (and keep him from drowning), the cameras refocus on the ring. Canon is up now, trying to pull the destroyed pieces of ladder out of the way. He throws them out of the ring, clearing the area. Crazy Chris is still down after that brutal spike hurricanrana, unable to respond, even as his brother, Dangerous Dan, tries to support him outside the ring. He reaches in, slowly pulling Crazy Chris out with him to check on his brother. Dan seems concerned, holding his brother up and talking to him, trying to get him back into the match. But neither man is ready as Canon springs up to the top rope, coming out onto both of them with The End is Near (Springboard Swanton Bomb)!!!! All three wrestlers are down, as Canon has really put his body on the line. He struggles back to his feet, as the fans chant "You Still Got It!! You Still Got It!"*

Rockwell: He does still have it!

Hood: I didn't think Canon would be able to pull off moves like that anymore!

Rockwell: Two men are clearly out, which leaves two left!

*Back in the ring, The Lost Soul has pulled himself up and has returned, standing semi-alertly in the ring. He takes in the situation at a glance, picking up the smaller ladder that was still in the ring. TLS turns, heaving it over the ropes at the other wrestlers! Canon dives back under the ropes and into the ring, avoiding the ladder (which hits the Danger Boiz instead)! He gets up, going at The Lost Soul, punching away at him, only to have TLS catch him with a European uppercut that sends Canon staggering backwards. The Lost Soul then turns and starts to climb the sole remaining ladder, making his way up relentlessly to the top! Canon, seeing this, shakes the hit off and goes up the other side, hurrying to catch up, with the two wrestlers again fighting on top of the ladder! It sways for a second, threatening to topple, but Canon and The Lost Soul pay no heed, each trying to throw the haymaker that will send their opponent crashing down out of their way to the Golden Opportunity!*

Rockwell: Who's going to win this final confronation?

Hood: And will the damn ladder hold up? I mean, what's with these crappy ladders??

Rockwell: They have been breaking rather easily, haven't they?

Hood: First the Ultimate X portion, and now Hazardous Ladders? We just throwing everything we've got at this one??

*Canon is reaching up desperately, his fingers brushing the bag hanging from above. He goes for that extra inch... but The Lost Soul punches him hard in the gut, ending that attempt. The Lost Soul then bangs Canon's head into the top of the ladder, before shoving him backwards, sending him off!! But Canon jumps at the last second, clinging instead to the support holding up the contract! He dangles there, trying to turn himself around, as The Lost Soul stares over at him. Canon manages it, getting his legs up as well, and starts climbing back to the bag! The Lost Soul pulls himself higher, grabbing at the back, hanging onto it, but Canon kicks out at him, knocking it from his hands! Somehow, the bag stays up there, even as Canon kicks at TLS again and again, leaving him barely clinging to the ladder. Canon then pulls himself closer, spinning himself around again so he can reach up with one hand while securing himself with his legs. He reaches the bag... and The Lost Soul jumps off the ladder, grabbing Canon and pulling him off the supports to the mat with a Soulbuster (Brainbuster) variation!!! The crowd pops huge, wondering if either man will be able to get up after that one!*

Hood: Damn! Holy shit! Motherfucker!

Rockwell: That one deserves all your curse words and more!

Hood: Frak! Gorram! Shazbot!

*The camera slowly focuses on the various wrestlers. Medics are still working on Vega. Curt Canon is laying in a heap in the ring. The Lost Soul hit hard enough that he went under the ropes, disappearing from sight outside the ring. On the opposite side, we see Dangerous Dan dragging Crazy Chris up. He puts his brother's arm under one shoulder and starts bringing him into the ring, apparently determined to help him get that opportunity for their team. They get to the ladder, which is somehow still standing, and Dan slowly starts to pull Crazy Chris upwards. But The Lost Soul rises up behind them out of nowhere!! He grabs Dan and give him (and Chris) a Russian Leg Sweep into the ladder!!! They roll away, knocked out, as The Lost Soul again rises up once more, to the cheers of the crowd. The masked man starts up the ladder, moving swiftly. We see Canon in the background, sitting up, trying to find a way to stop him. But The Lost Soul is moving too fast now, reaching up and grabbing the bag, yanking it down!! He holds the contract up, as the bell rings, signalling an end to this one.*

Cousin Daedalus: Wooo, that was insane! Congrats to the winner of that there Golden Opportunity, THE LOST SOUL!!!

Rockwell: He did it! The Lost Soul has a title opportunity!!

Hood: Man, I'm glad I didn't bet on this one! I knew it was too wild a match!

Rockwell: Canon came the closest, nearly getting that contract near the end, but The Lost Soul survived!

Hood: Are we sure that's the same Lost Soul, though? I lost sight of him there for a minute...

Rockwell: What, you think he swapped places with a clone at the end? Or was doing it throughout the whole match?

Hood: Now that you mention it, yes, I think he did exactly that!

Rockwell: Preposterous! The Lost Soul did it all on his own!

Hood: Or that's what he would like you to believe!

*The Lost Soul is back on the mat now, still holding up the bag above his head containing the contract. Who knows what he's thinking right now, but he does seem happy to be the winner. Canon has moved off to the side, still holding the back of his head where he landed earlier. Crazy Chris, Dangerous Dan, and Brady Vega all don't seem to be moving very well, with medics around all of them.*

Security: Sir, we've got a problem.

*One of Hunter's security staff members rushes to the boss, who's near the staging area talking to one of the production staff.*

Hunter Barrows: I'm busy right now...

Security: No, sir, you need to see this.

*Hunter is handed a Samsung phone, and he's scrolling through pictures his team of shaved gorillas for guards took.*

Hunter Barrows: What the hell?

*Some pics are of guards in various states of beaten badly, and tied up with duct tape around their mouths. Another set of pictures he's scrolling through are on the shore. Several military style rafts are on the beach. Fences are cut through, are there are boot-prints all over the place. Jonathan Barrows reappears, walking over to see what's going on. He looks at the pictures, his smile dropping from his face.*

Hunter Barrows: We've got intruders on the island and nobody caught anything? What the hell am I paying you guys for?

Security: That's just it; whoever these guys are, they're fucking pros! I mean, spec ops shit. They're going through our security system like it wasn't even turned on. We've got cameras and alarms going out, radio contact is shit right now. Worst part is, they're leaving everybody they come across alive. Just knocking them around or out.

Hunter Barrows: Jesus.

*Then, that phone rings. Unidentified. Jonathan hesitates for a few rings, then answers. There's footage.coming from inside his kitchen here on Gilligan's Island, and he's got guests. As in guest, I mean, goons in ski masks and B.D.U.'s ransacking his kitchen. Then the view spins around, and guess who...*

Tony Savage: Hey buddy! How ya doin'!? *with a mouthful of food*

*Either Barrows is paralyzed with rage, or, he's stroking out, because that face of his is meme material!*

Jonathan Barrows: Savage! How... how the FUCK did you find this place?!?

*Savage does a spit take with a gob of deli meat, and looks at Barrows like a grown ass man just asked him where babies come from!*

Savage: Pfft! For fucking real?! How the FUCK could I not have found this place?

Bad ass former Army Ranger, *points at imself* My tag team partner Vega treats firewalls and security systems like toilet paper...

Your staff is a bunch of underpaid, disgruntled idiots. Hood talks too much when he's drunk. Fuck, worst case scenario, I could have bribed Andrew Wrigley with a retainer to help him sue handicapped people for taking up good parking spaces...

The only way I wouldn't have found this place is if I really didn't try.

Hunter Barrows: You're trespassing.

Tony Savage: No, I'm actually fulfilling the clause that says I have to show up. Didn't saying anything about wrestling a match; but since you're pulling this Hulk Hogan shit threatening me with a lawsuit...

Barring me, all that shit...

*One of Tony's boys hands him one of Barrows' beers, swills it down, they chucks the bottle in a random directions. That was way too much glass shattering in the background for one beer bottle, by the way.*

Hunter Barrows: Oh, "buddy", litigation will be the LEAST of your problems when I get my hands on you...

Tony Savage: Lemme guess? Something involving the retractable floor with the shark tank underneath? Not gonna lie; that shit is dope! Figured you for a classic Bond head. Too bad I gotta fuck the rest of your life up, you sneaky, hatchet faced prick.

*He gets handed another present; baseball bat with razor wire wrapped around it, and, oh...*

Tony Savage: Are those blasting caps on it? That is not within MLB regulations.

You know, Barrows, you guys in GCWA love to talk shit from afar, but when you motherfuckers get me in your face, one doth quote the poet laureate Ice Cube...

First you wanna step to me; now your ass screaming for the deputy! You should've let PerZag be a big boy and handle his biz; at least if he pulled dirt, I'd just be on his ass...

But YOU, motherfucker...

*His finger is slamming on his phone screen.*

Tony Savage: Had to dig into my pockets, and think you could weasel and politic your way out of it. No, no, nooooooo, bitch.

Jonathan Barrows: You screwed me first.

Tony Savage: You didn't lose anything out of that deal. I went out of my way to give notice well before the PPV. I even offered to serve up Biff for free, but, again...

You, Mr, patience isn't a virtue, had to throw a fit. You cost me a belt, you cost me a bonus check. You're making me strap Ed to a cheap ass Chinese test rocket and shoot him into the side of a mountain. And worst of all...

I'm going to waste a perfectly bad ass death-match toy to beat you into a fucking puddle of piss, shit, and hamburger meat!

Hunter Barrows: You just try to get in here! I'll be waiting to finish you off.

*Savage is smirking again.*

Tony Savage: Again, you people always say that...

*He drops the phone, and the last footage caught is his boot coming down on it.*

*Barrows faces turns in lava, and he smashes the phone repeatedly against a wall. He growls at his henchman...*

Jonathan Barrows: LOCK...THIS...PLACE...DOWN!!!

*As he storms off, the security team member looks down at his phone, pouting.*

Security: Dammit. My girl bought me that for Chaunakah!

*We head back to ringside.*

Hood: Fuck, I think we need to get out of here...

Rockwell: It definitely looked like Tony Savage is on the warparth here on the island! It was just a few weeks ago when Hunter Barrows helped cost Savage the North American Title to PerZag!

Hood: Seriously, anyone know where the chopper is right now?

Rockwell: He's not coming for us, Hood...

Hood: He talked about me talking too much when I'm drunk! He's been close to me!!

Rockwell: Maybe so, but he left you alive. The Barrows, we'll just have to see...

Tag-Team match
The A-List (Dave Branson & Dylan Thomas) (1-1) vs. Peter "The Janitor" Vaughn & Mike Zybala (0-0)

Cousin Daedalus: This next one is a tag match scheduled for one fall. The first team have worked together for a long time now, which is really good for a tag-team. They weigh a combined 525 lbs, something I was told to say. Anyway, here are DAVE BRANSON & DYLAN THOMAS - THE A-LIST!

*'Watch Me Shine' by Fozzy starts up and Dylan Thomas emerges through the curtain. There's a huge air of arrogance around him. Behind him, Dave Branson comes out, emotionless behind his sunglasses, shirtless. He's wearing knee length black shorts with white stripes down the thigh. The stripe has the world "BRANSON" in black with "A-List Fixer" on the back in white lettering. The beach is filled with boos at these two. Does it phase them? Not in the least. They make their way to the ring, where Dylan arrogantly shouts at the people whilst on the nearest corner. Branson moves to the side not acknowledging the fans.*

Hood: I know she's watching, so let me just say I hope Lissandra can rejoin us soon!

Rockwell: She's a mother now, Hood, that tends to take up a lot of time.

Hood: Yes, but as much as I love Dylan & Dave, it's just not the same without Lissie!

Rockwell: In the meantime, it looks like Branson is sporting new trunks.

Hood: Custom made! Looking good!

Rockwell: New gear doesn't necessarily lead to success, but hey, it usually can't hurt...

*The lights go out and Hood screams. Green and white laser lights start flashing and crisscrossing as "Maniac 2000" starts blaring over the speakers. The fans are cheering and dancing along as the song continues to play.*

Cousin Daedalus: These guys are gonna be facing a team made up of friends. Friends! Weighing in at a combined weight of 1.21 gigawatts! The GCWA Unified X-Division champion Mike Zybala and THE only two time Outsiders World Champion "The Wrestling Janitor" Peter Vaughn! They are THE OUTSIDERS RAVE PARTY!!

*Peter Vaughn comes out first, dancing his heart out! His janitor uniform is a green and white combo to match the lights. Mike Zybala comes right after him, wearing green jeans and a white T-shirt. Both are holding handfuls of glow sticks. Both men dance on the stage! The crowd cheers louder, as the two men let loose! They start making their way down the ramp and start throwing the glow sticks into the crowd. The duo slide in the ring as the crowd starts chanting "O!R!P!" Zybala and Vaughn dance in the ring as the fans starts throwing glow sticks back at them.*

Rockwell: Zybala had a new training regime for Vaughn this week: wearing weights while dance training!

Hood: How Zybala thinks that'll help in this match, I don't know.

Rockwell: Well, the theory is that Vaughn will be faster and able to avoid Branson & Thomas more.

Hood: I just don't understand Zybala. He could have chosen anyone for his partner. Anyone! And they would have been better than The Janitor!

*The Bell Rings.*

Rockwell: So if The A-List wins, Dylan Thomas gets his shot at the Unified X Division Title. If Vaughn & Zybala win, Zybala doesn't have to worry about the A-List again.

Hood: It's a foregone conclusion that Thomas is getting his shot. Zybala wrapped it up for him by picking The Janitor!

Rockwell: We'll see, Hood, as The Janitor has definitely improved as of late.

*Branson is already standing in the ring, nodding to Dylan Thomas, who stands at the corner. It's clear that they came up with their strategy in the back. Zybala seems to want to start, but Vaughn convinces him to go to the corner, saying that he's got this. Vaughn turns and walks up towards Branson, swallowing loudly as he does so. Branson waves him on, wanting him to try him. Vaughn nods and throws a right hand, catching Branson in the jaw! But Branson immediately looks forward again, barely showing any effect from the punch. Vaughn's eyes widen, as Branson goes to grab him. But Vaughn does a dance split, avoiding Branson's arms! He hops up, with Branson spinning to swing a big boot at him. Vaughn does a roll, avoiding it, then jumps up and goes through the ropes to dodge another strike. Branson, a little frustrated, swings over the ropes, but Vaughn dances on the apron, spinning around and ending up near the corner. He spins around it with the post, before slipping back through the ropes and doing another quick Michael Jackson-like spin!*

Hood: Maybe the dance training helped him a little...

Rockwell: I don't think Branson thought it'd be this hard to get his hands on The Janitor!

Hood: Once he does, this one's over, no matter what dance dance fever Vaughn's playing with.

*Branson steps over to Thomas, discussing with him as Vaughn bounces back and forth on his heels, looking more confident. Branson tags Thomas, letting the faster wrestler in. He moves quickly across the ring, following Vaughn as he tries to dance away again. Soon, though, Thomas is backing Vaughn up in the corner, starting to contain him. Vaughn glances left and right, thinking about whether he can make it out of the ring before Thomas gets his hands on him. Thomas, cocky, points at Vaughn, laughing at him for even being willing to be in the same ring as Thomas. Vaughn, feeling the pressure, rushes forward to grab Thomas, but Thomas easily throws him backwards into the corner again! Thomas then steps forward, ready to pound on The Janitor... but the lights go out! After a short but satisfying shriek from Hood, the lights come back on, and Zybala's now standing in front of Thomas!! The fans erupt as Zybala starts laying into Thoma, driving him back with strong style kicks to the legs!*

Rockwell: The magic of Zybala continues!

Hood: That's not legal! Ref! Ref! There was no tag! Make this right!

*The referee didn't need Hood telling him what to do. He's already in there, pushing the two men apart. He orders ZYbala away, saying that unless he watches the tag happen, it didn't happen. Zybala argues with him, as Thomas laughs and turns back to the side... where Vaughn comes leaping at him with a crossbody, taking Thomas down! Zybala rolls out of the ring, as the referee turns to make the count... 1... 2... but Thomas throws Vaughn off to keep the match going! Vaughn, undaunted, gets on Thomas and starts punching away, working to contain him on the mat. The fans are loving it, even as Vaughn pulls Thomas up and whips him to his corner. He comes over, booting Thomas in the gut, before tagging in the Unified X Division Champion! This time it's legal, as Zybala joins Vaughn in picking Thomas up and delivering a double suplex! Zybala makes another cover... 1... 2... and Branson is already in, kicking Zybala in the back to break it up.*

Rockwell: So far, Vaughn & Zybala are working as the perfect team!

Hood: No way it lasts. Zybala doesn't work well with anyone, and Vaughn is a joke...

Rockwell: And yet they're winning right now, Hood...

Hood: C'mon, Dylan, kick Zybala's ass!

*Zybala has Thomas back in the corner now, landing a few punches before tagging Vaughn back in. He brings Thomas up in position for a DDT, taking him down as Vaughn goes up top, leaping off with a splash! He makes the cover... 1... 2... but Thomas shows his resilience, kicking out. Vaughn, undaunted, gets to his feet, as Thomas tries to beg off, crawling backwards. He seems to be saying something about how much he actually respects The Janitor. Vaughn, shaking his head, goes after him... but it was a ruse, as Thomas punches Vaughn in the throat when he gets close!! Vaughn stumbles away, unable to breathe for a few seconds, as Thomas rolls over and makes it to his corner, bringing Branson back in. The big man goes after Vaughn, making sure to grab him before he can recover. He starts systematically working over Vaughn in the ropes, landing punches, chops, and kicks, even as the referee warns him to back off the ropes. Vaughn tries to strike back, but Branson no-sells the punch again, this time lifting Vaughn up in the air and tossing him easily with a fallaway slam!! Vaughn's down, as Branson turns and makes the cover... 1... 2... but Vaughn is able to get free.*

Hood: Now they've got him!

Rockwell: You don't see as many wrestling moves from Branson, but that doesn't mean he can't hurt you.

Hood: The man's been trained to be a killer for years, Adrian. No Janitor stands a chance against him!

*Branson has Vaughn up now, taking him over to the A-List corner. Zybala is seen in the background, worried for his partner, as Branson puts a big boot up under Vaughn's throat, choking him in the corner! The ref does a five count, with Branson stopping in plenty of time. He tags in Thomas, and the two men put the heel of their boots to Vaughn, kicking him down in the corner. Thomas then drags Vaughn out of the corner by his feet. He sets Vaughn, looking smugly to the audience, who has seen this many times. He leaps off, landing the Senton Leg Drop! Vaughn might be out, as Thomas makes the cover... 1... 2... and Zybala runs in to break it up! The referee immediately moves to get Zybala back to his corner, ordering him out of the ring. As this is happening, Thomas leaves the ring, while Branson comes in without tagging, putting his hands around Vaughn's throat to choke him out! There's no emotion on Branson's face, as this is just part of the job, knocking out his opposition. The referee finally comes back, with Branson immediately releasing his grip.*

Rockwell: I'm not liking Vaughn's chances right now...

Hood: That title shot is as good as Dylan's!

Rockwell: I still say Branson should have the opportunity instead. He went further at Ultimate Survival!

Hood: And he's a great wrestler! But Thomas is the leader of the A-List, and always will be!

*Branson tags in Thomas, making him the legal man (although technically he still was the legal man, but we'll let that slide). Thomas points over at Zybala, blaming him for this, and then turns Vaughn over, locking him into the Hollywood Cloverleaf submission!!! Vaughn is screaming, feeling the strain in every part of his legs. He struggles to try and get to the ropes, but Thomas keeps him in position, while staring over at a frustrated Zybala. The X Division Champion wants to come in, but the referee is staying on that side, ordering him back while checking on Vaughn. Thomas is shouting at Zybala now, telling him to throw in the towel for his buddy, and to stop putting the title's worth over the health of his 'friends'. Thomas says this very sarcastically, as the pressure continues to grow on Vaughn's lower body and legs. He has his head on the mat now, gasping, looking like he has no way out. The fans start a "Jan-I-Tor" chant to try and motivate him somehow.*

Hood: Just tap, you damn fool! You want to walk when you're older, don't you?

Rockwell: Vaughn's been through a hell of a lot in his career, Hood, but he's not one to tap out easily!

Hood: Of course he is! He's a wimp!

Rockwell: If he was such a wimp, would he keep coming back time and again to take the punishment?

Hood: ...

*Branson looks like he thinks this is over, applauding his boss from the apron. Thomas smugly leans back further, as Vaughn doesn't seem to be responding to the referee. The ref lifts his arm once, twice... and the third time, it stays up! Vaughn's still trying to fight! The fans cheer, as Thomas angrily cinches up tighter... and then goes down, as Zybala took advantage of the referee's distraction to run in and nail Thomas with a Superkick!!!! Both wrestlers are laying on the mat now, as the ref forces Zybala back. Branson, who had turned his back briefly, is now looking back at Thomas with dismay. He reaches out, trying to yell at Thomas to come his direction. Zybala's yelling the same things for Vaughn, encouraging him to make the tag. Both wrestlers start crawling, each appearing to run basically just on instinct. Thomas, looking like he has no idea what happened over the last minute, is still moving a little faster. He tags in Branson, who hurries through the ropes... even as Vaughn puts a last-ditch push into it and tags Zybala!!*

Rockwell: Hot tag!!

Hood: Oh noooooo....

*Zybala flies into the ring, attacking Branson before he can get set with a series of punches to the head. Branson fights them off, grabbing at Zybala and throwing him upwards, but Zybala manages to push off Branson's shoulders to get more height... coming down on a recovering Thomas with the M. Bison double stomp!! Branson angrily swipes at Zybala, but Zybala ducks under it, getting behind Branson and grabbing his head, spinning him down with a neckbreaker! Zybala gets to his feet with a hop, adrenaline spiking as he goes quickly to the turnbuckle. He shoots upwards, positioning himself before taking flight with a 450 Splash!!! He hits Branson perfectly, staying on top and grabbing hold of his legs for the cover... 1... 2... and a desperate Thomas dives over to break it up! Zybala rolls over and jumps up, grabbing hold of Thomas and lifting him up with a German suplex! Zybala then turns back to Branson, keeping up the explosive offense!*

Rockwell: This is what made Zybala a champion in the GCWA!

Hood: C'mon, ref, make him tag Vaughn back in!

Rockwell: Why the hell would he do that?

Hood: Because, he's... being selfish and keeping the whole match... for himself!

*Vaughn is still down on his knees in the corner, looking shaky. He hasn't recovered from being in the Hollywood Crossface for so long. But Zybala isn't slowing down. He jumps up, driving two knees into Branson's back and pulling him down with a Backstabber!! Branson falls to the side, as Zybala goes for the cover once more... 1... but Thomas is there again, refusing to leave the ring as he hits Zybala in the back! The referee gets up, annoyed, but Thomas isn't listening anymore. He drags Zybala up, throwing him towards the ropes. Zybala stops his momentum, hanging onto the ropes, but Thomas is charging, tackling him and sending both men falling to the outside!! The fans are hyped, but not sure what's going to happen next. The referee seems confused as well, looking to Branson and outside and back to Branson. With apparently no choice, he starts a count, since Zybala is technically the legal man.*

Hood: Dylan might have just sacrificed himself for the victory!

Rockwell: The ref shouldn't even be counting; he should have gotten Thomas out of there!

Hood: Stop looking to the past, Adrian, and look to the glorious future of Dylan Thomas, X Division champion!

*On the outside, we see both Thomas and Zybala working their way to their feet. Thomas pushes Zybala into the railing, trying to hold him there as he looks back at the referee's count. But Zybala lashes out with a headbutt, surprising Thomas and knocking him backwards. Zybala shakes his head, a little dazed himself from the impact. He comes forward fast at Thomas, spinning into a backhand slap, a variation of Disrespect!! Thomas goes down to the side, holding his jaw, as Zybala looks at the ring. The ref reaches 7, then 8... and Zybala slides in, breaking the count and keeping this one going. Unfortunately, he also slid into a recovered Dave Branson, who picks up Zybala and slams him hard back into the corner!! Zybala slumps to a sitting position, with Branson readjusting him before delivering a Curb Stomp that drives Zybala's face into the 'buckle!! The crowd feels it, groaning for one of their favorites, as Zybala slumps forward, not moving.*

Rockwell: That could kill a man!

Hood: But as we all know, Zybala's not a man, he's a menace! Way to go, Dave!

Rockwell: Zybala might need a light's out miracle at this point...

*Branson hauls Zybala to his feet, ready to end this one now. He grabs Zybala by the throat, setting him in place for the FIXED! Chokeslam!! But as Branson lifts Zybala up, Zybala fights free, breaking away from Branson's grip and landing on his feet. He lashes out, hitting another Superkick that knocks Branson backwards, towards the referee! The ref frantically dives out of the way, avoiding the large mass falling his way. Zybala stumbles to the ropes, shaking his head, but getting his energy back... and Vincenzo jumps up on the apron out of nowhere, clocking Zybala in the back of the head with something in his hand!!! Zybala falls forward, out, as Vincenzo drops back off, quickly throwing whatever he had back under the ring and disappearing. Vaughn, having seeing it, shouts at the referee, but the ref doesn't listen. He moves over to where both men are laying. Branson, barely in it, rolls over and puts an arm on ZYbala's chest. Vaughn looks towards the heavens, raising his arms, as the ref counts 1... 2... and the lights go out!!!*


Rockwell: Calm down, Hood, we've still got the lights of the monitors!


*The lights finally come back up, as Branson sits up, looking around from the fallen Zybala in confusion. He seems to consider trying the pin again, getting onto Zybala. But he misses the fact that Vaughn is now up on the turnbuckle! The Janitor leaps off, flying forward with The Plunge (Shooting Star Leg Drop), landing it perfectly onto the back of Branson's head!!!! The crowd pops huge for the move, rarely seen, as Vaughn rolls away in agony. The referee starts to order him away, then turns back, feeling like he's losing all control in this one. Branson and Zybala are both down, as Vaughn pulls himself up. He grabs at Zybala, dragging him by the arm back to their corner. On the other side, Thomas is reaching through the ropes, trying to touch Branson for the tag. But Vaughn tags himself in first and runs back, leaving Zybala behind as he grabs at Branson, making his own cover... 1... 2... 3, NO!!! Branson somehow gets an arm up!!*

Rockwell: I thought that might be it!

Hood: I'm hyperventilating... get me a paper bag...

Rockwell: Here, I think this one's good. It might have had some other stuff in it...

Hood: *cough cough*

*Vaughn, a little frustrated at the match not being over, pulls Branson up, trying to keep the big man in his grip. Branson tries to fight back, shoving Vaughn away. He turns towards Thomas, even as Vaughn leaps back forward, grabbing Branson from behind and scoring Wax On, Wax Off (Zig Zag)!!! He goes for the cover on Branson, keeping him down, but the referee doesn't count, since he saw Thomas touch Branson's hand! Vaughn stands up, confused, as Thomas grabs him from behind, dishing out the Perfect Finisher (Double Knee Gutbuster)!!! He then jumps up and runs to the ropes, coming back with a brutal kick to the head, making it Mind Your Head, Bitch!!! Vaughn's not moving now, out cold. Zybala is trying to get up from outside, the back of his head appearing to be bloody. He starts to climb in even as Thomas makes the pin, holding onto The Janitor's trunks... 1... 2... Zybala's a inch away... 3!!!!!!*

Cousin Daedalus: Here are your winners, Dave Branson & Dylan Thomas of the A-List!!

Hood: This has been a FANTASTIC night!!

Rockwell: It all came about because Thomas used an illegal weapon to injure Zybala with, Hood!

Hood: Maybe, maybe not, all that matters is that my man Dylan gets himself a title shot! And he should get it right now!

Rockwell: Not going to happen, Hood...

*Zybala is slumped in the ring, the back of his head still apparently bleeding, as he leans over the unconscious Vaughn. Branson has managed to pull Thomas out of the ring, with the two men staggering back towards the hotel area. Thomas looks extremely pleased, having gotten everything he was hoping for.*

*The sun shines on the sand, as the tides slowly creep up the beach. Inching closer and closer to a sand castle, and the bottom begins to soak in the hydration. Seagulls sing their annoyance as they cross the sky. Everything is peaceful.*

*Moving along the beach, we see currents pull towards the land and the clouds continue to open up, allowing the sun to engulf the island in light. We see mounds of sand, seashells and crabs.*

*Lightning cracks the sky and suddenly the island is dark. Clouds circle ahead and rain splatters across the sand. Quickly the bright tan color of the ground becomes a swampy brown. The rain slows down and as swiftly as it came it leaves.*

*We swing a full 180 and the camera begins to distort and static. As it does we see a man standing in front of us. Only able to make out his outline. A screeching whine takes over the audio.*

*It's hard to tell but the man approaches us as the distortion gets worse.*

*Feed lost. That's all our screen reads for a moment. 9 seconds of a blue screen with a black box reading Feed Lost. Then the feed returns. The island is back to its original bright sunny and dry nature. But scratched into the sand is a message.*


*The video ends, with the screen now showing us a confused Hood and Rockwell.*

Rockwell: We've been seeing this videos all the past month...

Hood: Yeah, but those said "I am near", right? This one said the person is here?

Rockwell: And it was an island setting...

Hood: Then where...

Rockwell: I don't know, Hood. I just don't know. With everyone going on here on Barrows Island, all I can say is, watch your back!

Golden Opportunity Steel Cage match
Dr. Baad (2-0) vs. Duce Jones (15-6) vs. The Empty (4-1) vs. The Enforcer (1-0)

Cousin Daedalus: I hope y'all are ready, it's time for anotha Golden Opportunity! And this one's gonna be in a Steel Cage, yessir!

*The crowd cheers, even as the crew continues to work on setting up the steel cage piece by piece.*

Hood: That's right, can't lower this one down from the ceiling, can we?

Rockwell: Nope, so it all has to be assembled around the ring. It doesn't look too bad, really. They got some tall panels.

Hood: Yeah, and we don't need a roof since it's Escape rules!

Rockwell: Thank goodness, that's the hardest part to get set up correctly!

*The capable crew finishes their work, earning some applause for how well constructed the cage looks. The light is starting to fade the longer the pay-per-view goes, but spotlights are now shining down, helping to illuminate the area. Cousin Da-Lus checks the cage, grinning at how it holds up under his touch, before turning back to the crowd.*

Cousin Daedalus: I think this one's gonna hurt, y'all! Let's get the wrestlers down heah. Coming down first, he's got his manager, Christopher J. Wrigley, with him. He's six feet tall and 275 lbs. He's from... The Outer Limits of Baad? Okay, here is DR. BAAD!!

* The opening notes of Body Count's "Body Count is in the House" begins to rattle out over the area, the black curtain snaps open suddenly as the massive, in terms of weight not height, Dr. Baad steps through the curtain wearing a black t-shirt which has the arms and sides removed, his black wrestling trunks and of course an afro pick in his hair. To his right is none other than the 'Manager of Wrestlers' Christopher J. Wrigley, who is wearing his normal suit and tie, is clutching his briefcase with both arms in an attempt to avoid having any of the fans try to reach out and touch him. The duo make their way towards the ring, Wrigley threatening to sue anyone who touches him and Dr. Baad just glaring towards the ring.*

Rockwell: Dr. Baad has been on fire the last few weeks, winning two straight matches to earn this opportunity tonight.

Hood: We also learned he's a damn good poker player, which is important!

Rockwell: It is?

Hood: Sure. When you can read your opponents' weaknesses like that, you've got a hell of a lot better shot!

Cousin Daedalus: Next we have a guy from Brooklyn, New York. Damn yankee. He is 6 feet 4 inches and weighs in at 275 lbs. Here is THE ENFORCER!!

*Natural Born Killaz By Ice Cube and Dr. Dre starts playing gthroughout the area. Smoke comes from the entrance way. As the smoke is clearing The Enforcer walks through the smoke and looks out at the crowd. Enforcer than walks down to the ring. He walks up the stairs on to the ring apron, looks out at the crowd and lifts his arms out to the side. Enforcer steps through the top and middle ropes. Enforcer walks over to the the opposite ring ropes and lifts his arms out to his side.*

Rockwell: The Enforcer has been spending time with his wife, Justice Orton-Cross, this week, while talking to his son, Ian, on Zoom.

Hood: See, he's got a family to fight for... which makes him being in this match even more insane!

Rockwell: Well, The Enforcer has spoken before about coming for the World Title. The Golden Opportunity won't get him there, but it'll definitely move him up the ladder!

Cousin Daedalus: Our third wrestler is being led out here by The Reason. Oh, I saw him earlier; scary sum bitch. He is seven feet tall and weighs 358 lbs. He is THE EMPTY!!

"I wanna be Jekyll but I'm always fucking Hyde!"

*This is the first line of "Jekyll & Hyde" by Five Finger Death Punch to break the silence before the curtain gets pushed out of the way. Strobe lights move and flicker to the beat and guitar riffs of the song. The Reason leads The Empty out from behind the curtain, the former stoic yet buzzing with sadistic glee. The Empty, once seeing the enclosed squared circle in front of him, stretches its arms out with a great roaring cry, breathing heavily and menacingly.*

*Without warning, it charges into the ring and stares at its opponents and teammates alike with a deep-seated hatred and desire for destruction. Its posture screams aggression as it leans forward, fingers clenching into barrel-like fists before releasing, squeezing all the muscles in its arms with each fist made.*

Rockwell: The Empty shockingly came out here earlier, destroying Brady Vega during the Ladder match!

Hood: Yeah, I don't think Vega will ever be the same after that Vortex of Doom out on the beach! Sand is going to be, like, crammed everywhere!

Rockwell: No one has really been able to stop The Empty since he came to the GCWA. can anyone here tonight find a way?

*The fans are buzzing, but soon turn to a mixed reaction as a voice begins to speak through the PA system.*

"And the whole world loves it when you sing the blues... Da. Da.. Da. Da. Da.. Da...."

*The opening sounds of "Godspeed" by Don Trip begins to play as the lights around the ringside area turn a crimson hue color, soon the stage filling up with smoke. After about a minute of waiting... nothing happens...*

Cousin Daedalus: And fin'ly, we got ourselves a returning champion! A man who once held the Gee-Cee-Doubla-Ay North American Championship! He is six feet tall and weighs 215 lbs, coming to us from Memphis, Tennessee! Here is DUCE JONES!!

*Some of the fans who watched OCW Manifest Destiny 2's opening matches boo, while other still support Duce Jones. However, neither are seeing the wrestler they're reacting to.*

Rockwell: The last word we got on Duce Jones was that he was flying in with his twin brother, Byson Kaliban, but that the plane might have gone down somewhere over the Atlantic...

Hood: So, wait, we still haven't found him? And they still played his music?

Rockwell: I guess someone was being hopeful...

Hood: If he's dead, that decision is really going to come back to haunt the company...

*The other three wrestlers all have entered the cage, glaring at one another. The Reason has stayed outside, for obvious reasons, although he doesn't look like he would mind getting in. Wrigley, though, is making sure to give it a wide berth so no one can reach out and grab him. Just as the wrestlers all brace to go at it, "Dangerous" by Within Temptation begins to play! The crowd boos as Jonathan Barrows walks out onto the stage, smiling at the reaction.*

Rockwell: What's Barrows doing out here?

Hood: He probably wants to see the bloodshed up close! Just be careful, Mr. Barrows, you don't want bloodstains on your nice suit!

Rockwell: Or maybe he's going to address the Duce Jones situation!

Jonathan Barrows: Good evening, gentlemen. I know you're ready to go, but we need to cover a couple of things first...

*The crowd boos, never liking it when the Barrows surprise them with something like this, unless it's Deana doing the surprising.*

Jonathan Barrows: First off, about Duce Jones... well, he hasn't been found yet, so I'm not expecting him to be in this contest... but just to handle it legally, his entrance was played, so he can't avoid the fact that he was part of this match. Legally, he'll be taking a loss... even if he's lost at sea.

Rockwell: That's extremely callous...

Hood: Hmmm, a duce lost at sea. Sounds like pollution to me.

Jonathan Barrows: Second, well, this is embarrassing. I... neglected to mention to you one other aspect of this contest.

*The crowd reacts, wondering what that could mean.*

Jonathan Barrows: I know we labelled this one an "Escape The Cage" match. But there have been too many of these that ended with someone getting thrown through a cage, or someone lucking out and falling through the door. It seemed too... random to my brother and I. So here's the deal: you still have to escape the cage. But that is just the start.

*Jonathan snaps his fingers, and three attendants push out a small steel structure. It looks to be sealed tightly. Instead there is a satchel bag hanging, which looks very similar to one we saw earlier in the night.*

Jonathan Barrows: As you can see, the Golden Opportunity will be right here for whenever you're able to reach it. You just have to break out of your own cage... and break into this one. Good luck!

*Still smiling, Barrows drops his mic and turns, walking away. The cage around the ring is now being locked down, with a large steel chain being wrapped through the doorway to keep it contained.*

Rockwell: So it's not enough to get out of the cage, you also have to free the contract??

Hood: That's Mr. Barrows, always thinking! He didn't want to see a fluke win. This one has to be a fight!

*With the cage door locked, The Bell Rings.*

Hood: Let the shredding of flesh commence!

Rockwell: Prepare for a horror show!

*The Enforcer immediately goes for Dr. Baad, grabbing him by the arm. He doesn't want to waste any time putting the opposition down. He yanks Dr. Baad towards him, but Dr. Baad already has his afro pick in hand, and he jabs it in The Enforcer's face!! The Enforcer staggers back, his forehead already cut open by the foreign object!! The Empty reaches in, grabbing Dr. Baad by the back of the head to apparently throw him at the cage, but Dr. Baad pulls himself away and swings away, this time slashing at The Empty! The afro pick is used again and again, jabbing at The Empty, penetrating the mask in a few places. It must be much sharper than the normal afro pick. The Enforcer comes back, trying to pull Dr. Baad's head back, but he spins at hits The Enforcer in the head with a bionic elbow smash, driving him into the cage! Dr. Baad smiles, in his element now, as he continues to go after The Enforcer, hitting a second bionic elbow smash to knock him down! *

Rockwell: It's not taking long for Dr. Baad to make an impression!

Hood: Ugh, horrible joke...

Rockwell: What joke?

Hood: Like impressions in their skin? You didn't mean to say that?

Rockwell: No, I just meant he's cutting everyone open!

Hood: Ahh, well, it was still a stupid thing to say...

*Dr. Baad turns back to The Empty, coming at him again with the afro pick, since it's worked well so far. He stabs at The Empty's eyes, but The Empty grabs his hand just in time, preventing to loss of his eyesight. The two men struggle for a second, with Dr. Baad wanting to force the pick forward. The Empty kicks Dr. Baad low, though, bending him over, then strips his hand of the afro pick. He then grabs Dr. Baad by the scruff of his neck and launches him hard into the corner of the cage, where he hits with a loud crash!! Dr. Baad slumps there, as The Empty reaches down and picks up the afro pick. He launches it out of the cage, an amazing throw, and we can only hope that it doesn't kill anyone when it lands. The Empty turns back and shoves his foot into the back of Dr. Baad's head, smashing it hard into the crease of the cage!! He kicks again and again, apparently intent on seeing if he can push Dr. Baad through the corner and out of the ring!!*

Rockwell: This one is already getting extremely violent!

Hood: And Xtreme and Violent aren't even in this one!

Rockwell: I hope all of our ambulances are standing by!

Hood: What ambulances? This is an island! We'll have to airlift them!

*The Empty would have continued to attack Dr. Baad, but he's stopped by a double axehandle to the back of the head from The Enforcer!! The Empty shakes his head, then turns towards The Enforcer, surprising him by shaking it off. The Empty darts towards him to grab him, but The Enforcer ducks under the attempt. As The Empty spins around, The Enforcer comes in, picking him up and landing a spinning spinebuster!! The crowd immediately gasps, not used to seeing a monster like The Empty so quickly taken off his feet! The Enforcer gets up, wiping a little blood off of his forehead. The Empty is already rising, so The Enforcer backs off, then comes in, nailing him with a Mafia kick!! The kick sends The Empty into the cage, and The Enforcer follows right behind, pushing The Empty's head into the steel and grinding it back and forth, doing some damage! Dr. Baad is getting up behind them, a little unsteady, blood now on his face as well. He starts forward, but The Enforcer immediately turns and charges at him, spearing him hard into the cage!! Remarkably, the cage holds up!*

Rockwell: All three of these men showed up ready for a bloody battle, and they're making sure this PPV lives up to its name!

Hood: We should have renamed it this year to Blood On A Sandy Beach, but other than that, I'm good with it...

Rockwell: That's not catchy at all...

Hood: Blood on Barrows Beach?

*The Enforcer has Dr. Badd back up now, ramming him into the steel. The Empty is coming up from behind, fury only seen behind his eyes as he grabs the back of The Enforcer's head, squeezing it! The Enforcer fights it off, throwing a few elbows back. He turns, punching away at The Empty, trying to drop him once again. The punches aren't working, though, so The Enforcer backs away to get some momentum. He rushes forward... and The Empty spins him around into a Black Hole Slam!!! The Enforcer is down, as The Empty starts to stand up... only for Dr. Baad to come running in, getting in a headbutt!! The Empty glares at him, then throws his own headbutt, and the two mammoth wrestlers begin to slam their heads against each other, testing who's the strongest!! The Headbutt O'Rama ends with one final smash, with both wrestlers staring at each other... before toppling over backwards! The fans are loving it, seeing specks of blood beginning to accumulate throughout the ring.*

Rockwell: Anyone else's head would be split apart after all those headbutts!

Hood: I don't think we got a clear answer of who's got the harder head...

Rockwell: This could be a chance for The Enforcer to escape, although no wrestler has shown much of an inclination for the 'escape' part just yet...

Hood: No, I wouldn't be surprised if they just try to kill each other for an... hour... wait, what the hell?

*The two announcers are thrown off, as music starts to play...*

"And the whole world loves it when you sing the blues... Da. Da.. Da. Da. Da.. Da...."

*The opening sounds of "Godspeed" by Don Trip begins to play for the second time tonight.*

Hood: What, are they just going to keep playing Duce's music all match, just in case? That's hilarious!

Rockwell: Hood...

Hood: I mean, the guy might be doing a doggy paddle in the mid-Atlantic right now, but what the hell, right?

Rockwell: Hood... he's here!

Hood: Who is?

Rockwell: Duce Jones!! HE'S HERE!!

*The fans react as Duce Jones has walked out on the entry ramp!! The wrestler, looking like he's doing relatively okay for having been in a plane crash, is toting a basket of weapons with him as he makes his way down to the sealed cage. He sets it down near the cage, staring upwards and considering the distance. Inside the cage, the wrestlers are continuing to go at it, paying no attention to him. Duce reaches down and pulls out what looks to be a kendo stick, sliding it through a gap in the cage. He then gets a couple of 2x4's and starts launching them up. Some make it over the cage, others don't, but he keeps working to get all of the weapons inside!*

Hood: Did he raid Xtreme's stash or something??

Rockwell: All I know is, Duce has made it, and from what Jonathan said, he's legally in the match now!

Hood: This isn't fair, he's already 'escaped' the cage, he can win at any time!

Rockwell: No, I think he has every intention of entering, the way he's climbing!

*Having gotten in as many weapons as he could manage, Duce is now actively climbing the cage, the only possible way to get inside. He gets closer to the top, as we see the wrestlers inside having finally noticed the weaponry coming in. The Empty rises up, grabbing for a pair of brass knuckles, while The Enforcer has picked up one of the barbed wire 2x4s that made it over. Dr. Baad hauls up the kendo stick, wielding it like it's something he's used before. They congregate near the center, each ready to use their weaponry on each other. Duce has gotten to the top of the cage now, staring down at all three man. He lets out a yell, getting their attention... and then leaps off the top, flying downwards into the crowd!!! The audience pops at the move, which sends bodies and weapons flying everywhere!! Nobody's moving for a few moments after the epic crash, earning a "Holy Shit!" chant!*

Rockwell: Duce Jones just took out everyone!

Hood: Including himself!! What a stupid thing to do! I would have just come out, bashed open the small cage, and gotten the contract, and this one's over!

Rockwell: I'm sure there's a rule that he had to start out inside the ring, Hood...

Hood: So stick your toe in from the top, then turn around and go back!

*Inside the cage, Duce is the first one back up. He picks up a police baton and starts swinging, hammering first The Enforcer and then The Empty in the ribs! He turns to Dr. Baad, skying upwards to hit a flying forearm baton shot!! Dr. Baad crashes back against the cage, dazed, as Duce lets out another triumphant yell. He pats his left arm, knowing it's got a lot more force now after the surgery. He turns back to The Empty, who's trying to get up. Duce comes in, jumping in the air to his a Bionic Superman punch!! The Empty topples to the side, hanging onto the cage. Duce gets behind him, wrapping the baton around his throat and pulling back to try and choke him out! The Reason can be seen on the outside, yelling at The Empty to get back to his feet, as Duce continues to put pressure on his larynx.*

Rockwell: Duce Jones has completely changed the outlook of this match!

Hood: He's still in there trapped with some of the strongest men on the planet! He should already be trying to escape... again...

Rockwell: Duce is here to prove that he deserves that contract, Hood!

Hood: And I say he's already proven that he doesn't deserve it!

*The Enforcer is back up, grabbing barbed wire 2x4 again. He comes up behind Duce, slamming him in the back with it!!! Duce immediately drops his hold on The Empty, feeling his back becoming a little more shredded. He tries to turn around, but The Enforcer nails him again, sending Duce to his knees. The Enforcer then brings the barbed wire 2x4 around... grinding it into Duce's forehead!!! The blood is now flowing from every wrestler, as Duce lets out a shout. The Enforcer drops Duce, finally, as he sees The Empty trying to get back up. The Enforcer hits him in the back with the barbed wire 2x4, knocking him back down! He smiles at the weapon, turning around... and Dr. Baad is there, smashing him in the forehead with brass knuckles!! The Enforcer falls back into the corner of the cage, as Dr. Baad backs up, then runs forward, landing his running Cannonball!!! The cage shakes, but doesn't give. Dr. Baad slowly gets up, the effects of the match starting to show, as he looks to the outside. Wrigley is now on the stairs, working with what appear to be bolt cutters on the chain holding the door closed!!*

Rockwell: What is Wrigley doing?

Hood: He's the smartest man in wrestling, Adrian!

Rockwell: But they have to climb out, don't they?

Hood: Nope, just escape the cage, and Wrigley's going to make it easy for his man, Dr. Baad!

*The Reason is watching nearby, but doesn't see a need to interfere, since this would likely help The Empty as well. As soon as Wrigley has the chain cut, he pulls the door open, motioning for Dr. Baad to come on out. He starts that way, but The Empty is back, grabbing hold of Dr. Baad from behind with a nerve hold on the shoulder!! Dr. Baad falls to his knees, grimacing at the strain being placed on him. He reaches out with his free arm, looking for anything, and manages to grab the kendo stick. He fires it over his shoulder, managing to hit The Empty and cause the release! Dr. Baad comes up, turning and swinging away at The Empty, hitting him twice, three times, four times with the kendo stick!! On the fifth swing, the stick shatters into fragments, flying everywhere. Dr. Baad throws away the pieces left in his hand, turning back towards the door. But a bloody Duce Jones comes in from behind, slamming into Dr. Baad with both knees, sending him flying through the door and out to the ground below!*

Hood: Well... he's out...

Rockwell: But with that landing, Dr. Baad may not be making it towards the contract anytime soon!

Hood: Man, Duce is really sporting that Crimson Mask tonight, isn't he?

*Duce's features are mostly hidden due to the blood flowing from where the barbed wire ripped at him. But he's still fighting, turning and punching away at The Empty to try and slow him down. The Enforcer helps out, chopping The Empty from behind in the knees! The Empty drops to a knee, with Duce whipping something out of his pants. No, it's not what you're thinking (creepy). He has a pair of handcuffs! Duce turns to the nearby cage door, pulling The Empty's arm over to it, and clicks on the first cuff! The Empty starts to come alive, fighting to get free, sending The Enforcer away from him. But it's too late, as he lifts his arm to find it's attached to the door! Duce dives past him, the second man to make it to the floor. The Empty angrily tears at the cuff, trying to get it free, not caring what it does to him. Behind him, The Enforcer picks up the barbed wire 2x4 and runs at him, slamming into The Empty from behind! This allows The Enforcer to get out, stumbling down the steps.*

Rockwell: Three men are out of the cage, but none are the same as when they went in!

Hood: Especially Duce! I told that idiot he should have just gone for the contract!

Rockwell: It wouldn't have counted, Hood!

Hood: You don't know that! He should have at least tried! Mr. Barrows loves improvisation!

*On the outside, Duce gets slammed hard into the guardrail by a swing from The Enforcer, holding his side where the barbed wire hit. He staggers away, in pain, as The Enforcer turns to where Dr. Baad is already making his way up the aisle. The Enforcer follows, his weapon of choice serving him well tonight. Dr. Baad turns to confront him, sacrificing his arm to block the barbed wire and throwing his own punches. He adds in a couple of headbutts, trying to drive The Enforcer away from the prize. But The Enforcer strikes back with a low swing from the barbed wire 2x4, catching Dr. Baad in the side of the leg! He winces, cut once more, as The Enforcer steps in close and wraps him up, showing his power by lifting Dr. Baad up and delivering a powerslam on the outside!! The Enforcer struggles back to his feet, looking back at where Duce has gotten a steel chair and is coming his way. The Enforcer grabs his weapon and spins, blocking the chair shot, but it costs him, as he's forced to drop the 2x4. Duce manages to hang on, though, and swings again, sending it hard into The Enforcer's side!*

Rockwell: This is living up to Duce's prediction! We might reach more violence than the infamous Duce/Savage match!

Hood: As long as nobody brought explosives, it ought to be okay...

Rockwell: I don't think I saw any C4 being tossed in, but with these guys, I wouldn't be surprised!

*We see Duce staggering for a moment, blood loss becoming a serious concern from all the places he's been hit. The Crimson Mask is sticking with him, literally and figuratively. But he's still in there fighting, as he's gotten hold of Dr. Baad and brought him over to where the steel chair has been set up. Wrigley is nearby, armed with the bolt cutters, but he doesn't appear to be ready to get involved at this time. He watches as Duce gives Dr. Baad a drop toe hold into the chair!! Dr. Baad stays down, his own face bloody at this point. The Enforcer staggers over, grabbing Duce before he can get away. He lifts the lighter man, taking him up and giving him a belly-to-back suplex into the railing!!! The fans, luckily, are spread out enough that none of them were hit... by Duce, anyway. The blood splatter field is growing with each hit. Duce is down, laying in the heap of the railing, as The Enforcer begins to start further up the aisle, his eyes on the contract. That's until he gets hit behind by a steel door, laying him out!! The Empty then starts swinging at Dr. Baad, doing as much damage as he can with the item he's attached to!*

Rockwell: Jesus!! The Empty must have ripped that door off!

Hood: Pretty damn obvious, Adrian!

Rockwell: Well, fuck, I didn't think he could do it! They secure those doors pretty well!

Hood: For someone like The Empty, you'd need adamantium!

*The Reason is standing behind The Empty now, his arms behind his back as he watches The Empty go to work, smashing down both Dr. Baad and The Enforcer a few more times. The Reason then finally tells The Empty to get moving, that their work here is about done. They make their way up to the ramp and head for where the small structure lies, with the contract inside. The Empty uses the steel door, smashing it against the side of the structure, loosening the walls to it. He hits it again and again, breaking down the structure. It's proving to be well built, but nothing can stand up to what The Empty can do... including the steel door, which looks to be starting to crumble. The Reason tells The Empty to keep going, to free the contract. The Empty does so, smashing away at the structure, but then he stops, looking confused. He shudders once, twice, three times, before slowly turning around... and showing the three darts protruding from his back!! The Reason, stunned, turns and yells, but he gets a dart as well, followed by a second one!! The camera turns to the entrance... where Brady Vega is leaning painfully against the edge, holding a CO2 dart gun!!*

Rockwell: Brady Vega's back!!

Hood: Holy shit, I thought for sure The Empty had killed him!!

Rockwell: And he came armed!!

*The Reason stumbles and falls to the side, while The Empty begins to stagger towards Vega, reaching for him. Vega fires another dart, then another, before he's finally out. The Empty has five darts in him now, likely filled with sedatives. Yet he's still, somehow, moving! He slowly staggers towards Vega, who heads back into the entrance, disappearing from view. The Empty follows him, gasping, but fighting the effects of the drugs as he pursues Vega. Who knows how far he'll make it, and if Vega will be able to get away in time. In the meanwhile, The Enforcer is slowly coming up the ramp, holding his side. Hopefully, his ribs are only bruised, although there could easily be fractures. He drags himself up on the stage, looking at the destruction that The Empty had caused. He reaches in, straining his muscles to bend a little more metal out of the way. But behind him, Duce Jones has returned, with a piece of the railing!! He lifts it, just bodily throwing it at The Enforcer to knock him back!*

Rockwell: This place is going to need extensive cleaning after this one.

Hood: We were going to have to do that anyway, due to Corona. At least they're justifying the clean-up for us.

Rockwell: True, always good to justify the cost...

*Duce has The Enforcer down now, lining him up. He looks terrible, but he still runs painfully forward, going for the Krayzed Knee!! But The Enforcer stands up, catching Duce and lifting him up, delivering the Death Penalty DDT!!!!! Duce lays flat on the stage, not moving, knocked completely cold by the maneuver on the stage floor. The Enforcer stands up wearily, reaching back into the structure, where he can touch the bag. But suddenly Dr. Baad is behind him with the steel chair, slamming it hard into The Enforcer's back!! The Enforcer gets knocked forward into the structure... which topples off the stage!!! They crash land about 5 feet down, with The Enforcer falling on top of the cage. Dr. Baad looks down at them, noting that the structure is still holding onto the contract. He looks over at Wrigley, then takes a step and leaps off... landing One Baad Elbow Drop off the stage!!! He lands on The Enforcer, crushing the structure underneath them!!!*

Rockwell: Oh My God!!

Hood: What a plunge!!!

Rockwell: I don't know if anyone could get up after something like that!!!

*The fans are still buzzing as Dr. Baad slowly pulls himself up out of the debris. He has to pull a shard of the structure out of his side, which looks extremely painful. But he also slowly raises up the bag in his other hand, showing that he's gotten the contract!!! The fans cheer, even as the bell rings, signifying the end of this horrendous contest!*

Cousin Daedalus: Oh my Lord, say some prayas for these boys! We've got a winner of the Golden Opportunity, DR. BAAD!!!!

Rockwell: We may need those airlifts you mentioned, Hood!

Hood: No doubt, Dr. Baad's side is all kinds of messed up! The Enforcer can't be any better, Duce is still laying in his own blood, and who knows where The Empty is right now!

Rockwell: We're going to have to see when anyone in this match can wrestle again after this brutal affair! But we do know that when Dr. Baad returns to the ring, he can challenge any champions except the World Champion!

Hood: Dr. Baad is taking over the GCWA!

*Wrigley comes over to celebrate near Dr. Baad, although he wants to keep his suit clean, of course. He waves the medics over impatiently, although Dr. Baad's pain has definitely been negated by holding the contract. The Enforcer and Duce Jones are also checked over, with bandages being dished out to stop the blood loss before it gets any more serious.*

*The footage changes to up high on the hotel roof, where Jonathan Barrows is just arriving. It took a while to walk from the ringside area to here, as he was taking precautions all along the way. He looks at his own phone, watching the video that's running on it.*

Jonathan Barrows: Hunter? Any luck?

*The video shifts to Hunter Barrows, who nods at his brother.*

Hunter Barrows: Hey, bro. We searched the kitchen and all around where we were staying. They trashed the place, but there's no sign of them. I think they took off. Probably decided to avoid security once we knew they were here.

Jonathan Barrows: I suppose so. Although it seems like a lot of effort for little gained...

Hunter Barrows: Maybe, but the guy was never that sane in my opinion. We're headed back to the staging area. I want to make sure we can watch the main event, especially if there's something we can do for Per-

*Suddenly, the feed cuts out with a blast of static. It almost looks like the feed is being jammed. Jonathan frowns, waiting for it to clear up.*

Jonathan Barrows: Hunter? You there? Hunter?

*Suddenly the picture clears up again. We see Hunter Barrows laying on the ground, face-down. There are bodies all around him of the security team. The camera shifts, and we see Tony Savage's face.*

Tony Savage: Hunter can't come to the phone right now. He's pretending to be a floating piece of shit.

*Savage hangs up the phone (or destroys it, it's hard to tell). Jonathan looks at the clear screen, sighing. He turns to the helicopter operator.*

Jonathan Barrows: Okay, Joe, let's get out of here. We'll deal with this on Inferno.

*Jonathan turns and goes to the helicopter, with the pilot following him. We cut back to ringside.*

Rockwell: Did Hunter just bail on his brother??

Hood: Smartest thing Mr. Barrows could do right now. I wonder, if I hurried, could I get a ride, too?

Rockwell: You sit down, Hood. We've got two more matches to go!

Hood: I really wouldn't mind getting off this island...

Singles match
Noah Hanson (1-1) vs. Jack Puffer (11-3)

Cousin Daedalus: Our next match is a singles match between Mustard and Mayo. That can't be right. Sorry y'all, that's what the card says. Introducing first he is 6 feet 2 inches tall and weighs 215 lbs. He's from Aurora, Illinois, a small place, I been there. Here's "THE GOOD DETECTIVE" JACK PUFFER!!

*The super sexy rock hardening version of James Bond's iconic theme "James Bond's Theme" begins to play. Fans within the area are like "Wow, this rocks HARD!" others are like "This sounds vaguely familiar..." women and feminine men are like "I think I kinda wanna fuck whoever emerges from behind that curtain." It is a song that appeals to ALL demos. Puffer steps through the curtain looking very aware...he takes in his surroundings, in search of a mystery. A singular spotlight shines on him...the camera zooms in...Puffer turns, facing directly at the camera with one eyebrow raised as his visage is captured within a very 007-esque circle. Once all that has taken place, Puffer marches down the ramp, toward the ring, with the spotlight following. He rolls into the ring and pops to his feet, placing a hand over his eyes, scouring the fans in search of the missing Warrick Hill.*

Rockwell: Puffer hasn't wanted this feud with Noah Hanson, but he certainly hasn't made it any easier.

Hood: No, he hasn't, since Hanson has ended up covered in mustard twice the last few weeks!

Rockwell: Plus, Puffer cost Hanson his shot at the Manifest Destiny 2 Tournament, something that's really got to stick with Hanson.

Hood: Maybe Puffer can make up for all of that by laying down for him tonight.

Rockwell: Somehow I find that even less likely than Puffer finding a good action movie for Hanson to star in...

Cousin Daedalus: His opponent is 6 feet 2 3/4ths inches tall, weighing 246 3/4 lbs. He's from Kansas City, Kansas, another beautiful city, y'all. Here is "THE HOLLYWOOD BLOCKBUSTER" NOAH HANSON!!!

*"Killin In The Name of" by Rage Against the Machine blares and Noah makes his way to the ring to a mixed reaction. He might threaten to hit a fan or two as he makes his way to the ring. As he poses in the middle of the ring a gold and green pyro waterfall goes off behind him.*

Rockwell: I do believe that Noah is carrying a jar of Hellman's Mayo with him.

Hood: Well, he DID say he was going to make Puffer eat it all here tonight, since Mayo is better than Mustard.

Rockwell: I'm sure The Mustard Factory guys will disagree.

Hood: It's Alice's mustard. There's no argument here. Mayo is better. Fish oil is better. Expired milk is better!

Rockwell: Alright, enough. Let's just get this one started!

*The Bell Rings.*

Rockwell: Hanson has been wanting to get his hands on Puffer for weeks now. He's got his opportunity, let's see what happens!

Hood: Time to murder a detective...

*Hanson is immediately moving forward, ready to begin the destruction. He's thrown off-guard, though, as Puffer puts out his hands in the "Stop!" gesture. Hanson, surprisingly, does stop, more out of curiousity than anything else. Puffer nods to him, wanting to do the gentlemanly thing, and slowly raises his right arm for a handshake. The fans cheer for Puffer, wanting to see it happen as well. Hanson looks closely, making sure there aren't any mustard smears on Puffer's hand. If there are, they're not visible. So after a few more seconds, Hanson greets the gesture, with the two shaking hands. Puffer smiles, looking a little relieved. He releases his grip... and Hanson doesn't, pulling Puffer in closer to stare directly into his eyes. Puffer, looking nervous again, tries a smile, which Hanson returns. He then grabs hold of Puffer and delivers a belly-to-belly suplex!! Puffer's down, as Hanson hops back to his feet, looking energized.*

Rockwell: Hanson strikes the first blow!

Hood: At least he waited until after the handshake to destroy Puffer. That took restraint.

Rockwell: He'd better not underestimate Jack Puffer, though. He's not the same man who wrestled in OCW.

*Hanson picks up Puffer, lifting him in the air and delivering a scoop slam. Puffer, hurting, rolls away, trying to get his bearings. Hanson goes right after him, kicking away at him. He gets Puffer in the corner, pulling him up and getting on top to deliver 10 punches from the corner. On punch number 5, though, Puffer slides back to the mat, causing Hanson to accidentally punch the turnbuckle pad! Hanson shakes his hand painfully, even as Puffer hops up from behind and grabs at Hanson's legs, yanking him off the top to the mat into a pinning combination!! He holds on, as the ref slides in... 1... 2.. and Hanson shoves his way free. Both men jump up, with Hanson looking thrown off. He tries a swing, but Puffer counters it, twisting Hanson around and landing an atomic drop! Hanson stays up, in pain, so Puffer grabs his head from behind and yanks him back, taking both down with a reverse DDT! He makes another cover... 1... 2... and Hanson manages to escape again.*

Rockwell: Over the last year, Puffer's been training himself up. He's got a growing moveset and some increasing skills.

Hood: What he's got is Marcus Welsh. Anyone will improve with the former OCW GM coaching them up!

Rockwell: Welsh is also the one who pissed off Hanson at the Mustard Factory.

Hood: And look how well that's working!

*Keeping Hanson on his knees, Puffer applies a sleeper hold on the man, trying to wear him down. He also appears to be whispering something to Hanson, seemingly about a script that would have been perfect for him, but that's going to Curt Canon. Hanson struggles against the hold, slowly lifting himself up. He throws some elbows backwards, catching Puffer in the ribs and forcing the break. Hanson then goes off the ropes and comes back, but Puffer catches him with a 'kitchen sink' knee to the gut, flipping him over to the mat! Puffer shakes out his leg, having taken a direct hit himself. He then reaches down and pulls Hanson up, trying to continue the momentum. He tries to send Hanson into the corner, but Hanson reverses, and Puffer hits back-first instead. As Puffer comes back out of the corner, Hanson picks him up into a fireman's carry, leading straight into a death valley driver!! He drops for the pin, holding Puffer down... 1... 2... and Puffer manages to escape in time.*

Hood: Hanson is the consummate professional, a master mat wrestler. Puffer just doesn't compare!

Rockwell: Maybe not, but so far it's been a fairly even contest, Hood.

Hood: It's only even until it's not even.

Rockwell: ... Yes, that's true...

*Hanson moves quickly now that he's got Puffer down, twisting his legs around so he can get him into a figure four leglock! Immediately, Puffer's in agony, trying to fight off the ripping pain he's got in his lower legs. Hanson keeps himself in position, keeping Puffer from rocking them, which helps avoid a reversal. Having no other choice, Puffer starts trying to drag them to the right, where ropes are close by. Hanson doesn't seem to fight it too hard, just hanging on, as Puffer is able to make up some distance. He finally reaches out, getting the ropes, and the referee calls for the break. Hanson doesn't waste any time dropping it, pushing himself back to his feet. Before Puffer can do anything else, Hanson drags him back towards the center of the ring, then applies an Indian Deathlock submission instead!!! Puffer's eyes bulge out as he's right back in a submission, with a further distance to go to escape! He starts fighting again, not wanting to give up no matter how much the referee asks.*

Rockwell: Looks like Hanson wants Puffer to tap out!

Hood: That's one way to prove how much of a better man you are! Not that you can even compare Hanson to Puffer...

Rockwell: Is it like comparing Mayo to Mustard?

Hood: Exactly!

*Amazingly, Puffer is still refusing to tap out. He's struggling towards the ropes once again, which seems to impress Hanson a tad bit. As Puffer reaches for the ropes, Hanson again drops the hold, letting Puffer out of the submission. Again, though, Hanson pulls Puffer back to the center of the ring, preparing for another submission. This time, though, Puffer is able to kick with his free leg, catching Hanson and knocking him off. He tries to come back, but Puffer sits up far enough to grab him and pull Hanson down into a roll up! The ref counts... 1... 2... and Hanson barely gets out of it in time! He jumps up, looking at the referee to make sure it was 2, then goes back to Puffer. He grabs at Puffer's hair, but Puffer kicks him in the gut, then grabs his head and drops with a Diamond Cutter variation!! Hanson's down, giving Puffer a little time to pull himself back together. The fans appear to be behind him, supporting the Mustard Factory co-founder.*

Rockwell: Wasn't that Depth's finisher? The Rough Cut?

Hood: Maybe Puffer picked it up by training with Depth. You think he's got the other finishers learned?

Rockwell: I don't know, but if Puffer starts wearing a fanny pack, we've got problems...

*The referee moves back as Puffer drags himself up. He's walking a little differently thanks to the 'readjustment' of his knees. He sees Hanson starting to get up, though, which gets him moving a little quicker. He grabs hold of Hanson, turning him around and throwing him hard into the turnbuckle, sending him between the pads and into the post!!! Hanson hangs there, his shoulder having taken the brunt of the impact. Puffer comes up behind him, pulling him out of the corner and rolling him up into a small package! The ref is there... 1... 2... but Hanson kicks free in time. They both get up, with Puffer landing a snap DDT to put him back down. Puffer sits next to Hanson, studying him for a moment, using his keen detective skills to figure out what he needs to do next. He makes his decision... heading for the turnbuckle! Puffer starts on his way up on slightly wobbly legs, ready to use what he's learned to end this contest.*

Rockwell: Where's Puffer going? He's not going to...

Hood: Oh, no... do you think he's tried to learn Curt Canon's moves as well?

Rockwell: I mean... he's been around Curt a lot this spring...

*Puffer gets to the top, looking like he might change his mind as he looks around. But he feels committed now. He balances himself, then looks up... realizing that Hanson is on his feet and charging! Puffer can't react in time, as Hanson hits the nearby ropes, causing Puffer to fall, racking himself!! Hanson goes up with him, grabbing hold of Puffer's arm and locking it into place. He lifts, taking Puffer off the top with a superplex!! The fans cheer the move as they always do, even as Hanson rolls over for the cover, looking confident... 1... 2... but Puffer gets his shoulder up! Hanson, disappointed, pulls Puffer up, deciding to take control. He locks Puffer up, delivering The Summer Bomb (Reverse Russian Leg Sweep)!!! Puffer's down, as Hanson decides to show him how to do high-risk. He heads over to the turnbuckle and goes up, setting himself uickly. A few seconds later, Hanson's flying, landing the Kansas City Ribfest (Moonsault Double Foot Stomp)!!!! The fans scream, begging Puffer to get up, as Hanson turns and makes the cover... 1... 2... 3, NO! Puffer barely survives!!*

Rockwell: Hanson's pulling out all the stops, but Puffer just won't stay down!

Hood: Man, what is in that mustard that's keeping Puffer going? Is this the secret of Alice's success??

Rockwell: It's gotta be the mustard!

*Hanson seems to be wondering the same thing. Well, maybe not about the mustard. But he argues with the referee for a few seconds, wanting to know how to get a quicker count in the GCWA. He goes back to Puffer, pulling him up, but Puffer suddenly reverses, grabbing Hanson's leg and taking him down. Puffer then pops up... applying an ankle lock!! Hanson seems more shocked than anything that Puffer is pulling this move off, trying to fight free. But Puffer shows that he's been learning, twisting the ankle and applying more pressure. The referee checks on Hanson, who's struggling against the pain. He starts dragging both men towards the nearby ropes, knowing the best way to escape. But Puffer suddenly manages to pull him back, then applies a grapevine, making the hold ten times worse!!! Hanson's now grimacing, having to pull all the weight of Puffer with him as he struggles back towards the ropes. Puffer cranks on the ankle again and again, just wanting to see Hanson tap out and end this contest in a gentlemanly way. But it's not to be, as Hanson manages to make it to the ropes!*

Hood: Where is Puffer getting all this from?

Rockwell: He's improved so much in the GCWA, Hood. He could be a future World Champion!

Hood: I've actually had that nightmare. Puffer was World Champion, Depth was Commissioner, and Shoota had replaced me...

Rockwell: Well, you know in wrestling, anything's possible...

Hood: Not that, Adrian... not that...

*Both wrestlers are showing the effort it takes simply to stand up at this point, having put each other through a lot of torture. Puffer is up first, giving Hanson a kick to the side. He seems to be struggling now, trying to pull on any other wrestling knowledge he's picked up over the last year. He drags Hanson closer to him, planning to try a suplex of some sort. But Hanson gets a knee up, blocking it, then reverses, suplexing Puffer over instead! Hanson struggles to get up, his ankle wanting to give out on him now. But he still stumbles over to Puffer, not letting him get away. He latches onto him, hooking his arms as Puffer tries to get up. Hanson then braces himself, trying to support on his one good ankle as he takes Puffer over with Welcome To The Desert (Double Underhook Canadian Facebuster)!!! Puffer might be out, as Hanson has to recover a moment before getting the pin attempt... 1... 2... but Puffer again escapes, refusing to stay down! Hanson can't believe it, thinking he had it won.*

Rockwell: Hanson's bringing out a lot of his repetoire, but Puffer keeps coming back!

Hood: I'm thinking Hanson should go with the tried-and-true method of hitting Puffer with a foreign object...

Rockwell: That's not his style, Hood...

Hood: No, but it IS successful most of the time...

*With Puffer still down, Hanson slowly gets himself up, looking at the turnbuckle. He signals for The LadyKiller (Elbow Drop) and starts on his way up, hopping on his hurting ankle. The climb doesn't take too long, as Hanson is able to get in position rather quickly. But as he looks back, Hanson realizes that Puffer has instinctively rolled away, getting far enough out of range for Hanson to pull it off! Hanson, annoyed, slowly comes back down, moving back over to where Puffer has gotten to his hands and knees. Hanson grabs him, setting him near a closer turnbuckle, and bodyslams him to plant him on the mat. Hanson then expends more energy, going up top once more. He makes the climb, balancing at the top of the turnbuckle, now with Puffer within range. Hanson lets fly, dropping with the elbow... but Puffer rolls out of the way again, and this time Hanson's already in flight! He hits on the mat, grabbing at his elbow in a lot of pain!*

Rockwell: Puffer dodged The Ladykiller!

Hood: There's a joke in there somewhere, I can feel it...

Rockwell: This is The Good Detective's chance! Can he capitalize?

*Hanson still manages to get to his feet first, cradling his arm. He tries to shake off the damage, turning back to Puffer and swinging at him, but Puffer ducks under it. He shoves Hanson from behind, sending Hanson into the ropes. Hanson staggers back, trying for a clothesline, but Puffer just catches him around the waist and delivers a thunderous spinebuster!!! The crowd erupts, as Puffer slowly gets himself up, sucking in oxygen. He looks down at Hanson with weary eyes, then glances back at the nearby turnbuckle. He nods, grabbing hold of Hanson's legs and turning him the correct direction. Hanson, trying to come to, starts moving his arms, but he can't get free as Puffer drops backwards, catapulting Hanson up to the corner!! Puffer then jumps up and completes Under The Light, landing a Backstabber!!! Hanson's down, with Puffer dropping to his knees and putting his weight on him. The ref slides in... 1... 2... 3!!!!!!*

Cousin Daedalus: What a match! Here's yer winner, "THE GOOD DETECTIVE" JACK PUFFER!!!

Rockwell: He did it! Puffer took down Hanson!!

Hood: I did NOT see that coming...

Rockwell: This might be the biggest win of Puffer's career so far, Hood. It could lead to a title opportunity for the man!

Hood: Maybe the Television Title... or send him against Dylan once he wins the X Division Title, that would be fun to see again...,

Rockwell: For Hanson, a strong performance wasn't enough, unfortunately.

GCWA World Heavyweight Title Fatal Fourway match
Mack O'Connor(c) (3-0) vs. Ed Houston(c) (12-3-1) vs. The Big Bifford (37-14-2) vs. PerZag (5-1)

Cousin Daedalus: It's time, y'all! Time fer the main event of the evening! The World Title match! I'm excited, ain't y'all?!?!

*The crowd pops. Sure, they're excited. Some of them probably should have put on more suntan lotion and are looking a little cooked, but that's not stopping them from witnessing the main event.*

Cousin Daedalus: Coming out first, he is 6 feet 4 inches tall and weighs 411 lbs. I think it's more than that but whatever he wants ta say. He's from Phoenix, Arizona, and is a GCWA Hall of Famer. Here's THE BIG BIFFORD!!

*"Gangsta's Paradise" by Coolio plays, bringing out The Big Bifford to the ring. The fans cheer and chant Bifford's name as he makes his way down in his MAGICAL FLEECE. He climbs up the steps and gets through the ropes, moving to the corner to look out at the audience.*

Rockwell: The Big Bifford paid a visit to Little Bay, Montserrat this week, looking into his newest business venture.

Hood: Bifford's Haus of Goat Water. Yeah, I'm good with never eating that.

Rockwell: There were also apparently some troubles with a Goat Man, and also some explosions on the island...

Hood: There was no footage, hence no evidence, hence I don't think any of that actually happened.

Rockwell: What about Kenny losing his virginity to Buffy the Vampire Slayer?

Hood: ... PLEASE tell me there's no footage of that...

Cousin Daedalus: Next up, we've got a current champion. He is 6 feet 5 inches tall and weighs 216 lbs. He's from the non-mythical area known as Australia. With Rhiannon Clarkson, your Gee-Cee-Doubla-Ay North 'Merican Champion, "THE SEXIEST MAN ON EARTH" PERZAG!!!

*'Whatever It Takes' by Imagine Dragons plays to the crowd as the women in the audience lose their shit. The men roll their eyes, stick fingers up and boo as the 'Sexiest Man On The Earth' PerZag, walks out from the back. He wears a long blue gown as his manager and unwanted girlfriend, Rhiannon Clarkson follows in tow. He winks at all the ladies as he walks past, making them all go crazy as Rhiannon Clarkson walks on, a pissed off look on her face. PerZag reaches the ringside, and quickly slides into the ring. He stands up, walks to the centre of the ring, and stops. The lights suddenly turn off, except for one spotlight that shines on the centre of the ring, directly on PerZag. PerZag grabs at his gown, pulling it off, showcasing his fantastic bod for all the people in the arena. He drops the gown to the ground as all the lights turn back on, and he walks over to one of the corners of the ring to await the match to start.*

Rockwell: Did you happen to see PerZag's great commercial on Australia?

Hood: Fake news. Australia doesn't exist.

Rockwell: That's a major conspiracy theory, Hood. I've been to Australia. We wrestled there once long ago.

Hood: You've... been to Australia?

Rockwell: Stop inching away from me, Hood. It's a magical place...

Hood: You scare me sometimes, Adrian...

Cousin Daedalus: Third, y'all, is a doozy. He's 5 feet 9 inches tall and weighs 175 lbs. He's from Miami, Florida, and is a former Gee-Cee-Doubla-Ya World Champion. Here is "THE ROCKETMAN" ED HOUSTON!!

*The screen turns black and then slowly starts to count down from 10. Once it hits 1 the sound of a rocket taking off echoes throughout the arena. You're Gonna Go Far, Kid starts to blare as Ed Houston slowly makes his way down the entrance ramp. He stops by fans in the crowd and high fives them. Once he gets about half way down the ramp, he sprints and slides under the rope. He quickly jumps to his feet and makes his way up to the turnbuckle where he waves to the crowd.*

Rockwell: Houston nearly lost his life this past week, as he ended up being given directions to the location of a human hunt.

Hood: His guy Bob screwed up the navigation. Could have happened to anyone.

Rockwell: So you don't believe that the Barrows might have sent him there intentionally, to remove Ed from the competition tonight?

Hood: Nah, if they did that, it would have worked...

Cousin Daedalus: And now it's time for da champion, y'all! He's 6 feet 3 inches tall and weighs 220 lbs. He's bald but that there's a good thing. He's from Brooklyn, New York, and is the Gee-Cee-Doubla-Ay Heavyweight Champion of the World, MACK O'CONNOR!!!

*"Vagabond” by the Greenskeepers hits. Mack O’Connor walks out on the stage and walks directly to the ring, dressed in jeans and a black tank top. The World Heavyweight Title is strapped around his waist. He occasionally raises an arm to acknowledge and get a rise out of the fans. He slides into the ring and starts pacing in his corner. He doesn’t talk trash to any of the other three wrestlers, but he makes sure to stare them down, letting them know he means business.*

Rockwell: Word has it that O'Connor is going to start moving his advertising to Golden Road’s Wolf Among the Weeds, after the Bug Light fiasco this past week.

Hood: I still don't see what the big deal is. You can sponsor something and not have to eat or drink the same thing all the damn time.

Rockwell: I see your point, but Mack still could have been a little more discreet in buying other beer.

Hood: Like what, wear a mask?

Rockwell: Fair point...

*The Bell Rings.*

Rockwell: And now here we go, four of the greatest wrestlers to ever appear in the GCWA! Hall of Fame caliber athletes all!

Hood: Except for PerZag, at least until OCW gets off their ass and rights that wrong...

Rockwell: Well, if PerZag wins here tonight and combines the North American and World Heavyweight Titles, I'd say he's well on his way to that announcement for the GCWA!

Hood: C'mon, PerZag!

*The four wrestlers come out of their respective corners, sizing up the competition. Each is wary, ready for things to explode at a moment's notice. PerZag makes the first move, saying something first to Houston, then to O'Connor, pointing over at the largest man in the ring, The Big Bifford. All three turn towards him, with Bifford looking at each one of them. He sighs, seeing this happen once again, and raises his arms as if to say "Really?" PerZag, grinning, directs Houston and O'Connor, and they all move towards the heavyweight... until O'Connor suddenly turns and pops PerZag in the mouth with a right hand!! PerZag stumbles back, holding a hand over his mouth. Houston, seeing this, immediately jumps up, hitting PerZag with a dropkick that knocks him into the ropes. PerZag hangs there for a second, stunned, which allows a charging Big Bifford to clothesline him up and over the ropes to the outside!! PerZag crashes down, out of sight, as Bifford turns back to the other two wrestlers, smiles, and signals to bring them on.*

Hood: What was that shit??

Rockwell: That was Bifford, Houston, and O'connor all expressing their opinion that PerZag shouldn't be in this match!

Hood: But he's the Ultimate Survival winner!

Rockwell: Not in the eyes of the wrestlers, and not in the eyes of the fans!

*Both Houston and O'Connor are going after Bifford now, Mack with punches and Ed with kicks. Bifford takes them all, then throws his own haymaker, knocking Houston backwards. He grabs O'Connor, throwing him aside, then runs at Houston, crushing him in the corner!! Houston crumples down, with Bifford kicking him out of the ring. He then turns towards O'Connor, ready to go one-on-one with the champion. O'Connor comes right in, and the two start throwing heavy punches at each other, to the cheers of the crowd. Bifford gets the edge, shoving O'Connor into the ropes. He whips O'Connor to the other side, looking to hit him with his bulk. O'Connor just leaps on his return, hitting a flying clothesline that staggers Bifford. O'Connor does it again, hitting the ropes and coming back with another leap, but again, Bifford doesn't go down. O'Connor, annoyed, goes off the ropes for a third time, but this time Bifford catches him on the way in and spins him down with a sidewalk slam!! He covers the champ, trying to use his weight to hold him down... 1... 2.. and Mack gets free, stopping the match from ending so quickly.*

Hood: That Bifford is truly a monster!

Rockwell: He's a force to be reckoned with, by any definition...

Hood: No, I mean he's a literal monster, feeding people with other people!

Rockwell: Nothing has been proven about the chicken sandwiches...

Hood: But you won't eat them, will you? Because you know the truth! And so do the Barrows! They need to stop this man once and for all!

*Bifford brings O'Connor back up, locking him into a bearhug to drain the champion of his strength. As O'Connor fights against it, he gets some additional help, as Houston returns, doing a legsweep! Bifford topples backwards, his legs compromised, with O'Connor landing on top of him! O'Connor takes full advantage, punching away at Bifford's forehead repeatedly. Houston waves O'Connor aside, coming in and jumping with a flipping legdrop right onto Bifford's throat!! O'Connor adds in a drop of a knee, pounding it into Bifford, doing more damage. The big man tries to start getting up, but he only gets high enough for both Houston and O'Connor to grab him and drop him back to the mat with a double neckbreaker!! Bifford stays down, as Houston turns and heads up the turnbuckle. He may be looking for Blastoff!! But O'Connor suddenly grabs him before he can get past the second 'buckle, lifting him off, then spinning him into a powerslam!! O'Connor shrugs down at Houston, noting that this is a match for his belt, before making the cover... 1... 2... but Houston is able to kick out!*

Rockwell: O'Connor almost stole this one, catching Houston off-guard!

Hood: Hey, it's a Fatal Fourway, there can't be any friendly alliances here! You sink or you swim on your own!

Rockwell: Maybe, but I might have let Houston land that move on Bifford before I attacked him...

*Bifford's starting to get back to his feet, looking slightly dizzy. O'Connor, seeing this, runs over with another clothesline, driving Bifford into the ropes. He tries to get Bifford tied up, working on his arms, but it doesn't work, as Bifford punches O'Connor away. The heavyweight reaches out, grabbing hold of O'Connor to prepare for a bodyslam, hoisting the champ up in his arms. From behind, though, PerZag reappears, catching Bifford from behind with a low blow!!!! The great equalizer works, as Bifford drops to his knees. He lets go of O'Connor, who rolls away lest Bifford fall forward on him. PerZag then jumps, grabbing Bifford's head and getting a short bulldog! With Bifford down, PerZag immediately attacks O'Connor, landing a few knees before picking O'Connor up and delivering a fisherman's suplex!! He holds onto the leg, as the ref hurries over to make the count... 1... 2... and Houston comes flying in, landing on PerZag to break up the pin!!*

Rockwell: We're having some close falls as this one goes on, but you've got to manage it when no one else is standing!

Hood: With athletes like these? It could be all night!

Rockwell: Then the winner will truly deserve that belt, won't he?

Hood: Man, I was hoping to get some quality night-time entertainment on the beach...

*PerZag and Houston go at it, with Houston taking control with a leaping enzigiri that knocks PerZag backwards. Houston's back on his feet in a flash, rushing at PerZag and kicking him before delivering a cradle suplex! He holds on... 1... 2... but O'Connor's there to break it up! He pulls Houston up, throwing the lightweight into the corner, then throwing PerZag as well. He starts punching at both men, trying to wear them out, but suddenly Bifford is charging in from behind, splashing all three men!!! The crowd groans, waiting for the ring to collapse, but it somehow holds up so far. With PerZag and Houston falling to the side, Bifford lifts O'Connor onto the corner, landing some sharp shots to keep him dazed. He then surprisingly starts climbing up on the turnbuckle, testing its integrity, as he appears to be going for a superplex! O'Connor tries to fight it off, landing some jabs to the jaw. He slips past Bifford, getting on the ground, and attempts to shove him off the turnbuckle, possibly for a powerbomb!! Bifford can't be lifted, though, not by one man. However, more might work, as PerZag joins O'Connor in the attempt, while Houston springboards up top and leaps onto Bifford's shoulders, performing a reverse frankensteiner to help bring Bifford down!!!*

Rockwell: Jesus!! I don't think I've ever seen Bifford take a move like that!!

Hood: Because normally he stays off the turnbuckles! He must be thinking this is a big enough match for it, but it's never worth the risk!

Rockwell: I'm shocked there's not a hole in the ring right now! There's at least a dent!

*With Bifford down, PerZag tries to jump on for the quick pin... 1... 2.. and Houston and O'Connor are both there to kick PerZag, breaking up the pin attempt. They pull PerZag up, working together again as they turn and toss PerZag over the top rope! The two men turn back to each other, ready to continue, only to see PerZag skinning the cat and coming back up off the ropes into the ring! Unfortunately for him, both Houston & O'Connor are still there, catching him on the way in and lifting him up, giving him a double flapjack slam!! PerZag's down, as O'Connor steps towards him, only to be pulled down by Houston with a quick roll-up!! 1... 2... O'Connor breaks free, shoving Houston off. He jumps up, turning towards Houston, but Houston is already spinning around behind him, jumping up onto O'Connor's shoulders with a crucifix pin, pulling him backwards!! O'Connor struggles, as the count begins again... 1... 2... and again O'Connor gets free in time!*

Hood: Look at Houston, trying for a cheap roll-up victory!

Rockwell: But that's how O'Connor got the championship from Houston, Hood, remember?

Hood: I remember O'Connor winning, and proving that Houston didn't deserve to be at the top anymore...

*Houston and O'Connor are back up now, with O'Connor backing away to the corner to avoid getting rolled up again. Houston comes at him anyway, with O'Connor catching him and throwing him overhead! Houston lands on the turnbuckle, though, showing his incredible skills by balancing there. He turns and leaps off, going for a Meteora! O'Connor ducks out of the way, but The Big Bifford isn't so lucky, rising right into the double knees to the chest!! Bifford falls backwards, landing on the mat, with Houston jumping up. He turns around, but O'Connor is there, kicking Houston and then snapping him down with Hollow Point (Stunner to the temple)!!! Houston flops backwards, with O'Connor going for the pin, no, PerZag is there pulling O'Connor up! He takes O'Connor over with a German suplex! PerZag then hops up and dives onto Houston, wanting to take the pinfall after the finisher... 1... 2... 3, NO!!! Houston gets a shoulder up, to the utter shock of PerZag!!*

Hood: How did Houston kick out??

Rockwell: Too much time passed between the move and the pin, although PerZag very nearly took it!

Hood: Damn it! I thought the ref would have been pai... er, 'coached' to do a faster count...

Rockwell: We all know what you meant, Hood...

*PerZag is the only wrestler back on his feet, looking around at the three wrestlers involved. He runs and does a leaping stomp on Bifford, trying to keep the big man down. He then turns to O'Connor, coming at him and landing few sharp chops against the champion. He sets O'Connor in place, wanting a belly-to-belly suplex, but O'Connor reverses, tossing PerZag down instead!! O'Connor drops on top... 1... 2... Houston breaks it up! He pulls O'Connor upwards and jumps onto his shoulders in an electric chair position, before rolling himself forward, getting it into another pinning attempt! 1... 2... PerZag breaks it up! He grabs Houston, lifting him up and delivering a chokeslam variation!! Houston's down, with PerZag dropping on top of him... 1... 2... and O'Connor breaks it up this time! He nails PerZag with several right crosses, staggering the man, but as he rears back once more, The Big Bifford is there, catching O'Connor's arm from behind! He spins O'Connor around, kicks him, and drops him with a double-arm DDT!!!*

Rockwell: Look out, people! Biff's here!

Hood: Oh, shit, they're all in trouble now! Bifford looks pissed!

Rockwell: He's been getting hit from all sides since this one began, and now he's ready to show why he's the true Ultimate Survivor!

*Bifford is back up now, glaring at both Houston and PerZag. The two wrestlers charge him, trying to get a strike in, but Bifford catches both of them by the throat!! They kick Bifford to get free, with Houston choosing to run to the ropes and come back with a crossbody. Bifford catches Houston, though, and twists, throwing him to the side, right into PerZag!! Both wrestlers go down, as Bifford turns back to O'Connor, the man he felt he should have had a one-on-one contest with. He grabs hold of the champion, effortlessly lifting him off the ground and slamming him back down. Bifford then goes off the ropes and comes back, dropping with a splash!! O'Connor doesn't get out of the way, taking the hit, with the referee sliding in for the count... 1... 2... and O'Connor somehow gets his shoulder enough off the mat to count!! Bifford, having not seen it, gets up and raises his arms, but he's quickly corrected by the referee. Bifford angrily shoves the ref over, believing it to be another Barrows conspiracy.*

Hood: Suck it up, Bifford! You didn't get him!

Rockwell: That was damn close, though. I would have thought that was it, but somehow Mack survived!

Hood: C'mon, Mack, don't let the fat man win!

*As Houston staggers to his feet, Bifford meets him, ramming into Houston and knocking him out of the ring! He does the same to PerZag, making sure both of the other threats are gone. He then turns back to O'Connor once again, grabbing the champ by the throat and lifting him in the air, showing his power by getting a gorilla press slam!!! O'Connor hits hard, stunned, with Bifford signalling for the Biff End to follow! He turns to O'Connor, waiting for him to get up... and the screen near the stage suddenly comes on, blasting static! It then becomes a blue screen, reading Feed Lost. We see Bifford looking at the screen, confused, as a message slowly appears on the blue screen:

"..... I Am Here....."

*Bifford continues to stare at the screen... until he's hammered from behind by a baseball bat!! Bifford falls against the ropes, stunned. He turns around, and the baseball bat gets rammed into him, sending Bifford toppling over the ropes and to the floor!!! Standing where he last stood, staring down at the fallen wrestler, is a man well known to the wrestling world...*

Hood: It's... it's Crash Rodriguez!!

Rockwell: Holy shit! We haven't seen Crash here in months!!

Hood: I don't know why he's here now, but I'm happy to see him!!

*The Big Bifford is working his way up outside, holding the back of his head. Crash rolls out to meet him, nailing Bifford again in the chest! He then grabs hold of Bifford's head, snapping him to the ground with Twisted Memories (Rolling Cutter)!!!! Bifford's laid out, as Crash looks around at the shocked crowd. He moves towards one side, ordering a fan to get up. The fan, with no interest in arguing with a hardcore expert, gets out of the way as Crash grabs hold of the chair. He comes back to Bifford, laying the chair on the ground in front of him. He struggles to get Bifford up, fighting against gravity, but he manages it, then gives Bifford a second Twisted Memories, this time onto the steel chair!!! Bifford isn't moving, as Crash rises back up.*

Hood: I think The Big Bifford has been eliminated!!

Rockwell: What is it with people attacking others during matches tonight??

Hood: It's wrestling, Adrian, you should be used to it by now!

*GCWA Security finally seems to be responding, as if they were told to 'slow-walk' their entrance. Crash doesn't bother to acknowledge them, turning and heading for the hotel. There will likely be an escape route planned. The Big Bifford is down, still not moving, as the three wrestlers in the ring have all been recovering. PerZag tries to take advantage of the distraction, kicking at Houston, then taking him on a run to the turnbuckle and back with a tornado DDT!! PerZag makes the cover, but immediately gives it up as he sees O'Connor coming. He ducks under an O'Connor charge and catches him from behind, twisting into a Russian leg sweep! PerZag then covers O'Connor, trying to hold him down... 1... 2... but O'Connor gets out of it! PerZag looks a little frustrated, turning back to Houston and grabbing at him, only for Houston to catch PerZag's arm and bring him down into a Gannosuke Clutch cradle pin!! PerZag is trapped as the ref counts... 1... 2... 3, No!! O'Connor barely breaks it up in time!!*

Rockwell: Houston's used that cradle so effectively in the past, pinning guys like The Incredible One with it!

Hood: He almost got PerZag, thank goodness Mack was able to make the save!

Rockwell: It would have been fitting, to have Houston win with a quick pin like that!

*All of the wrestlers are looking pretty worse for wear. This has been a debilitating contest for sure. O'Connor has Houston now, whipping him into the ropes. Houston returns, trying for a flying forearm, but O'Connor sidesteps it, with Houston hitting nothing but air. He tries to recover, but O'Connor grabs him from behind, getting an inverted DDT! He gets up as if to pin Houston, but PerZag is back with a running knee that knocks O'Connor to the side, leaving him laying on the apron! PerZag then grabs at Houston, pulling up the smaller wrestler and lifting him onto his shoulders, applying the Sexy Neutraliser (Torture Rack)!!! He bends Houston nearly in half, trying to get him to quickly submit and end the match, with Houston shouting loudly due to the strain on his spine!! Houston fights for some way to get free, but there's no way to escape PerZag's grip, as he jumps up and down, as if trying to break Houston in two!!!*

Hood: Houston's a goner! We've got a new champ!

Rockwell: He hasn't tapped yet, Hood!

Hood: There's no way to escape this!!

Rockwell: Not on your own, no...

*As PerZag continues the pressure on Houston, Mack O'Connor is up behind him!!! The World Champion is seething, looking like he's ready to take care of business. He spins PerZag around, locks his arms around him, and drops PerZag with the Claymore (Double-arm Rock Bottom)!!! Houston crashes down as well, being released from the Torture Rack and landing a few feet away. O'Connor wipes some sweat from his eyes, then crawls over to PerZag, pushing him over and making the cover... 1... 2... and Houston pushes himself forward into the pin, breaking it up!! All three men lay there for a minute, as the crowd cheers for the near fall. "This Is Awesome" rings out, even as O'Connor and Houston try to get up. O'connor wins out, landing an uppercut that sends Houston falling back into the ropes. But Houston immediately rebounds and spins, hitting a discus clothesline that takes O'Connor down!! They both stay on the mat, with PerZag out nearby, all of them utterly exhausted!*

Hood: I thought Mack had it!

Rockwell: I've thought everyone had it at one point or another!

Hood: At some point SOMEONE'S gotta have it! We don't have this island leased for the rest of eternity, you know!

*O'Connor slowly gets himself up, barely able to stand. He looks around for Houston, who has rolled to the apron. So O'Connor instead goes to the still-down PerZag, dragging him up. He locks his arms around PerZag, wanting a second Claymore!! But PerZag desperately blocks it with a knee, then a second, fighting his way free! O'Connor leans over, having taken two hard knees lower down than he'd like. PerZag takes full advantage, picking O'Connor up and delivering The Worthiest Move Of All (Powerbomb into double knee backbreaker)!!! O'Connor falls off to the side, knocked senseless. PerZag drags himself over to him, making the cover with a spent smirk, holding onto the champion... 1... 2... and Houston comes in off the turnbuckle, hitting Blastoff (Shooting Star Press) onto both men!!!! The fans go berserk as Houston holds his side, having hit hard on the pile of wrestlers. He struggles over to make the cover, laying on PerZag... 1... 2... 3, No!!! Houston is dragged off of PerZag and pulled outside by a bloodied Big Bifford!!!*

Hood: Oh my god!

Rockwell: He has risen!!

Hood: That is one of the most terrifying things I've ever seen!!

*Houston frantically tries to fight against The Big Bifford, but the heavyweight doesn't give him the chance, ramming Houston into the apron! He picks Houston up, throwing him onto the steel steps!!! Houston rolls down them, each step agony, as Bifford, red-faced, turns back to the ring. The blood appears to be coming from a cut above his hairline, dripping down onto his face. Bifford has to take a knee for a second, still in bad shape following the attack from earlier from Crash, but he's not out of it yet! He slowly rises again, and reaches up, trying to pull himself into the ring, still wanting his chance to be a three-time GCWA World Champion. But as soon as Bifford gets in through the ropes, Mack O'Connor is waiting for him, booting him in the gut and delivering the Hollow Point!!!! Bifford's down, with O'Connor going for the cover... 1... 2... No! PerZag manages to stop it at the last moment! The fans are gasping now, biting on every fall that comes along.*

Hood: I don't know how much more of this I can take!

Rockwell: These guys have put their hearts and souls into this fight tonight! Any of them could win!

Hood: But we just need one, and that one needs to be PerZag!

*PerZag pulls O'Connor up, wanting to put him in the Sexy Neutraliser!! But O'Connor fights it off, spinning and going for The Claymore!! No, PerZag blocks it, then takes O'Connor down with the Worthiest Move Of All!!! PerZag makes the cover... 1... 2... and Houston returns at the last second to break it up!! He strikes at PerZag, trying to shut him down, sending him reeling away. Houston sets himself, waiting for PerZag to come into range for Houston, We've Got a Problem (Superkick)!!! He sets himself, steps forward... and then Tony Savage is in the ring, nailing Houston with One Shot, One Kill!!!!!*

Rockwell: It's Tony Savage!!!

Hood: HIDE ME!!!

*Savage spins, dodging a PerZag swing, and goes off the ropes again, hitting PerZag with One Shot, One Kill as well!!! Both men are down, as Savage turns and leaves the ring, having done what he was wanting to do!! He darts out of the way, heading for the beach, where a crew can be seen waiting in a military raft. He knocks through a few security guards along his way, leaving them behind. In the ring, Bifford is trying to recover, crawling towards where PerZag is laying. But O'Connor is there, stomping on the back of Bifford's head, before grabbing Houston and bringing him up, landing the Claymore!!! He makes the exhausted cover, even as Bifford tries to painfully reach over towards them... 1... 2... 3!!!!*

Cousin Daedalus: Here's your winner, and still the World Heavyweight Champion: MACK O'CONNOR!!!

Rockwell: O'Connor retains! But mainly because of Tony Savage!

Hood: And don't forget Crash Rodriguez!

Rockwell: Who could forget him? What a fight that turned out to be! But that ending is going to haunt some of these wrestlers for quite a while!

Hood: I'm just glad Bifford didn't take it. It sure looked like he was reaching out towards O'Connor at the end there...

Rockwell: Well, it doesn't matter, as O'Connor has won! What a match! What a night! We'll see you next week for Friday Night Inferno!!!

*All of the wrestlers work to recover, with some trying to figure out what happened. O'Connor doesn't stick around long, leaving with the World Title across his shoulder. We slowly fade out.*

OOC: And there you have it, the end of another long-ass PPV! Hope everyone enjoyed the read. Several of the matches were really hard to judge, as grades were extremely close. I wouldn't say I flipped any quarters, but I certainly felt like it at times. You all did an amazing job, and I just hope I did your work justice. Hope to see a lot of segments next week!

GCWA Friday Night Inferno

LIVE! Friday, May 8th, 2019

From the GCWA Arena, Dallas, TX




Gus DuBray vs. Anderson Haze

Madhouse Madi vs. Aaron Warthog

The Big Bifford vs. Xtreme

Main Event

Ryot(c) vs. Tony The Spider, GCWA Television Title Rematch

Roleplaying will be from Sunday, May 3rd to Wednesday, May 6th, giving you 4 days to post your roleplay. Remember, each must be in before 12:00am CST to count.

Good luck to all!